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Become friends with at least three of your inner circle in one playthrough.

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For this achievement, you must get three of your companions to "like" you enough to be considered your friend. Unlike other DA games, there is no meter for this, and instead your actions will determine how they feel about you. At the bottom left, it will say
___ slightly approves/disapproves
___ approves/disapproves
___ greatly approves/greatly disapproves
Make sure you talk to your teammates after every main mission, and after every companion mission that involves them.
(I won't be including romance side quests in this guide for sake of keeping it simple). You only need three companions to like you, but I listed them all below so pick and choose who you want.

Generally, just tell your teammates what you think they want to hear, even if you don't agree with it. Once they like you enough, they'll stop approving. You have to actually do their companion quests in order for them to fully like you however. Once you do their companion quest, their tarot card will change, indicating that they should be your friend. Note that romances do not count for this achievement. Be careful about who you put on your team, as some teammates may disagree with each other. I will be posting links from the dragon age wiki, so all credit goes to that group of hard working people.

Note that if their tarot cards don't change after their respective quests, you may need to advance further in the story or raise their approval a little more.

- Generally likes when you adhere to the faith of Andraste, and say good things about the Chantry
- You can gain a large amount of approval by doing her fetch quest, Unfinished Business. You get a great amount of approval for each mark slain in her quest.

Her Quests:
Unfinished Business: Talk to her in Skyhold, must eliminate certain people around the world. It helps to have her in your party when you do this.

Guilty Pleasure: After some main quests, talk to her in Skyhold and you'll find her reading Varric's romance novel. Convince Varric to finish it for her to gain approval.

Promise of Destruction: After "Here Lies the Abyss" main quest, talk to Cassandra in Skyhold. Complete "Locate the Missing Seekers" on the war table, then complete the quest. Tarot change quest.

-Likes when you are virtuous, and help people. He also likes when you are nice to wardens and agree with them.

His Quests:
The Lone Warden: Trigger after the "Threat Remains" quest. Complete it to recruit Blackwall.

Memories of the Gray: Fetch quest for gray warden artifacts all over the world. Collect and deliver to Blackwall for large approvals.

Explanations Revelations: After "Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts" main quest, Blackwall will leave a note. Finish the quest to change his tarot. At the final conversation back at Skyhold, make sure to pick the upper right option.

-Likes when you help people, good to the common man
-In conversations where he mentions to his past, disagree with his previous actions of killing to gain approval
Do a bunch of small quests for people with Cole in your party, like scattering a lover's ashes or stuff like that, to gain quick approval.

His Quests:
The Forgotten Boy: After "Your Heart Shall Burn" main quest, you choose whether or not to keep Cole. Keep him, obviously.

Subjected to His Will: After "Here Lies the Abyss" main quest, talk to Cole. You will have a war operation to do to get an amulet. After that, talk to him again. Complete the quest and make a decision about Cole's fate (choice doesn't matter I don't think). Tarot change quest.

-Likes when you agree with him mostly, and when you say good things about Tevinter.

His Quests:
Recruitment: When you meet him in the main story, simply say you want him to stay with the Inquisition

Last Resort of Good Men: After getting Dorian's approval high, Mother Giselle should appear in the main hall of Skyhold rather than the garden as usual. Talk to her to get a letter from Dorian's father. Complete quest to gain approval. Tarot change quest.

One Less Venatori: Once you have Dorian, a war operation will appear called "Dorian's Request." Complete it to unlock this fetch quest where you must slay three groups of Venatori. Have Dorian with you when you do it to gain large approval.

Iron Bull:
-Likes when you're tough, and when you are nice to him and his gang.
-Bring him along when you kill a dragon to gain huge boosts to approval.
-When talking to him at the tavern, never refuse a drink. You get approval for each drink.

His Quests:
The Captain of the Chargers: Eventually, this quest will pop up after a few main quests. Head to storm coast and allow Bull to join your inquisition.

Demands of the Qun: Must have a high approval with Bull, must also mention Seheron when talking to him sometime at Skyhold. Make a decision at the end and complete the quest. Tarot change quest.

-Strong dislike for nobles, so make sure you are mean to them.
-Feels for the common man, so make sure you don't talk like you're above them in her presence.

Her Quests:
A Friend of Red Jenny: This quest should pop up on your first arrival at Val Royeaux. Complete it, and allow Sera to join your party.

The Verchiel March: Sometime in Skyhold when her disposition is high enough, exhaust her dialogue to get her to talk about Verchiel. Then complete the "A Battalion for Sera and Verchiel" war operation, then talk to her after. Complete the last part of the quest, and talk to her again. Make sure you agree with her actions for a huge approval boost.

Pranking: After some main missions and after she likes you enough, Sera will ask you to pull some pranks with her. Agree to, and run around pranking everyone, make sure to pick "Run!" as the last option. After it ends, you'll get huge approval. Tarot change quest.

-Likes curiosity, so make sure to exhaust all of his dialogue options and ask questions about his past and his race.
-Be nice to elves if possible.
EDIT: I discovered a way to get a big boost of approval from Solas, provided you get it up enough. Eventually when you talk to him after he likes you enough, an investigate option will appear saying "tell me of your journeys." Asking all three questions will gain you a slight approval boost. Back out of the conversation, and the option will still be there, as well as the approval boosts. It let me do this about three times before removing the option.

His Quests:
Measuring the Veil: There will be artifacts scattered throughout Thedas that Solas says help to keep future rifts from appearing in the area. If you activate one with him in the party, you gain slight approval.

All New, Faded for Her: After some main quests, Solas will open up about a spirit that needs his help. Agree to help, and complete the quest any way you see fit, then talk to him back at Skyhold for approval. Tarot change quest.

-Likes when you are virtuous, also likes when you are witty and nice to him.

His Quests:
Seeing Red: Talk to Varric at Haven and mention red lyrium to start this fetch quest. This quest will likely take you most of the game as a lot of areas need to be unlocked first, but for each red lyrium crystal you destroy you gain slight approval.

Well, Sh**:
After "Here Lies the Abyss" main quest, talk to Varric to trigger this companion quest, complete it to gain approval.

TAROT NOTE: Varric's tarot is a little odd in that it changes twice. It will change after the main quest "Here Lies the Abyss" where you have a huge decision to make. Make sure to pick the decision Varric would like more (it should be obvious, and if it's not,)

then talk to him back at Skyhold to gain approval. After "Well, Sh**", talk to him again and agree to participate in a card game with all of your friends. His card should change again after that.

-Believes mages should be kept in circles to protect them despite being a mage, so avoid saying anything negative about circles in her presence.
-Likes templars, so don't be too mean to them.

Her Quests:
The Imperial Enchanter: You are given this quest sometime early in the main storyline. Travel to Vivienne's villa and allow her to join your party.

Favors the First Enchanter: Talk to Vivienne once she joins your party and ask if there's anything she needs help with. She will ask you to retrieve three tomes from around the world, one in Western Approach, one in Hinterlands, and one in Exalted Plains. Bring her each tome for an approval boost.

Bring Me the Heart of Snow White: Around the "Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts" main quest, Vivienne will ask that you bring her the heart of a snow wyvern from the Exalted Plains. You won't be able to access the area until you complete the "Gain Access to Ghilan'nain's Grove" operation at the war table, costing 5 power. After you complete that, head in and in the game will alert you that you can give her regular wyvern hearts if you wish; DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, just kill the wyverns then go find the snow wyvern and deliver its heart instead for a huge approval boost. Tarot change quest.

(I didn't put links for all characters because not all of them have one yet, I'll update as new information is found).