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A Long Time Ago

Halo 4: Play a game of Halo 4 on the 6th of any month.

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06 Dec 2014 07 Jul 2015
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To get this Achievement you need to play Halo 4 on the 6th of ANY MONTH so that's from -
6th January
6th February
6th March
6th April
6th May
6th June
6th July
6th August
6th September
6th October
6th November
6th December

Theses are the days you can get this Achievement.

Now to unlock this Achievement all you need to do is start up Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Click cn_A on "CAMPAIGNS" PRESS cn_right OVER TO HALO 4. Press cn_A. NOW if you have a mission in progress you can just click RESUME but if you don't you can click "MISSIONS" and PICK any MISSION you want. This can also be unlocked on "PROLOGUE" now this Achievement can be unlocked on ANY DIFFICULTY.
You can also do this in a custom game instead of starting the Halo 4 campaign, thank you JAB00TY for letting us know! :)

Side note; if you are working towards some Spartan Ops achievements playing any one of chapters counts for this achievement. Makes since as Spartan Ops launched as part of Halo 4. - The Dawn of Don
JABootyA little quicker method, this can be done in a custom game
Posted by JABooty on 06 Dec 14 at 17:11
WOW DYLANThank you, fixed it up :).
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 08 Dec 14 at 14:24
EaglesFan520this guide is not clear at all. What am I supposed to do again?
Posted by EaglesFan520 on 12 Dec 14 at 03:10
WOW DYLANGo to Halo 4 on the Campaigns list and start any mission on the 6th of any month.
Start the mission and the Achievement will pop.

I'm sorry Sir that I have made this guide unclear to you. Sorry for any inconvenience, have a good day :).
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 12 Dec 14 at 05:44
FuzzedUpCookiea normal online match is also a place to get it ;)
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 05 Apr 15 at 23:23
WOW DYLANYeah or that too :P
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 06 Apr 15 at 07:28
The Dawn of DonSide note; if you are working towards some Spartan Ops achievements playing any one of chapters counts for this achievement. Makes since as Spartan Ops launched as part of Halo 4.
Posted by The Dawn of Don on 06 May 15 at 18:51
WOW DYLANThank you The Dawn of Don I will add this into the solution and credit you! Thank you very much for your feedback to make this solution even better and to help more people understand of different ways of unlocking this achievement! :)
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 07 May 15 at 04:38
MajimaActualI'll upvote this but I really really recommend that you mention you can do this in a custom match in the guide (instead of just in the comments here).

This will help people like myself who just started MCC avoid Halo 4 spoilers.

I.E. right now I'm at the Silent Cartogropher level in Halo 1, but I want to get this achievement without having to see a cutscene or accidentally spoil something in Halo 4.
Posted by MajimaActual on 06 Jul 15 at 11:19
WOW DYLANHello OdadjianActual,

I have mentioned this in the guide above I gave credit to JAB00TY for pointing that out for me.
I will now bold it so it now stands out more clearer. But thank you for your feedback it makes the solution even better :).
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 07 Jul 15 at 08:18
iiAssassinXxiiI just started a custom game and it unlocked as soon as the match started. That’s probably the best way to do it.
Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 06 Jul 19 at 18:52
MrKoolxDoodmissing these is so annoying
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 14 Apr 20 at 16:28
iiAssassinXxiiMrKoolxDood, why don’t you set a reminder on your phone for them? Would help you remember when to do them.
Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 14 Apr 20 at 20:12
SPECTRUMISGREENOr just make a daily signin,in a group on your dash then play all the games each day
Posted by SPECTRUMISGREEN on 03 Feb 21 at 22:49
MadMosh666TrueAchievements will give you a 3 day warning of any date related achievements, though it could be a subscriber only feature.
Posted by MadMosh666 on 03 Mar 21 at 22:59
iagoBeware that using Quick Resume on a Series S|X messes with this achievement, I had to close the game, restart and load into the campaign again for it to pop.
Posted by iago on 15 Mar 21 at 13:12
Scrib DeathI let my paid subscription to TA lapse, but I still get the three-day warnings for date achievements sent to me, to answer that question.
Posted by Scrib Death on 03 Sep at 20:54