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The Hunt is my Mistress

Complete all objectives in the Test of the Wild.

The Hunt is my Mistress0
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17 Dec 2014 25 Dec 2014
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After many, many attempts at 40 minutes a pop, I have finally done this. Thank you all for your input in the comments section as it really did give me, and i'm sure others, new strategies to work with. I've done this 5 consecutive times now, I know this method works. If you are struggling with it and find it isn't for you, I would suggest trying one of the other excellent and very well detailed guides below.

NEW video guide on Youtube. You'll see in the video I do this in 36:22; my best time yet, i even made more than a few cock ups (as usual, running into walls, warchief essentially suffering a heart attack etc) so there is more than enough time, points aren't great, but as i've always maintained, I am playing for the achievements (and in this case helping you guys get it) and I couldn't care less if I am at the top or the bottom of the leaderboard and if you don't either then please watch and enjoy.

Essentially for this achievement you must complete the Test of the Wild whilst completing the main objective, plus all 3 bonus objectives.
These are as follows (although note, possibly not verbatim):

Main Objective: Kill all 5 War Chiefs and all 20 Captains

Bonus Objectives: Complete the challenge in under 40 minutes (bonus 1000 points)
Kill 10 Captains using a beast (War Chiefs do not count)
Obtain 13,000 points (12,000 plus above bonus)

Now this is by far the most challenging achievement in this game. You will likely attempt this and fail several times and get very frustrated (I know I did). It is very much down to luck of the draw, specifically in terms of enemy placement but perseverance is key. You cannot afford to make mistakes and I cannot stress enough the importance of using the map and the Sauron's Army page to your advantage-it wastes too much time to go to one area of the map, kill a few captains, race to the other side of the map and then realise that there was another one in the area you were previously. Furthermore, you cannot let enemies escape, that also wastes too much time as you are essentially having to track them down and battle them twice. You will want to spam use of LB (think it's called wraith vision or something) to pinpoint your foes in these areas.

When you start, immediately drop down and start dominating the generic uruks until you have intel on all 20 captains. If you happen to see worms or intel pages by all means grab them to use on the war chiefs but don't worry too much about the war chiefs for now. Now, ignoring any involved in power struggles, the majority of the captains will be centered around the 3 strongholds; the shanty town type area in the south, the fortress to the north-east and the fishery to the north-west. Use the Graugr bait on the nearest NORTH-SOUTH facing bridge to where you spawned (there is an East-West facing one not too far away) and mount the Graug using shadow mount and using the Sauron's Army screen track all the captain's down using the Graug's Y button move to bite their heads off, killing them in one hit. Ensure that you have killed every captain in that area before moving onto the next one. Again use the Sauron's Army screen to your advantage to mop up any captains not in the strongholds as you traverse the map from point to point. If you think you may have messed up and lost a bit of time, you can also ignore any Uruks who you know are bodyguards (as you can kill them during the War Chief fight), although it's probably safer to just kill all the captains (again, to clarify NOT those involved in power struggles), before moving onto the War Chiefs. You should have more than 10 beast kills by this point so that's one objective down.

With all that done I would suggest having at least 10-12 minutes left on the clock and as ever expediency is still a must. I would 100% recommend using Ugakuga Graug Rider (he doesn't actually ride a Graug like he does in the story) as the War chief to dominate, as a beserker class enemy he has a move where he can trip enemies up and then do a one hit kill move (it's actually 3 or 4 hits in the animation), where he just lays into them while they are led on the ground. This is particularly useful against Shagflak Ghul Keeper who is all but invincible to anything you can do to him unless you have a Graug handy but can seemingly be harmed by other Orcs regardless. Even then he's still a bit of a hard case but in the 4 times him and Ugakuga have gone toe-to-toe for me, Ugakuga has come out on top. Ugakuga is also pretty easy to beat as you can use the stun move or the move where you jump over him and then use combo flurry until you have a finisher, use both finishers on him, rinse and repeat. The only potential problem is that he never turns green, meaning you can't actually garb him but every time for me he has done the thing where he drops to his knees on low health and you can either kill or dominate him (i'm not actually sure what let's some captains and war chiefs do this when others get killed outright). Regardless, once you have dominated your warchief, command him to riot against each other warchief and any remaining captains (the 3 or 4 who were involved in power struggles). Utilising Riots not only skips out the mission to draw out the warchief but you also have a load of friendly uruks should things get too hairy. I would always advise killing all of the war chief's/captain's troops first and then killing the leader apart from in the case of Tumhorn who can be killed instantly with a stealth kill and will likely be alerted if you start shooting his troops. Zugor can be a pain with his rapid firing exploding crossbow but building up combo chains whilst killing his supporters and then using flame arrows on him makes short work of him as he is distracted by your uruks.

Truth be told the only captain or war chief who is consistently a nuisance, is Shagflak who I mentioned above-he will likely take a good 1-2 minutes for your guys to kill as they are pretty dumb and you can't do anything to help.

Now the question of points. DO NOT DISPATCH YOUR DOMINATED WAR CHIEF (who should be the last target standing) UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST 12,000 POINTS! I never had a problem with points (you can see I'm currently 4th on the world leaderboard for a narrowly failed attempt)-except on the time I actually did it. I was over 1000 points short after killing my last target (excluding my dominated war chief obviously) and with only 90 or so seconds left I started panicking. Now in the wake of the last riot there were a lot of dominated uruks stood around who I built up combos on and then used finishers to build up some half decent points. What really did it for me though was killing 3 Carragors for I think 105 points a pop. That was luck as if they hadn't been there I likely wouldn't have got the points in time. To remedy this I would suggest making sure to kill your Graug once you are done with him and if you get an opportunity to kill Carragors (a lot seem to spawn around the starting area where you will be dominating uruks for intel) for a tidy point boost (the clock also stops whilst in focus mode-this can be used to your advantage to cover ground quickly as well). Ultimately you will also get points for dispatching your own war chief but I can't imagine this is more than 1-200 so I would play it safe. Provided you have done it in under 40 minutes you will now get a 1000 point bonus to take you up to 13,000+. Congratulations.

This challenge is annoying, it will take a lot of time and effort and ultimately I barely made it by the skin of my teeth (I am currently sat at the bottom of the elite leaderboard and had a measly 25 seconds left before failure), but as someone who has been devoting all my gaming time to this since it was released and thought it impossible, I can now say it is doable but very challenging.

Good luck doing it, please let me know if you've found any other helpful shorcuts or methods and remember: ALL HAIL BASED UGAKUGA.

EDIT: I just did this for a second time. I was streaming via Twitch but being my first time and with Twitch never mentioning that you have to select a box in settings to make videos archive automatically, it hasn't saved. I actually completed it again with just over 3 minutes to spare and this time had a comfortable amount of points. I even died twice whilst doing it. The more you try this the easier it gets, evidently.
Resident JesusJust to add to the point about Wretched Graugs, having attempted this a couple of times already. The strongholds (and possibly elsewhere) have 1 or 2 Graug baits hanging around so it's worth scouting these out before doing a playthrough as the Graug bite is by far the best for the creature kills and the quickest way of killing captains without instant kill weaknesses.
Posted by Resident Jesus on 17 Dec 14 at 08:21
WhaticlesAlso if a captain is dodging out of the way of the graug grab you can poison him then grab him. And kills with a bow on the back of a caragath count as monster kills
Posted by Whaticles on 17 Dec 14 at 11:41
WhaticlesAnother tip for the war chief that is invulnerable to stralth, ranged and combat finishes. I brand four or five people around him and get the to fight him as well. Seems to be the fastest was to kill him
Posted by Whaticles on 17 Dec 14 at 12:32
Dislodged PumaI hope they fix this to either A) Fix the time constraint or B) remove the necessity for the bonus objectives. This is a lot of work for the last 50 point achievement. I'm fine with difficult achievements but this game honestly is not interesting enough to repeat this trail 5-6 times in a row.
Posted by Dislodged Puma on 17 Dec 14 at 12:35
EricGarcia4Wicked hard. Did it in 1 hour but stops counting points after 40 minutes. That was a bummer. I ended up killing about 6-7 captains and 2 Warchief's while in a RIOT. So brand 1 Warchief and go down the list of all of them it will unlock the mission to attack them and sometimes the enemy warchief brings his bodyguards with him. That is a possibility to try. I just got done and it is very frustrating.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 17 Dec 14 at 15:32
BiggDopeThis achievement is nuts.

