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Silent but Deadly

Halo 2: Kill 7 opponents from behind in a row without being spotted.

Silent but Deadly0
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24 Nov 2014 24 Nov 2014
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I find the easiest place is in the mission "Gravemind" on any difficulty (no skulls required).

At the point where Cortana drops you into a prison cell, with locked up Marines, behind a Brute looking the other way, melee him in the back, proceed to carefully melee the 5 sleeping grunts on the same level, sticking to the walls so the Jackals in the level beneath you don't spot you.

Once you kill the last grunt, drop down one the jackal begins walking in the opposite direction of where you plan to drop. Melee the Jackal or the achievement.
Lewd Llama 69To make this even easier, use the Envy skull. Just make sure to cloak before landing as there is a chance one of the patrolling jackals may spot you before meleeing the brute.
Posted by Lewd Llama 69 on 07 Dec 14 at 23:14
MatadorBIDWhen I tried this on easy I had a jackal patrolling around to the left. Took me awhile to figure it out, but he was noticing the Brute's dead body and alerting all of the Grunts. I had to kill the Brute, and then jump across to the right and run and kill the Jackal before he woke the Grunts up.
Posted by MatadorBID on 14 Aug 16 at 21:48
Ereaser NLOn Legendary there is 2 brutes at the bottom of the lift. If you punch one, the other gets alerted.
Posted by Ereaser NL on 05 Mar 17 at 23:10
Lorenzo El DuceDid it on normal. When you release the second group of prisoners you will have 1 brute, 4 sleeping grunts, and the two jackels outside the door
Posted by Lorenzo El Duce on 24 Dec 18 at 16:48
AngryBob4213This just doesn't work. The second I touch a grunt the rest all wake up. No idea why, not near the Jackal at all. Super frustrating seeing people on youtube and whatever killing them no problem. Also the grunts dont drop in 1 hit for some reason
Posted by AngryBob4213 on 18 Jan 21 at 02:22