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Halo 3: Beat the par score on Sierra 117.

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Wicked JeiWicked Jei822,132
22 Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014
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The goal for Sierra 117 is 25,000 points. It's somewhat of a tough level for par score, simply because there are less enemies on this level than any others and the par time is low. Still, it's possible to get par score on normal. You will have to use some easy skulls and you will have to get par time or very close to par time.

Getting kills without dying builds up your killstreak and earns you more points. Multikills also give you slightly more points.


Catch - Enemies throw more grenades. This makes grunts more dangerous, so your priority in most engagements will be to take these guys out first.

Famine - Weapons dropped by AI have half ammo. You'll be carrying a plasma pistol most of the time, so you'll have to switch it out often.

Fog - No motion tracker. For most of the level, enemies will be ahead of you. There's a few open areas where you will need to be vigilant.

Iron - Dying restarts the level. You just won't have time to die if you want to reach par time.

Tilt - Enemy resistances and weaknesses are increased. Basically what this means is that you'll want to use plasma weapons for brute armor, and projectile weapons for flesh. Trying to BR a brute's armor down isn't going to work.

Tough Luck - Enemies always go berserk, always dodge, never flee. Enraged brutes are easily out-meleed and are less threatening. It's still easy enough to hit brutes with a charged plasma shot. I noticed grunts still fled, but if it means they flee less, that's a good thing. Easier headshots.


You'll need to be familiar with the level as it is on normal, because you need to make par time. Know where weapons are and know where you're going.

Starting off, you've only got a pistol and an AR. In the first group of enemies, take out the grunts with pistol headshots and swap the AR for a plasma pistol. Take out the grunt on the phantom's turret. Use the plasma pistol charged shot + pistol headshot combo on any brutes. If you run low on ammo, spikers are good for taking out grunts, but they won't do much to a brute unless you take their armor out with a plasma pistol.

The first BR is going to be across the natural bridge that you find a brute holding a soldier on. It'll be next to dead marines to the left. Swap your pistol for the BR. If you can get a hold of a carbine before this point without wasting time, do it.

After the "Cortana moment" occurs and you exit the cave, there will be dead marines to your left with BR ammo.

Progress through the level getting headshots on grunts and jackals and plasma pistoling the brutes. Be quick! Swap your plasma pistol for another frequently.
You'll come to an area where you see Johnson and some marines running across a bridge. In this area will be a phantom next to the cliff edge. If you're quick enough, you can combo the Chieftain riding it and get some decent points. Otherwise, kill enemies and wait until it flies off. To the right of where the phantom was is a slope with a downed pelican and some more BR ammo if you need it.

In the final, large open area, there will be many enemies. Stay on the move from cover to cover. There's going to be a Brute Chieftain with a gravity hammer on the dam, he'll either be on the upper level or the lower one. The building with Johnson has some carbines if you need a precision weapon. After saving him, phantoms will approach and drop off enemies. Take care of them with headshots and grenades as soon as they drop. One phantom drops enemies off across from the building Johnson was in. Sometimes these enemies move up to the middle of the dam or sometimes they stay put. You'll have to kill all enemies to trigger the pelican that picks you up and ends the level.

This method does not have a lot of room for error. I was able to get about 27000 with 14:30, although that could be improved.

For the par score achievements ALWAYS WATCH THE ENDING CUTSCENE.
Unfortunately, the par score achievements in this game be can stubborn about unlocking. Personally, I had to play through the final level several times for the achievement to unlock. You may want to wait for a patch if you don't feel like testing your luck.
SchiZoPHreNiikzWhen should we focus on kills, and when should we focus on speedrunning? I speed ran the whole mission and got only kills in sniper alley and fights after that. I finished the mission with 16k :/
Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 23 Nov 14 at 19:41
Wicked JeiUnfortunately you've got to focus on both simultaneously. The idea is to kill almost all enemies and do it fast. Don't skip any fights. There's not a lot to kill on this level so you need all the points you can get.
So far I consider this the most difficult mission to get par score on, although I have not attempted Cortana yet.
Definitely grab those kills at the beginning! It may be enough to boost you to 25k.
Posted by Wicked Jei on 23 Nov 14 at 20:20
Wicked JeiBe sure to check out the Brief Walkthrough section of my guide. It highlights where to find BRs and BR ammo to make killing enemies easier.
Posted by Wicked Jei on 23 Nov 14 at 20:29
Tokisaki JrI got around 38k while I was on Heroic and didn't skip the cutscene and didn't get credit for it. It says I'm at 25%. :(
Posted by Tokisaki Jr on 24 Nov 14 at 20:34
Wicked JeiThis game can be buggy. I had same thing happen playing the final level. I had to go through it 3 times to get the achievement to pop. Try once more. If it still doesn't unlock, start working on other levels and hope for a patch.