I finished last night with 56 minutes and 11,890 points (somewhere below 12,000).

I honestly don't know how the one person who got this did it. The Warchiefs have the most absurd invulnerabilities. Most of them are always "Combat Masters" AND immune to Ranged Attacks, so the only fast way of dispatching them is to stun, triple hit, stun triple hit, repeat. That, or you can dominate nearby Uruk to help fight, but that still usually isn't quick enough.

Also, the requirement for 10 monster kills is a little too much. Half my Captains never show up in Nurn unless I begin a Power Struggle mission, so how the hell am I to kill ten while riding a Caragath or Graug?

Are people sure dominating the first ten Captains you see, and then summoning them near a Graug, thereby getting the monsters kills out of the way, not a good strategy? I don't remember from the main game whether you ALWAYS need to go to a branded Captain's mission start to summon him.

Gah. This is so hard :(
Posted by BiggDope on 17 Dec 14 at 15:50
Godanixare all obtained in the same run?
Posted by Godanix on 17 Dec 14 at 15:52
WhiterValkyrieThat is what i was thinking about ! Three runs for three objectives will work ? But doing this under 40min, even that objective alone, is so hard !
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 17 Dec 14 at 16:25
EricGarcia4I just branded 1 or 2 Warchiefs and kept doing RIOTS. The Legendary Warchief that shoots balls of fire was the hardest (LVL. 20). I probably wasted 10-15 minutes trying to find captains to eat with the Graug. I only found 6/10... But killing the Warchiefs under RIOT does bring some of their bodygaurds to the battle, so that reduces the number needed. I branded majority of the opposite army to fight back during the riots and managed to have the following:

3/5 Warchiefs killed (2) BRANDED (Can easily be killed once summoned)
6/10 killed by monster
14 Captains Killed all under 30 minutes.

Like I said, the hardest part is trying to find 10 Captains to eat since i wasted 15 minutes and only found 6.

Any strategies that worked for you guys?
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 17 Dec 14 at 16:58
Lliryn DresTried this twice today and both times I ended up with captains with no weaknesses complete immunities had the monster slayer perk and couldn't even be counter attacked or hit with a basic attack because they countered them after so few tries this already annoyed me to the point of not wanting to go again. Also it was seven captains between the two playthroughs that did this to me
Posted by Lliryn Dres on 17 Dec 14 at 17:03
SUPER BOCHMANcan someone help me out b//c I can't find these requirements anywhere.1. Where does it say the 40 minutes thing? I don't see it. 2. Plus I already beat every mission trying for this so do I need to just start the dlc over again and start from scratch. thanks. any help would be appreciated as I'm dying to keepmy 100% on this game.
Posted by SUPER BOCHMAN on 17 Dec 14 at 18:07
EricGarcia4The DLC is separate. This achievement is under the trials. Should be the 2nd from the bottom.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 17 Dec 14 at 18:14
EricGarcia4Another Advice:

DO NOT gain intel on the row below the Warchiefs. Gain an intel on (1) Warchief than once you start a riot THAT warchief you branded should have about 8-12 guys waiting to get into the fight. From there gain intel on the (10) lowest uruks as fast as you can than you should obviously kill the opponent and his captains if he brought some. I say this because the second and third row usually come along with the warchief and or are only accessible during missions.

They should now be displayed on your map with there location as green once the riot is over. These are the 10 you will kill with a monster. Easier way to find them rather than going at random around the map.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 17 Dec 14 at 18:44
Phoenix C64I started the DLC recently and haven't even started this... but can't you just do like always? 2-5 branded bodyguards for each warchief and activate them all (d-pad UP)?
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 17 Dec 14 at 19:07
SUPER BOCHMANnevermind I was looking in the wrong spot. Found it, if anyone can help me get this I'll get you on our show for a prize. thanks
Posted by SUPER BOCHMAN on 17 Dec 14 at 19:07
SUPER BOCHMANnevermind I was looking in the wrong spot. Found it, if anyone can help me get this I'll get you on our show for a prize. thanks
Posted by SUPER BOCHMAN on 17 Dec 14 at 19:09
SUPER BOCHMANI wasted twenty minutes and can't even find one warchief!! What the F am I doing wrong here. no one I interrogate lets me get warchief info
Posted by SUPER BOCHMAN on 17 Dec 14 at 19:12
BiggDope@Eric - So the best way to kill 10 Captains via Monsters is to interrogate random Uruk in Nurn DURING a riot?
Posted by BiggDope on 17 Dec 14 at 19:35
Dislodged PumaI think we can all agree this is the stupidest achievement. I have just finished my tenth run and the best I can do is
4 Warcheifs
7 Captains killed with monsters
and 11 captains dead in general


Gah I hope they fix this.
Posted by Dislodged Puma on 17 Dec 14 at 19:59
BiggDope@Eric - So the best way to kill 10 Captains via Monsters is to interrogate random Uruk in Nurn DURING a riot?
Posted by BiggDope on 17 Dec 14 at 20:25
Roose91Thanks for your input guys, i'll update my post accordingly. If anyone can confirm whether or not 3 separate runs count, that would be awesome but I very much doubt they do right now.

I'm also going to note that whilst i'm not in the business of throwing around accusations, I reached out to the user with the achievement last night. I'm yet to receive a reply (though it's not even been 24 hours yet admittedly) and no date is shown under "date found". I'm not even sure it is possible to hack or glitch achievements on the Xbox One though so i'm not necessarily suggesting that as of now, but it would be nice if he could let us know.

Eric, you can find any of the captain's while freeroaming, it's probably easier to locate some of them via missions or whilst they are bodyguards but you can find every one no matter which tier they are on. War Chiefs are the only targets who require a specific mission to appear.
Posted by Roose91 on 17 Dec 14 at 20:28
The AllslayerDate found is only for achievements unlocked offline isn't it? Look at any achievement for this game it doesn't have anything under date found for anyone.
Posted by The Allslayer on 17 Dec 14 at 20:43
Das KuhnenGonna play around with all the tactics I can think of tonight and see where it gets me. My thought is get the ten monster kills via graug out of the way first, marking them with the shadow vision. I noticed in my first run that 2 of the warchiefs were possible to stealth kill, the one shooting exploding arrows included. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to have beasts play a major role in getting the requirements overall, given that's what the DLC added. I also need to be better about combat branding and using Talion's special ranger abilities (clicking the left and right joysticks).

