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Fists of Fury

Halo 2: Beat the par score on Regret.

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12 Dec 2014 31 Dec 2014
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Fists of Fury

Edit: 343 decided the achievements weren't hard enough so they decreased all par scores based on peoples performances on the missions, and laughed at everyone including myself getting par scores of 25k + (half Halo 1, ALL Halo 2). If you haven't done any yet, congrats you get it much easier then the first people to attempt par scores. For this mission, you need 8,000 instead of 25,000.

EDIT 2: Its possible that the Save/quit method has been patched by 343, if it doesn't unlock for anyone else please comment or message me. IF anything you don't have to get 25k so just remove the IRON skull and you should be good.

Jei has a great method but I just wanted to try another method to help everyone out if they are uncomfortable with doing this on Heroic. Doing this I achieved 29,692 points and a time of 25:23.

Difficulty: Normal (probably can be done on easy)

Skulls: Anger, Catch, Famine, Fog, Iron, Jacked, That's just... Wrong, Thunderstorm

Basic Idea is to just try your best, kill enemies fast using Shotgun, carbon, snipers, sword, grenades. If you die in the middle just save quit and resume. I died 1 time in this mission, if I didn't die at all I would have been up much higher. Try not to die because it resets your streak, you don't lose score or time when doing the save/quit method.

There isn't much to point out in this level, just that use shotgun over sword as it kills enemies better especially if they have a sword. Also in the end, if you have above 25k points all you have to do is board the prophet and melee him. He dies in 1 board, quick and easy.
Ya Big GoofGreat tip man - I got to the Prophet with like 21k and couldn't for the life of me get to 25k - I did this method, dying once, and got >38k in about 20 minutes time - normal is definitely the way to go on this level
Posted by Ya Big Goof on 14 Dec 14 at 00:55
Strategy OneThanks man! I know, it always depends on the level, there are some you just can't do normal. I believe it depends on the amount of enemies. If you can get your streak up high without dying then normal is the way to go, on Heroic you are increase the death rate ruining your steaks. But if there is little enemies, Normal is not an option.
Posted by Strategy One on 14 Dec 14 at 03:25
Shadow 00 FoxI haven't gotten a single achievement using the save/quit method.... I've tried quite a few times. I think that is patched and doesn't work anymore!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 30 Dec 14 at 23:06
Strategy OneThat would be bad because its in all my guides for PAR SCORES -_- You could be right because HALO CE and HALO 4 I wasn't getting them either for using the save/quit method so I stopped doing it. This sucks for other people... I just wish I did Halo 3, hopefully they won't be that hard...
Posted by Strategy One on 31 Dec 14 at 02:49
YinI can confirm that you cannot save & quit and expect to get the achievement. You must complete the mission in a single run.

Also, shouldn't your edit line say "343 decided the achievements weren't easy enough"? It's not a big issue or anything, I just got confused for a moment when I glanced over it. Thanks for the solution though!
Posted by Yin on 31 Dec 14 at 03:40
Shadow 00 Foxsmile cry I know Lone Wolf, I felt bad alerting you to it, because I've been reading all your solutions and they all say the same thing... wink

Darkened Night, I was bugged by the same thing. Every time. LOL.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 31 Dec 14 at 08:02
Shadow 00 FoxIncidentally Lone Wolf, you could always add to your solutions if you want... I've been playing most levels on Normal, with few skulls for Halo 2 and I've been getting the par score almost every-time without much trouble at all, and even not knowing where to go half the time. LOL. Generally just 4-6 easy skulls depending on the level, avoiding Iron, Anger, and Thunderstorm. Streaking works great too!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 31 Dec 14 at 08:15
bikingkrazy9yeah it didnt unlock for me... did it on normal with 9 skulls (no 0.00x skulls), finished at around 25 minutes and 13k points, but the achievement didn't unlock and under career/achievements has me down as 0/8000 points
Posted by bikingkrazy9 on 06 Jan 15 at 22:38
dingleingusfor what it's worth i completed this on Normal, 4 skulls (1.74 multiplier), in 23:13 and got 10,209. Died probably 3 times, mostly focused on running/killing (did not use the grenade jump at the beginning)
Posted by dingleingus on 01 Feb 15 at 07:26
J BIGGS SFV OGGot it on normal with 6 skulls, 1.92x. Finished in 19:32. Earned 9031 score and died about 5 times. I also skipped some enemies, especially the room with the two hunters. Also did the grenade jump in the beginning to skip all those enemies. Still managed to get it. With the reduced par score, these achievements have definitely gotten easier.
Posted by J BIGGS SFV OG on 09 Mar 15 at 07:56