I'll update my guides to warn about this.
Posted by Wicked Jei on 24 Nov 14 at 23:02
JaucoholicGood solution, although I just couldn't do it. I could never make the time. Instead I ending up going through on Legendary with Fog and Iron. As long as you don't die (so you can keep killstreak), you should be able to make par score. I was 16 minutes over par time so I got no bonus for that but still finished with 27,000+ base score.
Posted by Jaucoholic on 27 Nov 14 at 21:44
AshleyEmmThanks so much for your guide, I took your tips, but attempted it a little bit differently on co-op instead. I went through on co-op on normal with famine, fog, mythic, thunderstorm, tilt, and tough luck. My multiplier when I started the level was 2.51x, so hopefully that helps. I did co-op so that I would spawn with a BR instead of a Pistol and my partner overcharged plasma pistol shot brutes and sometimes jackals when needed and I would finish them with headshots quickly. After the first section, my partner would drop their carbine so I had the carbine for grunts and the BR for jackals during the second section with the sleeping grunts. Make sure you try not to waste precision ammo and you know where all of the precision ammo spawns on the map are, if you find yourself without precision ammo at any point you're probably in trouble. We made it in 16 minutes and my score was about 29-30,000 at the end. I ended up dying a couple times in the middle of the level, but we just kept going quickly enough, while making sure I got as many multi-kills as possible, that it worked out. So if anybody wants to try co-op instead of solo, it can be done, but it will take communication and a few tries! :)
Posted by AshleyEmm on 04 Dec 14 at 23:05
PRlSTlNEThe skull you guys are forgetting is "Thunderstorm". It upgrades all enemy's to max level, therefore you get more points per kill. Plus it give a 1.2X
Posted by PRlSTlNE on 13 Dec 14 at 03:06
Dragonborn GearI ended up playing on normal being extremely careful (I didn't die), and I used Famine, Fog, Iron, Mythic, Thunderstorm, Tilt, and Tough Luck. 16:42, 40,335.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 13 Dec 14 at 03:13
badad117iron sucks, there's gotta be a better way
Posted by badad117 on 20 Dec 14 at 22:04
Shadow 00 FoxGreat guide! May I recommend, using a second controller if you have one. That way you spawn with a battle rifle as your secondary, it makes the first areas a breeze! And the final area, just jump down right away, I was always wasting time sniping from up top.. finally completed it with 33,688 in 15:50 time, and last tip!! Make sure to get some shots on the phantoms at the end--you get a massive point boost, over 1500 score per phantom if it counts for your score!!!!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 21 Dec 14 at 03:25
Shadow 00 FoxI MUST ADD---this was by far the hardest one of the first 7 levels for me.. if it feels hard, it is, but the others aren't that bad!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 21 Dec 14 at 04:49
PRlSTlNEThe par score is only 13,000 now after the update. If you have scored higher than this previously your progress will say "Done! Unlocking" so you wont need to do it again, but it might take a while for the servers to notice you've unlocked it, which could take weeks unfortunately.
Posted by PRlSTlNE on 23 Dec 14 at 20:56
Shadow 00 Fox13K ?????????????????? Cool. Stinks I was one of the guys who did it before the update... LOL.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 24 Dec 14 at 07:00
RatpoizenHave they lowered the base scores for each enemy now? On Heroic with no skulls on I killed almost every enemy on the level and still only be at ~16,000 by the time I reach par time, and with no deaths..>_<
Posted by Ratpoizen on 28 Feb 15 at 15:40
TheOdd101This can also be done on legendary fairly easily, I had 17,000 points and then the 4 times multiplier helped me get the rest.
Posted by TheOdd101 on 18 Apr 15 at 09:55
GhostWrexJust a little too if you're coming up just short. At the end of the level, throwing a few stickies on the phantom that the pelican shoots first, right before it actually gets blown up will trick the game into thinking you destroyed it and gives you a load of points (I blew it and died a bunch at the last section and dropped all the way to 12000 points, but just that phantom put me back over 15000)
Posted by GhostWrex on 19 Sep 19 at 11:33
Shadow 00 Fox^^ Yep, I mentioned shooting those phantoms for the same result, gets tons of points. Back when I got 33k points with the phantoms help. laugh
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 19 Sep 19 at 15:41
counterstriker8After the update you have to earn 13.000 points. Firstly I used the mentioned skulls. However, the skulls Catch and Iron are a really problematic combination. The last area was a horror. Therefore, I didn't used Catch. I've reached about 24.000 points. That's enough, now.
Posted by counterstriker8 on 05 Jan 20 at 09:17
WhoIsJohn117The second controller really helped me. I was struggling with this one on a variety of difficulty and skull combinations. Got it first time with the second controller on Heroic and no skulls. Just recommend nading your second controller (only lost 50 points on Heroic) and moving up periodically since there is a large distance between load zones. Another advantage is if you die with your primary, you don't have to kill all of the enemies over again.
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 17 Sep 20 at 15:16
Daelus1As several people pointed out in the comments (and yet was not copied into the solution) to make this easy even on Normal, make sure you are firing on the 2 Phantoms in the end when they are being destroyed as you will get credit (about 2000 each); if you booked it through these alone get you almost to the par score.
Posted by Daelus1 on 26 Aug 21 at 03:39
Leo AscendentDidn't get credit for the phantom kills at the end, but on Normal, with a time of 5:19, with Eye Patch, Famine, Fog, Jacked (!!FREE POINTS!!), and Tilt, I was able to score 19k. 1 death.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 01 May at 22:45
vHucsNormal with Iron, Fog, Jacked, MasterBlaster. 19k in 13min. Keep moving and shopoting the whole time, grab the sniper from the pelican for the end brutes. Just keep shooting the Phantoms and don't stop until the get destryoed for the bonus points.
Posted by vHucs on 27 Oct at 22:10