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Force of Will

Halo 2: Beat the par time on Gravemind.

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This one can be kind of tricky since there are a number of events requiring you to clear out entire rooms to proceed, but it can easily be done in under 15 minutes on easy without glitching methods.

Room You Start In (~2 minutes in): Clear out the initial Covenant pack (2 grunts, 2 Brutes, +2 extra Grunts) Then clear out another wave that triggers near the exit (Brute, Grunts, Jackals). Then go back to the other end of the hall and clear out that pack (2 Brutes). And finally, kill the Brute that spawns on the ledge. After he's down Cortana will prompt you to plug her into a terminal and hurry to the exit.

Outdoor Terrace with Elevator (~3 minutes in): Another room that requires you to clear everyone to proceed. Don't bother, run past the enemies and jump down on either the left or right side of the far platform. Make sure to skid along one of the pillars on the way down to avoid a falling death and land at the bottom.

Room with Two Platforms (~3:45 in): Don't bother with killing anyone. Just run down to the first floor (you enter on the 2nd floor) and run into the bottom elevator. Wait a second for Cortana to trigger the lift and you should be down to the prisons.

Prisons ~7-8 minutes in): This requires you to do some clearing. Kill the initial guards on the top floor and Cortana will tell you where the first prisoners are. They alternate between the middle and bottom, so just hang out in the middle once you kill the initial guards. Then clear the guards for the prisoners to be released and do this twice. Once both groups of prisoners are free, kill the newly spawned enemies and work your way to the lift on the top floor. Here 3 Grunts, 2 Jackals and 2 Brutes will float in 1 at a time. Take them out, Cortana re-activates the lift, and go up.

After you complete the prison sequence, just run straight through the mission and don't bother killing anyone you don't have to. On easy, they aren't worth the trouble. But do watch out for charging Brutes who will knock you off the edge. And since you are running through the level, the last checkpoint will be back at the Prison, so DO NOT DIE HERE or else you will probably need to restart.

Room with Brutes vs Elites at End (~12-13 minutes in): Clear out every single enemy in the room as quickly as possible. Hunters will then spawn in as well as another group of Brutes. Kill them as well. Finally the door at the back of the room (the exit) will open and some elites with swords will rush through. Quickly kill them and run to the exit. At this point, you're home free to run to the exit.

Here's a speedrun that demonstrates these clear rooms. (He uses glitches, but really you don't need them)
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Mr Fiddler Looks like the par time has been upped to 20 minutes now which I've beaten twice (including one under the original 15 minutes) and this hasn't unlocked for me!!! angry
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 30 Dec 14 at 21:03
Mr Fiddler Three times I've beaten the par time now and nothing. This is really pissing me off and no it's not in the "done/unlocking" state either.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 31 Dec 14 at 02:28
Brandonz Got U That is weird. I did it well before 343 messed with the scores. It looks like people are still able to get it because the recent winners ticker is still being updated.

You're achievement might be glitched and really there isn't much I can suggest to do besides run the level until it pops which seems sort of unlikely or just wait it out by working on some other games or levels. If the time recorded in MCC is under the par time eventually the achievement should pop on its own (in my experience with the playlist achievements).
Posted by Brandonz Got U on 31 Dec 14 at 08:04
Mr Fiddler Yeah I checked the recent winners list as well. Woke up this morning to see that it has unlocked (along with a Forza Horizon 2 achievement that actually was in the "done unlocking" state") which is really weird. I did hard reset my console last night though not sure if that's related.

You have some good tips here though, which along with the video helped me get under 15 mins. Another tip I would add for that last room is to pick up the fuel rod cannon. Just as you leave the last open outdoor area a couple of sword wielding elites come out the door you need to leave by followed by three or four grunts. The first grunt carries a fuel rod cannon which is great for taking down the hunters fast. I think you can also pick up one (or more ammo) two rooms ahead (just before the turret IIRC).
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 31 Dec 14 at 17:31
Lathandertg For me it unlocked at 18:38. Guess I was lucky or the time was really changed to 20 min.
Posted by Lathandertg on 29 Mar 15 at 14:58
Tasty Pastry Unlocked for me at 17:51. Thought it was 15 going in, but figured I'd just finish it to know what was coming up for my next try. Worked out well.
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 04 Oct 15 at 23:41
illdizzog Thought i'd just do a practice run through using your tips Brandonz and I managed itin 19:46! Died in the final room like an idiot but was super happy to make it first time.Was my final Halo 2 par time so thanks a lot.
Posted by illdizzog on 14 Aug 16 at 15:25