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27 Apr 2010
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This is very easy and you don't even have to know the ranks, suits, cards or anything.

min raise (just click raise) every single hand if they minreraise you min raise them again, if they call check the flop and see what they do (if they minbet you minraise, if they check you minbet the turn) anything else they do you fold. Doing this for each tournament basically guarantees you a victory especially since they play way too tight shorthanded. (folding early on isn't a big deal if you'd rather not play like a robot for 3 hours or so) [if they limp also min raise etc etc]

if you've got a strong hand and they do that stuff slowplay (just call) and shove rivers as some of them will call weak making this go a fair bit faster.

Yeah, this is boring but I've never lost unless I just shoved something out of boredom even knowing I wasn't 100% to win that hand.
madmankevinJust to add for anybody reading this in the future, stick to wheatrich's plan and stay disciplined and you'll get the achievement no problem. The times I messed up were when I deviated from this guide. Being disciplined by following this to a ' t ' will ensure your success.

The only other thing I'd add is to not play on the final table unless you have to. Let the computer controlled characters knock themselves out then bully the last 3 or 4.

Great guide, thumbs up!
Posted by madmankevin on 05 Mar 11 at 11:11
wh00kieHonestly, I find that this strategy doesn't work so well in the early game. There's too many players who call you or raise you back and you have no idea what they got or when they're going to cheat. I end up losing more money than I can gain back doing it your way. The best thing I've found is to fold mostly until a few of the AI get knocked out (I wait for the blinds to go up before I start doing anything) and when you get to the last 4 I start using your method with caution. When you're in the last 3 it's good because you win something even if you lose. So I minraise more and more at that point.
Posted by wh00kie on 27 Aug 12 at 22:57
wh00kieOh and if you're in early game definitely don't minraise if you are the first one to make a move on a round. So if the person on your right has the big blind, fold. It's only really worth risking the minraise bully if you are the dealer or just been the dealer. That way you can see what all/most of the AI are doing before you make any choices.
Posted by wh00kie on 28 Aug 12 at 00:09
ReliantGung hoWheatrich, your plan was right on the money. I salute you.
Posted by ReliantGung ho on 05 Sep 14 at 20:38
JevanssssThis method works a treat.

I let the clock run down for a couple of rounds first to let the blinds get bigger so you can do this slightly quicker
Posted by Jevanssss on 06 Nov 16 at 20:28
TonyTwoSteaksSolution worked perfect, after 10+ years I finally came back and finished this game off. Regarding the previous comment, I don't believe you can let the timer just run down to get to bigger blinds. As far as I could tell it was based on a set number of hands until the blinds go up.
Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 05 Feb 19 at 07:12