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Discover a campsite and establish at least one Inquisition camp in 10 wilderness areas.

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Let me add that I got this when I was supposed to after the update on December 9, 2014. I just completed the game on nightmare and put the settings back to normal, so it does not matter what difficulty you are on or if you lowered the difficulty. The guide above is correct and you have to have ten different camps, one in each area above. When I entered the exalted plains and put my first camp up, I got it. So this is pretty much just a progression type achievement. This game is buggy though and may be different for everyone. Also let me add that if you are near level 20, make sure you are on your character when you break level 20 or you will not pop that achievement and it is confirmed, cause I got stiffed on that one. Buggy, buggy, game. Also if you really want to prevent freezing, don't keep more than 10 saves. I also found that out the hard way. Like I said this isn't so much a solution as it is a warning, so please leave positive feedback if you feel helped at all.