A note on point boosting - shadow mounting a caragor and killing it is roughly 125 points I think (20 for the mount, 100 for kill)

My only run last night I had 3/5 warchiefs, 1/10 eaten, 9 captains killed and 1200 points in about 30 minutes before giving up.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 17 Dec 14 at 21:04
Phoenix C64do u get all skills in that game mode? i should probably progress in the DLC enough to get the ghoul taming skill and maybe it would help if u go with 100 ghouls xD
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 17 Dec 14 at 21:05
Phoenix C64oh and about the guy who got the achievement: add him as friend and compare his leaderboard?
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 17 Dec 14 at 21:14
Das Kuhnen*should've read 12,000 points
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 17 Dec 14 at 21:16
Roose91Allsayer, thanks, I didn't actually know that, never really looked at it before.
Posted by Roose91 on 17 Dec 14 at 21:20
Das KuhnenI believe you have all skills Phoenix. Though I'm also done with DLC campaign too.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 17 Dec 14 at 21:21
EricGarcia4@BiggDope What I did was i gained intel on 10 lowest ranking members and just grabbed a graug and check marked them and just ate them. I ate 10 of them in 18:30 minutes.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 17 Dec 14 at 21:52
Phoenix C64have started trying on this. first attempt was not bad, 12800pt and 8 eaten chiefs without even knowing what i was doing. warchiefs were easy as i had removed all possible bodyguards. but i ran out of time. what i first started doing and went quite well is going with a mounted beast to the 3 main strongholds (top nortwest, top norteast and middle) and just run around in wraith form tagging 3-4 captains in each stronghold. some were already afraid of beasts and were 1hit kills, others i just shot at something explosive closeby or bashed at them with my sword without unmounting (counts as beast kill too) but as said, i ran out of time coz i hadnt bothered getting intel on the 5 warchiefs.
TBH it doesnt look that hard, i am sure i'll unlock it tomorrow. once i start a serious try, i'll try record it too.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 17 Dec 14 at 22:56
Phoenix C64clarification: kills from explosions while mounted do NOT count afaik, however i did this to trigger weakness and lower their life. kills with sword while mounted DO count.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 17 Dec 14 at 22:58
Das KuhnenSolid info. Starting my run.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 17 Dec 14 at 23:00
Phoenix C64oh, also: you can use fast travel, but do NOT advance time. specially not if you already killed warchiefs, because it will promote some captains to fill the spot and make you waste more time.

little hint (just a theory, havent tried yet): if you are missing captains to "eat", why not just suicide against some grunts, that will be promoted to captains AND usually roam around at the same spot where they killed you OR show up on map where they are.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 17 Dec 14 at 23:16
Das KuhnenIf you dont kill war chief body guards first, they instantly get promoted to war chief and the counter doesn't budge.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 17 Dec 14 at 23:53
Roose91Das Kuhnen i've experienced that too. What happens is the War chief counter will stay the same, but it amends the captain one as if you'd killed one more. This can actually be pretty useful, or at least not problematic as you can often kill the new warchief as he is fleeing from you killing his former master.

Phoenix C64 as far as i'm aware the game limits the total number of captains. I've seen normal "grunt" uruks be promoted on the Sauron's Army screen but when i've looked back they are immediately shown as dead. I guess this is so you don't end up in an endless cycle that is unwinnable as the objective is to kill ALL 20 Captains, not any 20.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 00:32
Roose91Also Phoenix, your strategy is the best i've tried so far. By miles. Just run over time (currently on 40:11) and in battle with my 3rd war chief, I've killed 18 Captains (15 were beast kills) and have 11090 points (pretty confident I could make up the 1910 left with the last 3 War Chiefs and 2 Captains with a few mobs thrown in though). The trouble here is undeniably the time limit. I honestly do not know what I could have done faster or more efficiently and it's a pain because I cleared out the 3 strongholds (which had anywhere between 1 and 4 captains in each) in i'd say around 15 minutes but was forced to start dominating enemies for their locations, only to be shown that they are in the stronghold on the other side of the map that i'd killed everyone in 3 minutes prior! Also not sure if this is just me being slow, but the war chiefs are the same every time but I think their perks are jumbled up a little each time. This time I only had one of the near unkillable ones and one who had an insta-death weakness which is always refreshing.
At 50 minutes it would be very challenging but doable. 40 minutes is an obscenity.
Think i'm going to limit myself to trying this once a day now as it's starting to become an obsession.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 01:03
Das KuhnenMy first try was my best today. 3/5 chiefs, 10 beast kills, 11k points in 35 minutes. Noticing captain numbers in strongholds changes each time, so running beast kills first might not be as ideal as I hoped. Gotta start hopping on caragors mid battle I think.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 18 Dec 14 at 01:14
Roose91Guys I just did it in 41:06 I had one warchief left and under a minute and less than 400 points left to get who I could stealth OHK but it was the damn mission where you have to release caragors without being detected. As I was rushing I got detected just as I was rounding the corner to shoot the last cage door. someone rang the alarm bell so I failed the mission. You get 1000 bonus points for doing it in less than 40 minutes so I would have smashed it. Infuriated isn't the word. Argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 03:12
Roose91I got my strategy from messaging the guy who is currently #1 on the world leaderboard (he's got 17559 points). This is it but he just gave me a basic framework that i've fleshed out myself. He said to run around getting all 20 captains revealed, then get a Graugr and go around killing all non-bodyguard captains who are not involved in power struggles. Then kill the Graugr. He didn't say what to do about those in power struggles so I just did them next. When you fight your first warlord, dominate him, I used Ugakuga as he is easy to beat but a bit of a tank against other orcs, now with the exception of Ashgarn and the bloke who you can stealth kill in one hit use riots against the other warlord (with their bodyguards if they have them). Kill all the uruks yourself and let your orcs deal with the war chief.

Now, whilst he is the guy with the achievement and I am merely the guy who nearly got it using his strategy I would dispute that the first step in conducive to accomplishing this. It took me just short of a full 10 minutes to uncover all but 2 of the captains-far too long for my liking. I would actually suggest the method I've adopted from Phoenix C64 above where you gun it straight for a Graugr and head to strongholds, killing captain's as you go and dominate orcs to mop up the last 5-10 you are missing. Then get to work on the War Chiefs.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 03:27
BiLLzuMaNaTiWasn't sure if you mentioned or not but it's probably best to utilize the carragors and their new ability to slow down time as much as you can.
Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 18 Dec 14 at 04:32
BiggDopeSo if I'm understanding correctly, we should:

1. Grab a Graug.
2. Head into a stronghold.
3. Use wraith vision.
4. Mark Captains.
5. Grind out as many Captain eaten via Monster kills in that stronghold.
6. Move on, repeat until 10/10 are done.
7. Then book it around Nurn, completing Power Struggled missions?

I'm lost. There's tons of comments here and with everything written in paragraph form, I'm not sure if there's any step-by-step guidelines in achieving this a little easier.
Posted by BiggDope on 18 Dec 14 at 04:40
BiggDopeOr should we run around Nurn tagging all 20 Captains first, THEN grab the Graug?
Posted by BiggDope on 18 Dec 14 at 04:41
Roose91Biggdope It's down to preference I would say, unless you 100% know where you are going I would uncover the identity of all captains first. That's what I actually did on the attempt where I very nearly did it but I'm leaning more towards the other approach now. I'm loathe to change the guide at the minute because there are lots of people coming up with different hints and strategies, once myself or someone else does it with a confirmed and ordered method then i'll adjust it accordingly. Your checklist looks good though, you could just add the dominate 20 Orcs as the alternative first step.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 04:47
Godanixwere is a Graug !!!
Posted by Godanix on 18 Dec 14 at 07:23
Godanixgraug is a great system!just look in the cave near the camps
Posted by Godanix on 18 Dec 14 at 07:45
Sephiroth OniDont buy thic DLC before repair minutes to hours xD
Posted by Sephiroth Oni on 18 Dec 14 at 07:46
Phoenix C64just woke up and happy that i could help you guys, however you got one part wrong: i never used a Graug as they are hard to find (alltho one seems to spawn frequently little under the northwest stronghold)... i always used Caragors! they are faster and more mobile.
the trick to efficiently use Caragors is to create distractions:
i rush into a stronghold and activate all baits, open all cages, even use the fly things some times. once i find a captain i go straight for him. without any intel, i try to figure his weakness this way:
1) try Caragor stealth kill. this will tell me already if he is weak against stealth and caragor
2) if that doesnt inmediately work, I try arrows.
3) if that doesn't work I try fire/explosions either with random stuff lying around or I try get 5 combo and shoot a fire arrow
4) if that doesn't work either I just unmount and kill him normally. sometimes I manage to get him "green" and if my Caragor is still alive and closeby I mount up again and finish him

