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Upload a Single Player Dante Gold Trial

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29 Apr 2010 19 Nov 2011
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Begin the editor and select the combat difficulty of Infernal & Make sure the Select Player(s) area is Dante only.
Select Edit Arena, then Edit Wave the follow these steps:

On Change Mode select Kill Em' Quickly
Select Minion and press Y for Enemy Options:
Max out the number which whould be 14
Max out Health for the enemy and change their style to Brutal

After this Press B and then while on the Wave Navigator Screen press RT numerous times to Duplicate that wave, watch the medal on the side till it goes Gold then press 'Back' and select Save & Exit.
You should now be back at the Trials home now select your trial and press Y to upload it and done.

As a note if you wish to delete it press RB on the Home screen to get to Uploaded then highlight what you want gone and press LT
KennansoftDid you upload it... This is step for step how I did it
Posted by Kennansoft on 29 Apr 10 at 23:16
BLUESTEELRUNSgood job worked for me (:
Posted by BLUESTEELRUNS on 06 May 10 at 01:03
KennansoftThanks, That makes sense. It was a copy paste from the other solution with edits but I missed that. Fixed now
Posted by Kennansoft on 19 May 10 at 23:03