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Fully Upgrade You Squad

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Chief On KushChief On Kush1,581,895
04 Dec 2014 20 Jan 2015
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You upgrade your squad by collecting the gold medals in the missions. You can see whether or not you have the medal in any given mission in the mission select screen. If you collect every medal in the campaign you will have 2 left over so if you miss a couple don't trip. The upgrades cost 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, and 6 medals for a total of 30. Some missions have 2 medals in them so be on the look out. Also if you buy the Intel Pack from the in-mission store for 5,000 points, it will add green dots to your mini-map to show you where the gold medals are.
Price updated thanks to Dragon Weew
Rocket2606If my squad members die does that mess up the achievement?
Posted by Rocket2606 on 08 Dec 14 at 18:26
Chief On KushNo. You can also buy squad members from the in-mission store for 15,000 points. Your squad upgrades without you having to spend medals if you complete certain amounts of missions without them dying.
Posted by Chief On Kush on 08 Dec 14 at 18:30
Starwave DragonJust to point out, the Intel Packs now cost 5000 points.
Posted by Starwave Dragon on 20 Jan 15 at 17:49
b0seijuSo in my game which I didn't play for quiet some time I lost all of my upgrades? When I look at them all of them are locked again up to the the first training. This kind of sucks because I used the medals already and the won't reappear on the map. Any workaround for this?
Posted by b0seiju on 08 Apr 15 at 18:18
Vandel Busterb0seiju, mine is messed up too, but I needed the last two before the achievement. Now, the game locked most of the top row for me, but the next ones were all purchased still. I purchased the last one last night with the found medals and I did get the achievement.

If you're in a situation like that, the game knows you've unlocked those other upgrades. Just keep getting them as normal and it'll unlock fine. However, if they're ALL locked, then my only suggestion is to uninstall and restart the game.

This bug came up in the last patch.
Posted by Vandel Buster on 20 Apr 15 at 17:43
Chief On KushThanks for the information Vandel Buster, hopefully that helps anyone in that situation.
Posted by Chief On Kush on 20 Apr 15 at 18:56
Vr EnglishAre there really enough medals? I'm in chapter 3 and I don't have close to enough for the last two.
Posted by Vr English on 20 May 15 at 09:51
b0seijuThese are the amount of medals per level:

mission medals
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 0
5 1
6 2
7 1
8 1
9 1
10 1
11 1
12 1
13 0
14 1
15 1
16 1
17 1
18 1
19 1
20 1
21 1
22 1
23 1
24 1
25 2
26 2
27 1
28 0
29 2
30 2
Posted by b0seiju on 31 Jul 15 at 19:03
YoDzCould I just buy medals and get the achievement ?
Posted by YoDz on 31 May 16 at 08:39
Chief On KushYes
Posted by Chief On Kush on 31 May 16 at 15:15