The change I will make to my strategy today, is to gain intel on all 5 warchiefs before I go on a captain rampage, because many times the warchiefs are closeby
Also: if I see any of the warchief missions are unreasonable, I will straight away reset.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 07:52
EricGarcia4I have not finished the DLC, but does anyone know if summoning ghouls will make it easier? The requirements under this achievement in the game state that you can use any combat equipment gained from Lord of the Hunt DLC (I think that is what it's called). Maybe that will help out getting the 10 kills with monsters. If this does work, can you still summon ghouls during the day.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 18 Dec 14 at 10:38
Phoenix C64There are way to few ghouls around to make it work. Tried myself a while ago. Plus: the ghouls aren't really yours until you brand them, and that's a pain in the ass mid combat as you need a 5 combo AND being surrounded by ghouls closely.

I also found that running around on a beast and rushing to the 3 big strongholds is too random. I didn't find any captains because they still were anonymous, but after getting intel turned out they actually were in the stronghold I just cleaned.
So it's important to gather as much intel on regular captains as possible before clearing the strongholds with a Graug or Caragors.

Anyways, beeing trying some stuff this morning. Not achieved this yet, but getting closer.

Things to mention:
- Riots is the best way to quickly kill plenty of captains. Problem being: you don't usually have beasts around to get beast kills. And so you can easily kill 11/20 captains without beasts and shoot yourself in the foot.
- In my last try I killed like 8 warchiefs and was still stuck at 2/5 because their bodyguards instantly were promoted. And in a riot it's hard to control in which order every guy dies as your troops are fighting too.

The strategy I am building (and hopefully record on video if succesful) will be more or less like this:

1) find the closest captain be it by gheist form or by going to the closest red mission. whatever is closest. brand him and get intel on first warchief
2) go and brand that warchief. doesn't matter which one it is. send him on a riot on a REGULAR captain
3) go to that riot, brand that captain to get intel on a REGULAR captain and kill him. or just kill him if you don't manage to brand him
4) now the interesting part: you have your blue warchief with all his troops. get intel on regular captains from every single blue uruk around you. don't kill them, they might be useful later. get intel for a regular captain from your own warchief.
5) now you should have plenty of locations on some regular captains. go get some beasts and start working towards your beast kills. NOTE: it is important that you're familiar with the areas, specifically where all the Caragor baits are. Also important to know where a Graug can and can not pull up ledges or you'll waste a lot of time.
6) this part I am still working on, but my plan is to firstly kill all regular captains and leave the 4 (including my blue) warchiefs till the end, to avoid the bodyguard problem.
7) the brilliant part about having one warchief branded is that you don't care about intel on the other warchiefs. you won't have to do any missions to draw them out either. when you're ready to kill warchiefs, just go tell your own one to riot and go help him.

that's the THEORY. after lunch (few hours from now) i'll start working on the practice.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 12:28
Phoenix C64PS: repaeat step 2, 3 and 4 if needed to find more locations on regular captains quick
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 12:31
WhiterValkyrieSomeone else has unlocked it ! I've sendend a message....
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 18 Dec 14 at 13:06
BiggDope@Phoenix, you can continually send branded Warchiefs on Riots multiple times? Don't you have to go to this branded Warchief's "Beck and Call" mission to get him to appear in the world?
Posted by BiggDope on 18 Dec 14 at 14:34
SiegfriedXI don't get why they have to put one stupid achievement on DLCs for easy games. Well, I won't get this if it's frustrating as hell. Hope you guys come up with a good strategy that works or that the devs change this stupid achievement.

It's mind blowing specially since the rest of the DLC is easy just like the game was. Why do something like this?
Posted by SiegfriedX on 18 Dec 14 at 14:57
Phoenix C64@BiggDope depends how you wanna do it. you only have to "Beck and Call" the first time. You see, when you actually go to the riot to help him, after the fighting, he's just standing there. So dominate him again and send him on the next mission.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 15:03
xGamBeaTxyou can get intel on warchief from a green Intel mark on the map. no need to get it from captain.
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 18 Dec 14 at 16:23
Roose91I'm now ranked 4th in the world for this challenge but don't have the achievement and there are 5 people with the achievement. This challenge is fast eroding this love of my game and clunky mechanics start to become a lot more evident when you're on such a small timeline. 51 seconds over time, largely because when I used dispatch it only killed my war chief and not the captain who was with him. Even so I was 1 second over when I killed what should have been the last guy.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 16:53
GodanixI'm getting better but it is still hard
Posted by Godanix on 18 Dec 14 at 16:59
GodanixI map completely full of objects and I can not see anything
Posted by Godanix on 18 Dec 14 at 17:04
Godanixsorry for my english:_)
Posted by Godanix on 18 Dec 14 at 17:04
Phoenix C64@xGamBeaTx the point is: you don't have time to run around searching "green guys" in this challenge. the quickest way to gather intel is: get the closest captain (you have to get them anyways), get intel on a warchief, get a warchief, send him on a riot. help him on a riot. afterwards you have the warchief and at least 10 blue uruks you can interrogate alltogether at the same spot.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 17:20
Phoenix C64the explosive arrow seems to be the best warchief to brand by far. he is also easy, as he is vulnerable to ranged. he can win riots 1vsMany with only little help. so it's a good idea to get your 10 beast kills ASAP and then start rioting everything with that warchief.

i am getting better at the timing... but now i am starting to inmensely suck at points... any suggestions on that matter would be welcome.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 17:22
Das KuhnenSeems to be where I'm stuck too Phoenix. I either have way too many points and not enough time to kill the captains or I'm doing great at the kills and missing points. I haven't utilized rioting as of yet, as it wasn't something I did much of in the campaign. Think I'll work on it that way tonight.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 18 Dec 14 at 17:41
Phoenix C64hey guys, I found a (apparently) fixed easy location to get a Graug and made a youtube for you.
Northeast Tol Crossing stronghold entrance
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 17:54
Roose91I've just done it gents but TA isn't updating it for some reason, I'll update th OP now.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 17:57
WhiterValkyrieGreat job dude !

Could you please make a video of the method you used (even if you don't succed that exploit again ^^ )

Thanks :p
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 18 Dec 14 at 18:12
Roose91WhiterValkyrie thanks!
Unfortunately I do not have any kind of video recording equipment past my xbox one which I believe can only record 5 minute segments and my video editing skills are entirely non existent.

I realise that's a bit of a bummer and I apologise as I have actually contemplated investing in some before for the purpose of making video guides.

Sorry again and I hope my text guide (which i've amended now) can be of some use to you guys.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 19:20
Phoenix C64another tip: if you're low on points but good on time, go to where i made the youtube, summon and kill the Graug for 200 points, fast travel to the nearby tower, run back, rinse repeat. it's not much, but 5 times = 1000 points in maybe a couple of minutes max.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 19:57
Roose91I'm actually looking into making a via guide via twitch but i've never used it before. Can anyone tell me if a.) it will record dialogue over it via a mic or kinect and b.) if you can save videos after live streaming so I could link to it from here?
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 21:02
Phoenix C64yeah i'll gonna do some tests on twitch n try this a few more times. i suck so bad, come by and say "hello, u suck a lot xD"
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 22:20
Roose91Ok, i'm streaming now, hopefully will be able to save/archive it to link to here :S.

Apologies for the low quality but it's all I can manage.

