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Into the Frey

Complete Chapter 1

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05 Dec 2014 07 Dec 2014
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Ok my fellow gamers this achievement is called,
You get this for completing the 10 missions in chapter 1.
Getting 3 stars is not required warning, they all can be done on easy which is 1 star.
You can keep replaying missions once you complete them for the money or points clap
Replaying missions can be done by backing all the way out to the main menu.
Hold on to your money or points that why you can buy health, grenades, bazooka or intel. while playing the missions for 3 stars.
Just keep in mined that these items will not stay with you if you do not use them in the current mission you are playing.
So if you buy something use it or lose it at the end of that mission facepalm
If you vote NEGATIVE please comment why and will edit the solution to address any questions or concerns.
Thank you
Ed. G4L!!!!!!!
MagnetixSQLCan you list how many levels per chapter?
Posted by MagnetixSQL on 09 Jan 15 at 12:25
SENTINAL 10710 missions (levels) per chapter
Posted by SENTINAL 107 on 09 Jan 15 at 19:06
HmizzzThe tenth level is just impossible angry
Posted by Hmizzz on 10 May 15 at 11:44
SENTINAL 107Don't give up bro if you have set to one star and prepare well in advance with rocket launchers grenades and take your time you will be victorious you may check YouTube for some videos for that mission if you haven't already .
This is why I suggest replaying earlier mission so you can bank the money and buy what you need for the missions that are giving you trouble.
Posted by SENTINAL 107 on 10 May 15 at 19:50
SETH PLBe aware that this is sometimes glitchy achievement. I finished the game and get chievos for 2nd and 3rd chapter without this one.. I think that happened when you don't have connection to the Internet.
Posted by SETH PL on 10 Jul 15 at 10:00
SENTINAL 107If you aren't connected to Xbox live the achievements will not register untill you connect.

In worse cases you may have to reset the game and start over.

This seems to be the case with most WP games.
Posted by SENTINAL 107 on 10 Jul 15 at 23:36