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Librarian's Gift

Halo 4: Complete every level of the game on Easy difficulty.

Librarian's Gift0
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23 Nov 2014 10 Dec 2014
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Librarian's Gift

To obtain this achievement you must finish every Halo 4 mission on easy difficulty or higher, the list of missions is below, if you play the halo 4 campaign from beginning to end you will unlock this achievement.

Prologue (watch)
Dawn (1st mission)
Requiem (2nd mission)
Forerunner (3rd mission)
Infinity(4th mission)
Reclaimer(5th mission)
Shutdown(6th mission)
Composer(7th mission)
Midnight(8th mission)
Epilogue (watch)

Note: The mission achievements have been really bugged so if your achievement says "Done.... Unlocking" your in the same boat as basically every gamer. I still have 1 mission achievement unlocked a week and a half ago and it still says "Done.... Unlocking" don't keep attempting to unlock it because it won't happen. Just pray Microsoft or 343 (whoever has to fix this will) which with the amount of people its affecting, I can assure you something will be done.

Update 12/09/2014: Seems as though they fixed all level achievements, either it will unlock on you randomly (some say) or you can definitely unlock it by replaying the level. It won't unlock immediately, but at a random time, most likely you will have it in 24 hours.
UltimateHero128I've found that if you just play on Easy and nothing higher, the achievement for beating it on Easy unlocks. So it's best to not play on Normal or higher just to try and stack them because that's what made it stuck on "Done...Unlocking" for me on the other 3 games.
Posted by UltimateHero128 on 24 Nov 14 at 05:14
Strategy OneThat could be true or it could just be coincidence too...
Posted by Strategy One on 24 Nov 14 at 06:00
Keiths on TapIv recently beat it on Normal but instead of "Done...unlocking" it's stuck at 87 percent. The game tells me I've beaten all levels Solo on Normal and yet the in game achievement tracker tells me I've only got 7/8 missions.
Posted by Keiths on Tap on 25 Nov 14 at 00:36
Strategy OneOne of your missions must not have counted.
Posted by Strategy One on 25 Nov 14 at 04:51
Keiths on TapI'm gonna leave this here in case it helps anyone else. Following the advice I saw on the recent update, I checked out Halo Waypoint and indeed Shutdown did not count for me (despite having the achievement for beating it ????) Anyways, if someone else suffers from a similiar issue, rather then replay missions at random (as I was about to do), check out way point and it will tell you which one didn't count.
Posted by Keiths on Tap on 27 Nov 14 at 23:39