Can't guarantee i'll get it but can at least show you the method.
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 22:46
Roose91Just completed it again with other 3 minutes left on the clock and with about 500 more points than my last attempt despite dying twice. Video isn't showing up on past broadcasts on twitch though :(
Posted by Roose91 on 18 Dec 14 at 23:47
Phoenix C64this was a pretty smooth run... would probably have achieved it if i didn't kill the warchief i needed to brand... TWICE ... gave up at 35:00min (starts at min 14:00)

enough for today
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 18 Dec 14 at 23:50
xGamBeaTxI've just missed the timer by 1 second and points by 1006. I'll do it tomorrow for sure ;)
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 19 Dec 14 at 00:07
TachikomaShikiThanks Roose91, spent the night trying it using this guide and just got it done. The attempt before my successful one, I had like 3 minutes left but didn't have enough points and I had no way of getting them in time as nothing was nearby so unfortunately I failed it. On my next go, as I went around at the beginning grabbing random enemies and getting the positions of Captains, I shot any nearby random beasts with arrows to get some quick points. I got the positions of about 14 or 15 Captains as you only need 10 of course for the monster kills and also collected any Intel icons along the way until I discovered which Warchief was the one you recommend in the guide, Ugakuga. Although another one I had on my attempt before was pretty good, not sure what his name was but he had spears I think and so did his warriors. Sometimes Ugakuga wouldn't attack in a battle on one of my earlier attempts, he just waved his arms around & was doing silly stuff which was wasting a lot of time. He didn't do that on this attempt though.

So yeah once I had him dominated, I triggered riots with all the Captains I had left then the Warchiefs. I got lucky with Shagflak twice, on my previous attempt there was a bait hanging nearby so I shot it to spawn a Graug then preceded to eat him quickly (Shagflak) and I also had one nearby on this attempt so I did the same. If there isn't one, you could be in for a long battle if your allies just stand around & do nothing even when you order them to. Like you put, stealth is definitely the best way to take out Tumhorn quickly and staying up high when you are against Zugor and spamming him with arrows with flames is also what I did. Once again, had a few minutes left and was a few points short (though had more than last time). I quickly killed nearby enemies & beasts then I had a score of 11936 when I decided to kill my branded Warchief which then, with the added time bonus, gave me 14016. I recorded the last 5 minutes using Upload, showing me running around panicking to get a few more points haha. Thanks again for the super guide! Hopefully the next DLC won't be so crazy.
Posted by TachikomaShiki on 19 Dec 14 at 02:14
Das KuhnenEvery time I get to the ugakuga fight, he just dies. Never get the choice screen. Pretty frustrating as I can make it to that part of the strategy with almost 20 minutes remaining now.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 19 Dec 14 at 04:32
Roose91Das Kuhnen if you keep having that happen consistently, i'd suggest trying with Zugor, he's probably your next best option IMO.
Posted by Roose91 on 19 Dec 14 at 04:37
Roose91Also I don't believe he has the perk that makes him fight to the death so you can grab him and dominate him that way.
Posted by Roose91 on 19 Dec 14 at 04:38
xGamBeaTxYou don't have to have choose screen, Ugakuga can be combat branded at last few pixels of HP
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 19 Dec 14 at 07:43
EricGarcia4I was at 9378 points with 17 seconds past 40 minute mark and ended up killing the last captain and my warchief via head explosion. This is what I did to shorten my time.

Find intel on a warchief. Preferably one that you can brand easily and less bodygaurds.

Once branded cause a riot, (usually they end up being on the middle left of the map near the small cave, and south part of the map) both of these locations have graug spawners. This is where you can rack up your 10 monster kills. KILL the bodygaurds first because if they become warchief the meal doesnt count towards the 10. Zugar has 3 bodygaurds and Ugakuga has 3 as well. The other's for some reason never brought theirs. If done correctly you can easily get 6/10 monster kills. Which means less time getting intel on captains. Could be done within 15 minutes, depending how fast you can brand a warchief. I suggest Shagflak or Ashgam because they can be wounded easily and do not really have bodyguards. (from my experience).

IF you do go and try to brand Ugakga, KILL his bodyguards because they do not follow him during riots. HUGE bummer, i thought i was going to be able to get those last 3 meals after the last riot.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 19 Dec 14 at 11:20
EricGarcia4once you killed your last warchief you can head explode your branded one BUT not before you gain intel from his backup on the 9-10 captains you should have left. He should have more than enough uruks for that.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 19 Dec 14 at 11:27
xGamBeaTxso you say, get 10 monster kills, then brand Ugakuga, kill Warchiefs and just from that point, advance time to create more and more riots ?
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 19 Dec 14 at 12:18
Roose91The number of Bodyguards are variable. I find Tumhorn, Ugakuga and Zugor normally have bodyguards but they vary in number, Shagflak and Ashgarn on the other hand don't (in all the times I've played don't think i've ever seen these two with a bodyguard). You may well be able to do it faster but skipping the captain's stage and dominating a war chief immediately and just utilising Riots, but I certainly can't confirm this and in my opinion it leaves a lot more room for error as you are potentially fighting 4 targets at once (some of whom may escape if you kill the warchief first or inadvertently expose them to any fears they may have.
Posted by Roose91 on 19 Dec 14 at 13:42
Das KuhnenFigured out my Ugakuga problem. His weakness being combat finishers, you cant hit him while he's stunned when close to death. Once he's whittled down, try to land a normal strike or two to bring up the kill/dominate option.

Also, I don't know if this is exactly how the intel gathering method is meant to go, but I find shadow striking the one or two normal uruks straight across from your initial spawn, grabbing and dominating the most effiicient for me. After grabbing the intel, I fast travel back to original spawn tower, rinse and repeat. I can have intel on all 20 captains and usually at least 3 warchiefs via slave and uruk info holders in about 7 minutes.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 19 Dec 14 at 14:32
Phoenix C64@Das Kuhnen that sounds about right with the intel. One alternative, which i haven't checked if quicker or not: if you can get your hands on a green intel guy or a captain real soon and get intel on a warchief asap. then you go to that warchief, brand him and inmediately send him on a riot on another warchief (this is something you would do later anyways, so not much waste of time) ... after you helped him win that riot he stays around with his 10-20 followers... you can quickly, easily and safely interrogate all of them (leave the branded warchief for last or he will leave and his henchmen might too)
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 19 Dec 14 at 14:38
Phoenix C64PS: won't be doing much this weekend, got visit for beers & filthy hobbitses xD
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 19 Dec 14 at 14:41
EricGarcia4FINALLY!!!!!!!! Roose91, I followed your advice and it worked. Time: 38:18 / Score 14108

There was one Captain that did not want to pop up on the map (green zone) I wasted about 2-3 minutes running around and nothing. My stomach as inside out man when I only had one more to kill but it was during a trial of beast thing... I had to summon ghuls and free about 3 caraguars in order to have him taken down since all his buddies started attacking.

ROOSE91's advice works guys.

