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Halo 4: Beat the par score on Forerunner.

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I did this with Famine, Catch and Tough Luck on Heroic. Famine doesn't effect ammo crates, catch means you are shot less as you are more often grenaded which are easier to avoid and tough luck just gives the point boost since all it does it makes enemies avoid you more.

While playing you should aim to kill most of the enemies until you get to around 30k to 35k, and then you should simply try to avoid most enemies and finish areas as fast as you can because once you go over par time your score will begin to decrease, if you are using the competitive scoring to see the score.

The normal scoring does not seem to work for all levels but it may work on this one for you. If it doesn't but you don't mind not keeping track of your score as you play then it may be worthwhile to use this one as it does not start decreasing your score after a point.

Other than that you should be fine, I finished with 37486 and was 10 minutes over par and was around the second pillion when it began to decrease, although this also had the time multiplier added on afterwards which boosted it slightly.(I think the competive score uses the time bonus anyway, which is why it begins to go down after a while) It was still around 34k when I finished the actual mission.

Good luck, this seems to be the hardest one of the par score of all the Halo 4 levels to accomplish.

EDIT: The par score for this level was altered with a title update that hit around Christmas, it is now 22,000 and as such is now easier to accomplish with a skull or two less.
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SchiZoPHreNiikz I played on Normal with 6 skulls on to get a multiplier of 2.49x going into the mission. The skulls were Catch, Iron, Tough Luck, Fog, Famine, and Thunderstorm. I finished with a score of 49,400 something, but I didn't get an achievement. What the fuck?
Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 20 Dec 14 at 11:21
Ditto51 Your profile says you won it. I think most of the achievements are a bit slow to unlock so that could be it. It took me about three weeks for the Pillar of Autumn achievement to pop.
Posted by Ditto51 on 21 Dec 14 at 09:45
Arador I just got this randomly while playing Destiny, says I unlocked it a month ago wtf?
Posted by Arador on 24 Dec 14 at 08:59
Ditto51 Probably stuck on Done...Unlocking! and just triggered... The achievements are known to be buggy. I got one while not even being online so and another without even being told, so...
Posted by Ditto51 on 24 Dec 14 at 10:39
Ditto51 Yeah, I had that with Infinity, completed it on Heroic once, and then on normal and got no achievement. Did it the next day on Normal and got the achievement but my game decided I hadn't done it on Heroic so to unlock the campaign complete achievements for Heroic, I had to do it again for a fourth time in two days...
Posted by Ditto51 on 04 Jan 15 at 18:45
SPACE ODDITY Did it on Normal with Catch, Tough Luck, Fog, Famine, and Thunderstorm skulls finishing in 31 mins, for a score of 37,043smile
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 08 Jan 15 at 18:47
Punderstatement Great guide, got my last par score because of it, went with normal though with fog and thunderstorm added. No way was I going against those banshees on heroic now that the power cores aren't linked to specific doors anymore. Thanks for this.
Posted by Punderstatement on 05 Jun 16 at 22:26