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Complete any level without collecting an amber.

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Bomb Jack DKBomb Jack DK813,650
10 Dec 2014
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I got this on level 2.1.

The only really tricky part is at the very end. Stand on the rightmost part of the final platform, Jump UP+RIGHT and boost further right to avoid the amber and reach the end.
kellydeeThank you for this!
Also, I hit a coin on the part described, then died to restart at check point, and still got the achievement.
Posted by kellydee on 11 Dec 14 at 06:13
Bomb Jack DKYes, thanks, kellydee. Important info as you won't have to restart the whole level. I did the same (several attempts) :-)
Posted by Bomb Jack DK on 11 Dec 14 at 07:13
CougarI can't seem to get this darn thing. I hit that last Amber every single time regardless if I am teetering off the final ledge or standing upright. Sooo frustrating..This is not easy at all. I'm giving up.
Posted by Cougar on 22 Dec 14 at 19:49
skylinesendCrazyCougar, The timing is tricky. You need to press right and jump, then a split second later boost. It took me about 10 tries.
Posted by skylinesend on 26 Dec 14 at 15:06
HavfruenArildI also think that killing enemies negates the achievement as well seen as you get an amber for killing them. On my first attempt I collected no ambers but killed a few enemies, no achievement. On my second attempt I killed no one and collected nothing, achievement popped.
Posted by HavfruenArild on 01 Jan 15 at 19:17
DVDiano360Worked like a charm, had to try it 3-4 times but once I got the timing right it was easy. Nice solution.
Posted by DVDiano360 on 03 Jan 15 at 13:33
AgentZachMorganI found it easier to jump up between the last 2 ambers on the upper platform then boost forward, it's a tight fit but a hell of a lot easier than trying to do that awkward diagonal jump.
Posted by AgentZachMorgan on 06 Feb 15 at 13:04
Epsilon FactorAfter failing for a half hour, I decided to try AgentZachMorgan's suggestion and simply line up a straight jump between the two rightmost ambers and this worked on the second try! I didn't even use boost, just a clean jump up and over the rightmost amber. The trick is to find the exact center between the ambers so that when you jump you don't hit either of them.
Posted by Epsilon Factor on 10 Feb 15 at 05:26
Kovy88Cleared on first try when you just jump between the 2 ambers at the end.
Posted by Kovy88 on 14 Feb 15 at 13:41
planting42Tried the straight jump. Caught an amber every time. Finally did it with the diagonal jump. I hit cn_Acn_rightcn_X all together.
Posted by planting42 on 16 Feb 15 at 08:47
o Heres Jonny oWhat planting said above, got it first time. Other methods would not work I couldn't get the timing.
Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 14 Apr 18 at 00:39