If you can get all 20 Captains intel under 6 minutes you are golden! If you eat majority of them under 20 you are in good pace too.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 19 Dec 14 at 16:03
BiggDopeAwesome guide, Roose. I'm gonna be attempting this all weekend and I hope to the glorious Middle-Eaerth gods that I can get it done.
Posted by BiggDope on 19 Dec 14 at 16:12
xGamBeaTxAnd finally done :D yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah :D
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 19 Dec 14 at 19:47
Das KuhnenNice work guys! clap
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 19 Dec 14 at 21:32
WhiterValkyrieI've done it too ! :)
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 19 Dec 14 at 23:54
BreakingBear101Yep, just did this. Saved me a bunch of time when Zugor had 3 bodyguards and killed them all and himself because he hit a wall with the damn explosion. It was so great to see all of them burn. laugh
Posted by BreakingBear101 on 20 Dec 14 at 00:14
Phoenix C64wow WTF twitch needs to get their shit together... your video also has been totally muted just like one of mine. weirdly enough i have several shadow of mordor videos uploaded, non with any 3rd party music, just game sound... and only one video has been muted, like yours.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 20 Dec 14 at 00:35
Roose91I really don't get it, I guess it might be something to do with the theme song from the menu at the start although why it has to mute the first 28 minutes and not the 2 or 3 minutes i'm actually on the main menu i'll never know.
Posted by Roose91 on 20 Dec 14 at 00:49
Das KuhnenJust gotta shave 3 min. Off my time now.
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 20 Dec 14 at 01:14
Das KuhnenAt 37 minutes, started my last warchief with two body guards ftw. One guard got away and forced an extra riot. cry
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 20 Dec 14 at 01:24
Roose91Unlucky buddy, at least you're making progress! :D

Nice to see 5 or 7 people getting the achievement yesterday too.
Posted by Roose91 on 20 Dec 14 at 01:53
TrueKilla360First off just wanted to thank Roose for the awesome guide and video, as well would like to thank all the people that commented adding to the strategy.. I was able to get this on only my 3rd try because of you all smile
Posted by TrueKilla360 on 20 Dec 14 at 02:06
Roose915 or 6* God I wish you could edit comments on here.

Really, no problem TrueKilla, glad to be of help!
Posted by Roose91 on 20 Dec 14 at 03:06
Das KuhnenGot it!
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 21 Dec 14 at 01:42
Roose91Awesome, congrats.
Posted by Roose91 on 21 Dec 14 at 02:46
Coll Automatafourth try and i got it. this achievement isnt that hard when you know what to do. good hunting for everyonesmile
Posted by Coll Automata on 21 Dec 14 at 09:37
Godanixfor all those who have problems with freez must clean up the map
Posted by Godanix on 21 Dec 14 at 10:38
Fuzzy VengeanceThis guide is awesome and really helpfull but I'm still unable to do it in time:( my record is 13400 points in 42:15:( and the most anoying thing is that during every cut sceen/cinematics you loos time... I counted that you loos around 4-5 minutes! because of the all interrigation/captain/warchief cinematics. Is there a way to turn tchem off?
Posted by Fuzzy Vengeance on 21 Dec 14 at 12:05
Roose91Not that I'm aware Fuzzy. I found that quite annoying too. If you're lucky you can sometimes kill them before the cutscene starts. Particularly with the Graug bite.
Posted by Roose91 on 21 Dec 14 at 13:03
Fuzzy VengeanceI know that's what I'm trying to do:) eat the captains before the cinematics.
Posted by Fuzzy Vengeance on 21 Dec 14 at 14:32
B R A M M Z I EWhy can't I brand a war chief. I just keep killing them
Posted by B R A M M Z I E on 21 Dec 14 at 16:21
Roose91B R A M M Z I E Some of the war chiefs will go green when on low health, this means that they are now susceptible to branding whether through you grabbing and then dominating them or through combat branding (think you may be able to successfully combat brand before then but it's success rate is significantly reduced). In the case of Ugakuga who will never go green, try getting him onto low health and in my experience he usually will surrender allow you to dominate or kill him. I would stick to normal attacks and not finishers after getting him to around 1/3 of his HP though otherwise you'll do what I did in the video and end up inadvertently killing him.
Posted by Roose91 on 21 Dec 14 at 16:41
B R A M M Z I EI've just done it. 3rd try and I had about 12000 on the last captain I killed with my branded war chief. Thought I'd failed aa I only had a min or so left and thought fuck it. Killed all branded orcs and my war chief and boom....Over 14000. So so happy and the guide helped so much. I had 18 mins left when I started warchiefs and 2 captains. Don't ask why. Perseverance is key here guys and good luck
Posted by B R A M M Z I E on 21 Dec 14 at 17:01
B R A M M Z I EAnd thanks Roose. The Ugakuga advice was spot on. I kept using combat finisher's instead of standard hits. Helped so much and thanks again for a great guide
Posted by B R A M M Z I E on 21 Dec 14 at 17:04
KashinjuHmm und wo ist das Video auf Youtube?
Posted by Kashinju on 21 Dec 14 at 18:42
Roose91Es tut mir leit, ich wohnst in Deutschland fur 9 jahren aber Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlect. Das video ist nicht auf Youtube im augenblich. In der zwischenzeit bitte suchen an das Twitch video.
Posted by Roose91 on 21 Dec 14 at 18:58
BiggDopeFinally finished this. Took me two tries (in addition to two tries the day the DLC came out). So four tries total. Roose's start is legit. Finished in 39:59 with 14,500 points (or around there). Nearly fainted when I saw the timer, lol. Thanks, Roose!
Posted by BiggDope on 21 Dec 14 at 21:08
Mantle 117Nailed it, had my final war chief left to dispatch, everything else done but still need 1500 points with 4 minutes to go, ended up finishing in 39:59, the relief I felt when that achievement popped is not able to be put into words
Posted by Mantle 117 on 22 Dec 14 at 10:37
Fuzzy VengeanceYES!!! Finally did it in 37:00 minutes and 14875 points:) this guide was very helpful but solution from BiLLzuMaNaTi regarding advancing time in order for the Captains to be promoted to Warchiefs was perfect as Warchiefs don't run away from riots:) Thanks for all the tips and hints:) cheers
Posted by Fuzzy Vengeance on 22 Dec 14 at 11:28
Fuzzy Vengeanceand I can say its luck based... as I got 2 Captains (which according to the intel I collected, they were supposed to be in a power struggle) spawning directly by my Graug? which made it a HOLE MUCH EASIER.
Posted by Fuzzy Vengeance on 22 Dec 14 at 12:18
x meltiger xGot it!!! Wow this one has been pissing me off.

Many many thanks to those who contributed to this thread and in particular Roose himself. Not sure I would have got it without.

I changed up the tactics a bit - Here's what I did. Took me 2 runs tonight. First time missed by 20 seconds. Second time had the Chiefs dead and all captains by 30 mins in, with a score of 10k. Spent the next 7-8 mins fast traveling to the initial spawn tower, and hitting the graug bait on the nearby bridge, dominating the graug and any caragors that were around. Got the achiev with about 38 mins gone, though I was super careful and got to 13k before I killed my dominated war chief *just in case* lol. I was at 12k after 35 mins. So much much time to spare.

In the run I spawned in, immediately went looking for moles and continued until I had unlocked the mission for the god awful war chief with the exploding insta death fire arrow of much bs. Used the skill where you slam your fist into the ground damaging everything around you until I could dominate him.

Then sent him off on Riots, each time grabbing a graug and eating the captains that turn up as bodyguards.

After initial chiefs were down, used the method mentioned either in this solution or the other one, and get more chiefs, and rinse and repeat the above - Some of the newly promoted chiefs were turning up with 3! bodyguards.

I didn't kill a single captain outside of a war chief riot mission.

Final stats -

38:26 time
15,042 points
13 eaten captains
Posted by x meltiger x on 22 Dec 14 at 13:35
x meltiger xWould also say the method mentioned on that Chief with the bs arrow to shadow strike him DOES work, but I suck and was still finding myself getting hit by his f'ing arrows even when in slow down mode.

