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Kill 50 Enemies with Rockets

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Chief On KushChief On Kush1,581,873
04 Dec 2014 12 Mar 2015
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I used the 4th mission on easy. I would instantly buy 2 Rocket power-ups from the in-mission store (you get 6, 3 costs 15,000 points) I would then wait for enemies to clump up a bit and let it loose. After finishing the game it took me 3 more plays of the 4th mission. Sometimes I would have to buy one more, it won't take long as you will be using a lot of these to take out buildings and tanks in the campaign.

Price updated thanks to Dragon Weew

It has also been pointed out that if you kite the enemies a bit you only have to buy one power-up, which can save command points and is more important with the updated power-up pricing.
Ravi ArpooI would say only buy 1 set of rockets at a time. On my first go I took out all the enemy with 3 rockets and without firing a shot. Save the command points. Otherwise I agree it is the best scenario for mashing them.
Posted by Ravi Arpoo on 18 Dec 14 at 19:51
Starwave DragonThe price of rockets is now 15,000 points for one pack of three.
Posted by Starwave Dragon on 20 Jan 15 at 18:00
Mike MarcelaisI used mission 7 as there are four free rockets available in the mission and three buildings that spawn enemies. Save your command points for the other achievements.
Posted by Mike Marcelais on 31 Jan 15 at 23:33
patrickb7891I used mission 14. There are free rockets and a lot of enemies. I agree in saving command points. You need quite a lot to buy the machine gun and the Delta Team soldiers...
Posted by patrickb7891 on 12 Mar 15 at 14:07
ll Durden llI’m game, it shows this achievement unlocked for me, but does not show unloaded in the my game score or here on true achievements. Anyone else run into this problem? I’ve tries killing well over 50 more but it won’t pop for 20/20 achievements out of game? Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by ll Durden ll on 17 Nov 18 at 03:39