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Goat Roped

Halo CE: Halo CE: Complete all Halo: CE Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours.

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23 Nov 2014
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All credit goes to Nak3d eli and his amazingly helpful videos. Although I currently have not completed the campaign on legendary difficulty I am breezing through it with this guy's help.
This is for those of you who have already completed the game but really want to do it on legendary both quickly and effectively.
Subscribe to Nak3d Eli's halo channel here:
S P 4 C E YThat shortcut on Assault on the Control room is brilliant. I'm sure it's not original to him but amazing all the same.
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 08 Dec 14 at 13:46
CanaDa FwendThese videos are excellent. One thing I would add is that the Boom Skull and the Pinata Skull do not disable achievements. These make explosions larger and when you melee a living enemy a plasma grenade pops out. I successfully unlocked the achievement this way and I also used a combination of solo and coop.
Posted by CanaDa Fwend on 14 Jun 15 at 21:23
HighT3chR3dn3ckStill breezing through it Nov. 4th? wink lol These videos are wicked awesome. Thumbs up!
Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck on 28 Sep 15 at 02:21
KamtrocityHeads up. The Shield Bump on Keyes is extremely difficult. I tried looking for an alternative method and found this video:

It was significantly easier to warp through the floor and managed to do it twice in just a few minutes. The jumps proceeding this warp aren't hard either.

It's from CAT4 and his original post was from here:
Posted by Kamtrocity on 21 Jul 16 at 12:46