Found it mich easier to just vault, slap slap slap, smash ground twice, rinse and repeat.
Posted by x meltiger x on 22 Dec 14 at 13:42
Phoenix C64if anyone has problems with the warchief that has explosive arrows... he's is one of the easiest ones because he is vulnerable to ranged. 5 charged shots to the face followed by 2 explosive shots and he's dead. and shadow strike attacks are considered ranged, that's why they work so well too.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 22 Dec 14 at 13:44
Phoenix C64ok, finally got this. thx to Roose91 and all the guys that commented here, but I finally used a slightly different method that doesn't require to spend time gathering intel. I hope Roose91 doesn't mind, I wrote my own solution (with video too) to explain it better.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 23 Dec 14 at 00:46
Phoenix C64btw, Roose91: the audio ban on twitch is most probably due having the loading screen at the start of the video maybe? it plays a copyrighted soundtrack, that's why it might have been muted. i had the same problem on several of my twitch recordings and since then i start my broadcasts after the loading screen and didn't have any problems since. i also appealed a video mute last week... no response.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 23 Dec 14 at 09:51
Twigleaf TwigsI don't know if this was asked or if it even matters... but...

Would uninstalling parts of the DLC help? Such parts like the beserker captains, etc? I have no idea how the game determines the captains and warchiefs you face, but obviously, if you could get the game to generate a playthrough with the weakest foes, that is optimal. I noticed a lot of this content from the season pass has to do with adding random foes in that have increased rune rewards, but are harder to kill.

Also.... is this achievements requirements cumulative? or does it reset to 0% on a new trial. I am going to do all I can to get 100% on this game, but it disturbs me when companies make achievements so ridiculous that you don't want to deal with said company anymore. Its just one of those " achievement completion " psychie things.
Posted by Twigleaf Twigs on 23 Dec 14 at 15:44
Phoenix C64@Twigleaf Twigs 1) i don't think individual DLC has any impact on this 2) obviously the progress for this specific achievement resets to 0% everytime you try, or we wouldn't need 120 comments to come up with strategies ^_^ 3) the achievement is not that hard. there are different methods, maybe try one of the other solutions if you coulnd't get it with this one 4) i like hard achievements. i actually feel like i ACHIEVED something when i complete them.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 23 Dec 14 at 16:53
Das KuhnenWant to believe our early adopter trial and error was key, but so many have it now I think we just sucked. laugh
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 24 Dec 14 at 02:31
Roose91Phoenix, no problem buddy, it's good for people to have a few options rather than just trying one and it doesn't suit them.

Das Kuhnen, not to blow my own trumpet, especially given the input came from a lot of us (probably starting to sound like a broken record with that-but really, thanks everyone who contributed), but I think honestly there's so many people getting it now because we cracked it and they know what works as a result. I mean there is 50 tracked gamers with the achievement, probably a dozen or so more who aren't tracked, but when you consider that my Twitch video alone has almost 350 views in the 4 days it has been up, and compare that with the unlock dates, I would almost guarantee that the majority of people who have done it, if not all, have benefited from us pioneering the method to complete it.
Posted by Roose91 on 24 Dec 14 at 03:14
Roose91Just to add to that as well, I have now done it 4 times, there is no doubt in my mind that the method works, but at the same time there is people who can't get it to work. I guess it's down to your playstyle really. I've generally been taking around 7-8 minutes for the uncover all targets phase, but a guy messaged me today saying that he was consistently failing the achievement despite doing that stage of it 2-3 minutes faster than I do on average. People probably watch my video and think in places "why he is wasting time doing that?" or "I could do that bit quicker" and I know i've watched people's videos and read their suggestions and strategies and thought the same, but ultimately it's what works for you. But to summarise, I definitely think that it's more to do with what us "originals" if you will, worked out as a collective than just the fact that we weren't very good at it.
Posted by Roose91 on 24 Dec 14 at 03:21
Funky V1rusYour strategy worked like a charm even though it took a couple of tries (mainly because of screw ups on my part). Thanks to everyone who contributed to this solution and of course much respect for Roose91 for taking the time to write the solution and making video guides.
Posted by Funky V1rus on 26 Dec 14 at 03:50
Blue n Gold Eel1 Question, what runes are you using because you seem to have a infinite amount of focus time, and a shitload of arrows (at least double mine) I always seem to run out of arrows and spend to much time looking for more cry
Posted by Blue n Gold Eel on 29 Dec 14 at 11:14
Phoenix C64if you run dry on arrows, there are skills (or was it runes too?) to replenish some arrows when you use the brand skill.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 29 Dec 14 at 11:33
NobblerGobblerI got it just then with 2 seconds to spare and it didn't pop. I can't access achievements though and get a "0x87c40011" error when I try to. Hopefully it pops soon.. Don't want to do this again.. I'm rank 153 on the elite leaderboard so I have definitely done it.
Posted by NobblerGobbler on 29 Dec 14 at 13:05
Mike the Owlmate what was that thing where you were making explosions against one of the war chiefs and setting him on fire?
Posted by Mike the Owl on 30 Dec 14 at 00:53
Roose91Feared Aussie All 3 weapons have a bar that you'll see next to the minimap, when it's full if you press the left and right sticks simultaneously you can unleash a special ability. That's the bows one (the most useful IMO), which allows you to fire an endless amount of flaming arrows (RB-normally only get them when hit streak is charged) until the bar depletes.
Posted by Roose91 on 30 Dec 14 at 01:36
CDP StyleAchievement unlocked! Thanks! :D
Posted by CDP Style on 04 Jan 15 at 18:37
djjTried several times now, can't get past 11k points :(
Posted by djj on 06 Jan 15 at 03:31
Fuzzmeister JI had 7500 points and 43:50. Finding captains to eat is the hardest part. Getting points seems to be annoying too. I guess I'll try the war chief promotion trick for more points.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 14 Jan 15 at 05:23
ii Sticky BoyJust got it first try with 30 seconds to spare. Roose, you are a lifesaver. This would have taken me eons to figure out on my own.
Posted by ii Sticky Boy on 21 Jan 15 at 07:24
PNibblesA couple tips from my successful run:
1 - Don't give up hope if you can't brand Ugakuga; I was able to brand another, who happened to have a berserker/brute in his group.
2 - When rioting with the tougher war chiefs, especially those who specialized in Combat, I would help my uruks by wraith stunning the opposition. This really helped speed things up.
3 - If you're short on points but have a few minutes to spare (like I was), I alternated fast traveling between the NW corner of the map (near docks) and the starting spawn. From there I would quickly hit the nearby Graug bait, mount him, and score 200 points. If you're lucky, a Caragor or two will also be nearby.
Posted by PNibbles on 09 Feb 15 at 04:28
Metamania2313This is one of the hardest achievements I've ever seen. Is there another easy way? A lot of variables can happen at any given time and it can really screw up your run.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 09 Feb 15 at 13:40
Metamania2313Also, Roose, is it possible to reveal your rune setup for your sword, dagger, and bow? I think that may help a lot of people in getting the right tools before preparing to do this trophy.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 09 Feb 15 at 13:57
Metamania2313I accidently deleted my last comment, so I'm reposting it.

My results are the following.

Time - 37:10
Score - 15,379

Your guide works perfectly and I was able to gain this achievement (or trophy, in my case, since I have been playing this on PS4). I was really lucky that Shagfluk was at the right riot location with graug bait, so it was simply a matter of getting on that Graug and biting his head off, then killing the Graug and dispatching Ukaguka and his followers to finish the trial and gain the trophy.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 16 Feb 15 at 11:21
londonwelshThanks for this guide, it was a great help! Took a bit of practice but got it on the third attempt :)
Posted by londonwelsh on 19 Feb 15 at 21:55
Roose91Guys, really no problem, glad its of some use to you all. Just hoping the Test of the Ring from the upcoming Bright Lord dlc isn't as hard.
Posted by Roose91 on 19 Feb 15 at 22:01
visheyryI'm not going to downvote your solution: I tried it many times and never once came close to completing it. I tried Phoenix's and I got it on my third try. Everything you list and detail is right on the dot, I think maybe I just had bad luck, but I'm sure your solution will be of help for others.
Posted by visheyry on 25 Feb 15 at 14:57
YaziteI hope this isn't a stupid question, but how do you start this mission? I can't find it anywhere on the map.
Posted by Yazite on 26 Feb 15 at 12:23
Phoenix C64it's outside the game, in the main menu "test of the hunt" if i recall correctly
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 26 Feb 15 at 12:25
MasterCranderHow do I see the leaderboards????!!!
Posted by MasterCrander on 05 Mar 15 at 07:45
Lazyslothboy001To be honest, I just could not get ugakaga to reliably be one of my first intel picks it was almost always zugor. So I ended up just saying screw it, lets try zugor even though everyone says no. I found him much easier to grab than ugakaga too, just arrow spam until he kneels then run up to him to dominate easy peasy.

