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Diverse Tactics

Use one of each heavy weapon on a single mission

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06 Dec 2014
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Heavy weapons are the icons on the right of your screen during a mission and include grenades, rockets and airstrikes. Most of the later levels have plenty of grenade and rocket pick ups but I never once encountered one for airstrikes which means you are likely going to have to spend some Command Points and order an airstrike drop to get this achievement. Use all three heavy weapons in the level and the achievement will pop right away.
MetalheadRR3Anyone having issues with this? I've used all 3 heavy weapons on single missions and campaigns and have yet to see this pop. I've made sure I'm logged into Xbox Live, I finish the mission, and have even ensured kills with all 3 items.
Posted by MetalheadRR3 on 23 Jan 15 at 15:14
jaysondominoI had this one actually pop in game, but never show up in my achievement list on live. It shows from in game, but not on the live list on the phone nor pc, xbox, etc..
Posted by jaysondomino on 19 Feb 15 at 02:20