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Flip Flop

"Flip" a map twice.

Flip Flop0
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04 Dec 2014
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I did it just like this on private match, solo, regular difficulty

- Switch out exo ability for cloak and use it when it gets hairy.
- Alternate upgrading Weapon Proficency and health/Armor.
- After that, then max out Exo ability.
- Switch out frags for Semtex (helps with ASTs)
- Hold on to all scorestreaks until you max out on perks. Upgrade Turret to include grenades (for ASTs) and Warbird to attacker or defender.
- Drones wont mess with you much until after the first flip. Leave them until the end of round and attack with pistol from inside building around corner.
- Ignore challenges unless you feel comfortable with odds (I usually ignore dog tags and hardpoint, but go for defuse and intel). If it looks like you will fail then haul ass back to your perch before timer expires in case you get a System Hack (it is such a good spot that even "pistols only" isn't that much of a problem), I suppose nano swarms could potentially be an issue but I was pretty lucky with placement. If you fail and get a turret defense system then clear them out (mele works well) at end of round.

I think that's it. I know the video makes a big deal about dropping the Goliath pod in a particular place but I never thought it was even that important to use it at all. Figure it will take 3.5+ hrs.
Kelle1994thx worked great ( although they add with the new update a LOT of these red nano swarms ).
We did it in 2 player coop. First try 2 hours. thumbs up!

I used exo stim instead of cloak. Every 2nd wave 1-3 nano swarms will appear on that position, then you need this extra life
Posted by Kelle1994 on 09 Dec 14 at 21:46
P0LAR COWBOYGlad it worked. Tough to hear about the increased nano swarms though. I'd be interested to know why the person who gave the solution a down vote did that.
Posted by P0LAR COWBOY on 09 Dec 14 at 23:35
AgentOfAbyssThe nano swarms make this spot almost unusable anymore, you get trapped and go down easily. How do you deal with the swarms?
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 17 May 15 at 14:24
RickyGBirdIf the swarms are an issue, I presume you can uninstall the patch and complete offline?
Posted by RickyGBird on 27 May 15 at 20:06