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Play all 3 Test Track disciplines and set a score in each one.

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26 Apr 2010
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Unlock the Michelin Test Track by reaching the Professional level in Single Player -> Gotham Career.
Go to Single Player -> Gotham Career -> My Michelin Test Track.

There are 3 disciplines to choose from:
Skid Pan
Speed Testing
Time Trials (pick 1 of 5 displayed routes)

Get a score for each Discipline.

As SevenDead1ySinz said, you only need to complete 1 lap for Speed Testing and Time Trials (they never end) but Skid Pan requires you to race until a Finish. It doesn't matter how well you do.
DA CYBER TIGERthanks alot mate :) i rated this a good guide.
Posted by DA CYBER TIGER on 12 May 10 at 01:48
troyoyIm not sure if skid pan lasts for 2 minutes or if I figured out a trick. I played it the first time for 2 mins then quit. The second time there was a timer for 2 mins that wasnt there the first time. So I sugest playing it for about 10 secs and getting a few kudo points and quiting then retry with a diff car and see if there is a 10 second timer. a friend of mine has a record of 30 kudos so I think he did the same thing.
Posted by troyoy on 22 Oct 11 at 18:47
Steve RedmanThanks Sacryd 2u and troyoy for their inputs here. Worked like a charm
Posted by Steve Redman on 18 Oct 12 at 21:33