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Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Halo 2: Complete a level in co-op on Heroic or Legendary with the Masterblaster Skull active.

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King ChemistryKing Chemistry22,050
10 Dec 2014 10 Dec 2014
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Set the difficulty to Heroic, choose the mission Outskirts, plug in a second controller or have a friend play with you, and have the player with the overshields speed run the mission by taking a vehicle and driving past everyone.
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shelbygt5252 very easy, good solution
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 10 Dec 14 at 22:01
Neutropia Not sure if I got lucky or not, but my wife and I were playing coop and I turned the skull on, but changed my mind and turned it off to save for another level. After we beat the level we were on, Regret, this achievement still popped. I had several other skulls on, as well. Anyone else have this happen?
Posted by Neutropia on 13 Apr 15 at 00:25
Grimace221 I actually just got this in co op with my wife without the skull being turned on. Glitchy?
Posted by Grimace221 on 18 Apr 15 at 21:22
Timbouton Grimace221 are you the wife of Neutropia and Neutropia you wife ? :3

More seriously, I find it way faster on Uprising...
Posted by Timbouton on 02 Jun 15 at 16:21
Ham Man 89 scarab, and sputnik can be on :)
Posted by Ham Man 89 on 11 Aug 15 at 18:07
Dr Mysteric My partner and I got this very unexpectedly by playing Heroic, Co-op and Bandana, Grunt B-day, IWHBYD, Prophet Birthday Party, and sputnik. Did not have the master blaster skull on.
Posted by Dr Mysteric on 03 Oct 15 at 06:22
Temple Jones this achievement popped for no reason at the end of metropolis on coop, no masterblaster. normal run on heroic with just Grunt bday party, prophet bday, and pinata. Also managed to get par score at 21317 score. very weird.
Posted by Temple Jones on 07 Oct 16 at 05:54
Falcon12727 Only fitting that I would follow the rules and it does NOT pop.
Posted by Falcon12727 on 25 Apr 17 at 01:35
Moustachio It popped fine for me. I used Heroic and Outskirts. At the start, I used the overshield guy and the rooftop (Sword Room) path to avoid the early battles and jumped down in front of the Hotel. Then I hoofed it until I found an Elite in a Ghost and hijacked him. With the Ghost, you can fire shots if needed, but you're better to just speed through. Whenever there's room in the tunnel, I recommend strafing left to right in the Ghost. The Covenant aren't good at hitting a moving target, even in a basic snake pattern.
Posted by Moustachio on 06 Sep 18 at 10:26
XSniperNinjaX Hi im looking for some to help get this please send me message thank you.
Posted by XSniperNinjaX on 19 Dec 19 at 18:37