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Emergency Shutdown

Halo 4: Beat the par score on Shutdown.

Emergency Shutdown0
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29 Nov 2014
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Using this method you will easily hit enough points without much effort. Of course go to the shutdown level, legendary difficulty, and turn on the cloud and catch skulls.

From the start of level, get a dmr and a rail gun from off the ship then jump in. Once you take control of the ship start flying towards the right objective on your hud. Once your somewhat close to the right objective, you should see some phantoms spawn up. Once this happens, switch to your laser gun by pressing cn_Y. Keep some distance between the phantoms and hit them with your laser gun. Each ship should give you 2000+ points!

Once you acquired your points, watch the video to understand how to speedrun the level. Then replicate it.

*credit goes to Nak3d Eli for the video.
RadZakpakI tried for this twice and it did not unlock. Out of desperation, I turned off competitive scoring and sure enough got the achievement. Something about the competitive scoring on makes the game glitch since you skip most of the checkpoints in the level.
Posted by RadZakpak on 19 Dec 14 at 05:47
Kexol@RadZakpak That's good to hear man! I haven't personally ever used competitive scoring so I couldn't really agree or disagree with you man.
Posted by Kexol on 19 Dec 14 at 07:31
SchiZoPHreNiikzBoth the right and left objectives have like five phantoms each to destroy. I went to both objectives on Heroic, destroyed all the phantoms, and had more than enough to finish the mission right then and there.
Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 20 Dec 14 at 23:28
Kexol@SchiZoPHreNiikz The score leaderboards on this level must be insanely high lol
Posted by Kexol on 22 Dec 14 at 01:49
Shadow 00 FoxOh wow... lol... first try I got 93k in 18 minutes on Legendary, with Blind and Catch on... I took out all the Phantoms at the start on both sides....
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 22 Jan 15 at 07:03
Kexol@Shadow 00 Fox
Can you say overkill? lol
Posted by Kexol on 22 Jan 15 at 15:31
Shadow 00 FoxlaughI know, I had scoring on, but forgot to put it on competitive scoring... so I had no idea what the score was until I finished. LOL Forgot to mention, I died a bunch of times in the Hunters room and the last room as well.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 23 Jan 15 at 04:43
KexolYour eyes must have gone wide when you saw the score lol. I wouldn't really call 25,000 the par score of this level, it should be around 50,000!
Posted by Kexol on 23 Jan 15 at 23:00
markusfenix75okay. This achievement is bugged for me. I beat par score and par time to, but i don't have achievements. I tried like 3 times (with competitve scoring, competitive time and with everything off)...
Posted by markusfenix75 on 03 Feb 15 at 20:22
KexolDoes it say it's done unlocking in the achievement app?
Posted by Kexol on 03 Feb 15 at 20:39
markusfenix75nope. I completed this mission before with score 23 300. So for progress I have 94%. But now? Nothing.
Posted by markusfenix75 on 04 Feb 15 at 15:27
Shadow 00 FoxYou need 25k for this mission I believe... it's glitched, when I got over 25k it popped, I think that's how it works. Does that help?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 04 Feb 15 at 18:07
markusfenix75Don't think so. I played this mission when MCC released. Got 23300 score, achievement progress showed me 93% progress towards achievement. Now, i decided, that i want to beat all par score in Halo Campaign, so I played this mission with score around 50 000 and in 17 minutes. But it didn't unlock any of related achievements. Strange thing is, that this is only mission where this achievement don't want to unlock.
Posted by markusfenix75 on 04 Feb 15 at 19:45
Shadow 00 Fox23,300 is almost exactly 93% of 25,000... I hope you didn't get a reverse glitch where when they updated the par score lower and yours still shows as higher than the new par score... Ouch. I hope not!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 04 Feb 15 at 20:27
KexolI remember quitting out of missions multiple times and end up being voided of either a score or time achievement. Maybe if you run it though w/o quitting it would pop for you? Sorry, I'm not much help here.
Posted by Kexol on 05 Feb 15 at 17:27
Posted by Kexol on 05 Feb 15 at 17:28
TheBigBBPar time and score achievements just don't unlock sometimes; maybe 3-5% of the time. I doubt it has anything to do with having scoring on. You'll have these kinds of issues no matter what your settings are. Anyway, incredible strategy to get this achievement.
Posted by TheBigBB on 16 Jun 15 at 16:30
KexolThanks man!
Posted by Kexol on 16 Jun 15 at 18:48
iAlecPPerfect guide, quick and easy! Can confirm that the skip still works on Aug 26th 2015 :) Great for getting both par time and par score and you could easily play on normal as long as you kill all the banshees at the start.
Posted by iAlecP on 26 Aug 15 at 21:42
Kexol@Thee Alec P
Awesome! Glad it helped man!
Posted by Kexol on 28 Aug 15 at 20:10
x athiktos xI can confirm RadZakpak's first comment. I tried over 15 times on this level on legendary, heroic and normal...all well over the score and within the par time. I tried skipping cutscenes and watching them both, nothing. I turned off competitive scoring and it popped first try.
Posted by x athiktos x on 30 Aug 16 at 04:07
Im Invisible xcloud skull??!!
Posted by Im Invisible x on 01 Jun 17 at 18:59
KexolMotion sensor is disabled with the cloud skull.
Posted by Kexol on 02 Jun 17 at 02:34
Steel LatchFog Skull, not Cloud
Posted by Steel Latch on 13 Aug 17 at 00:09
Steel LatchFog Skull, not Cloud
Posted by Steel Latch on 13 Aug 17 at 00:28
MrKoolxDoodI threw on the catch skull with Legendary and took my time. Using the exploit you have plenty of time to get through and score 25,000+ points
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 09 Apr at 14:28
MrKoolxDoodthis makes me miss nak3d eli
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 14 Apr at 01:42
metallicafan459I couldn’t seem to fly down to the gap but jumped out and used the jetpack to get in :)
Posted by metallicafan459 on 16 May at 13:19
TolcThere's litterally no need for Legendary, or even Heroic.

I just did it on Normal, with Catch, Iron, and Bad Luck skulls, which gives you a 1.57x multiplier. I also had Score (non-competitive) displayed, so it seems only Competitive Scoring voids the achievement.

Just make sure you destroy the phantoms at both left and right objectives before following the speedrun guide. You have plenty of time so you can basically kill every ennemy if you feel like it. Once you have 8333 pts you can speedrun to the end though.

My final screen showed 10:59 for 29 682 pts.
But you'll have the 3x additionnal time-multiplier for any final time under 20:00, so there is a lot of room for error, and you don't fight Legendary ennemies, so there is that.
Posted by Tolc on 30 Jun at 17:58