Much to my surprise, he destroyed everything for me easy ( I had already run around like an idiot with a graug to get my 10 captain kills so it didn't matter to me if he took them down too quick in riots). So' I guess don't discount the super damaging bow guy. =P
Posted by Lazyslothboy001 on 10 Mar 15 at 04:36
Roose91Glad you got it. Whilst I prefer Ugakuga personally at least one of my vids does have me using Zugor. He is just as good!
Posted by Roose91 on 10 Mar 15 at 04:53
In Gyi Yoonthx alot!!
Posted by In Gyi Yoon on 16 Mar 15 at 18:28
Drachen77I will make no qualms about it, this was; by far, the hardest achievement I've earned. There have been plenty of achievements that were time consuming by design, but never one that challenged me mentally and physically like this one. I attempted this achievement at least twice a day for almost 2 weeks until I got it.

Sometimes it felt that the game was consciously trying to keep me from getting it. Captains wouldn't show up, my branded Warchief would get killed immediately, once my graug was killed by some random guy, so many other things. At one point I didn't think I had a chance at getting this but I could tell I was getting closer. Once missed it by a minute, once missed it by less than a thousand points. I usually had to stop playing because it was giving me the shakes. But, finally, I was able to stay up on a Friday and attempt a few times in a row and finally got this sucker.

Thanks for the wonderful guide!
Posted by Drachen77 on 21 Mar 15 at 10:17
I am Gozer24I missed this by 17 seconds last night :( I personally feel as though Ugakuga is terrible he always dies against Zugor for me, so I just started using Zugor all the time. I dunno if it's mentioned here in the vast amount of comments, but something I saw mentioned in a another person's video guide on this is to ensure to dispatch your warchief's minions after each riot after you grab him and set the new riot of course. This is where I made up my missing points from.
Posted by I am Gozer24 on 28 Mar 15 at 09:35
Phoenix C64@I am Gozer24
Ugakuga is the best, Zugor is vulnerable to ranged, so as soon as the fight starts, just shoot him down
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 28 Mar 15 at 12:11
I am Gozer24Just smashed this with 2 minutes to spare with a score of 15692. I had all 20 captains revealed in 5 mins. Multiple captains right in the same area helped and I still had a couple hiccups that kept me from being even quicker. I know if I can do this, then most anyone can. Just don't know if they want the hassle. I wish I had watched your videos before attempting this too Phoenix. Your tip of dispatching enemies after the riots was the key that put me over the top. Both yours and Roose's strategies combined are what helped me. Thanks a lot guys.
Posted by I am Gozer24 on 28 Mar 15 at 20:23
EmprorofPrussiaWow, this was a tough one! Thanks so much Roose for the video and other info, and everyone who commented. It took me 3 attempts: 1st one at 40:20, 2nd at 40:09, and finally 3rd at 39:59! I thought I had plenty of time to spare the third time but nobody would kill stupid Shagflak and wasted about 3 or 4 minutes. Thankfully, the last captain was vulnerable to ranged so I was able to shoot him and dispatch Ugakuga right away. To anyone else attempting this strategy works! There is definitely some luck involved with spawns, so if you have bad luck just restart! Thanks again everyone.
Posted by EmprorofPrussia on 21 Apr 15 at 09:00
Mild GonoliniThis achievment should die in a hole somewhere. I had no problem at all with every other achievment in this game, and this one is just needlessly difficult. It's one thing to kill all these guys in 40 minutes, which in itself is EXTRMELY difficult. But do get 13 k points in the process? I could see this as doable without the point requirements, but as is, you'll need to finish every thing with time to spare and then get a couple more thousand points, which is very difficult.

Screw this achievement, the only one I have left in the game, really pissed I have to keep playing this game (it's a great game, just very bored of it at this point)
Posted by Mild Gonolini on 21 Apr 15 at 15:11
Phoenix C64not that i wanna spam my own stuff, but if you struggle with this achievement, have you checked all available solutions? each has a different method, maybe one works better than the other for you.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 21 Apr 15 at 16:04
Mild GonoliniI just got this after 30+ attempts, easily one of the most frustrating acheivements I've ever done. I don't understnad how you could ever have enough time if you spend the first 5 or so minutes getting intel on everybody. I found it best to begin by branding ukaguga then spend a few minutes running around hoping to find some captains while on a graug. If by the 15 minute mark you're not at 10, it's okay because graug bait spawns in many power struggle locations. Start attacking the first warchief with ukaguga and use graug bait to get a graug and kill any of the warchief's bodyguards. I found that killing the warchief and all but one captain was highly important, because the surviving captain became the new warchief and would get a bunch of bodyguards for himself, allowing you to repeat the process until all the captains are dead. Using this I had everyone but ukaguga dead by 35 minutes and needed about 1000 points, I found going to where you spawn and mount killing any caragors/ graugs you find was a quick way to get points. Then just beck and call ukaguga and dispatch him.

Very very gald I'm now done with this game, it was a lot of fun excpet for this one achievment taking me upwards of a month.
Posted by Mild Gonolini on 04 May 15 at 16:49
EmprorofPrussiaJust a reminder for anyone trying this achievement: Make sure to use your bow constantly! Having a rune that refills focus with headshots is a must too. Remember, when your in focus/ranged mode time slows way down. I wouldn't have even come close to getting this without it. Also, don't forget your shadow strike when needing to travel longer distances, especially after a fast travel. I would immediately go into ranged mode and look for an enemy in the direction I was needing to go, and you can cover a long distance in a fraction of the time! Good luck guys!
Posted by EmprorofPrussia on 04 May 15 at 19:02
Captain 5oloShould have got this earlier. Did it in 37:30 but no achievement. Gutted! Now I've got to get it again. Great guide though mate. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Captain 5olo on 26 Jul 15 at 22:18
Roose91Hey man, really appreciate the feedback. Not sure if you're aware but XBL has been playing up most of the day today so it might just be stuck in the process of unlocking for you. Hope it sorts itself out!
Posted by Roose91 on 26 Jul 15 at 23:13
Captain 5oloShould have got this earlier. Did it in 37:30 but no achievement. Gutted! Now I've got to get it again. Great guide though mate. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Captain 5olo on 27 Jul 15 at 15:03
Feend ReturnsOne thing I'm not clear on, when the Graug kills are done, and ive killed every Warchief, how do you deal with the remaining captains? Riot those aswell? Theres not enough time to do that!!
Posted by Feend Returns on 07 Aug 15 at 23:41
The MalkiAfter trying Phoenix C64 method 6 or 7 times, always running out of time, I decided to give this method a try.

I got 2 close calls, so it seemed more consistent to me. The tricky part is to gather intel on all captains in less than 10 minutes. I managed to do it in a little less than 8 minutes on my successfull run, plus doing the monster kills around the 20 minutes mark.

After that I went for the power struggles to finish the remaining captains. I had to gain 3 intels to unveil Ugakuga than braded him. After this, that was a question of starting Riots against the other Warchiefs. I used the Graug baits showned on Phoenix method to have quick kills on the other Warchiefs, but that gave me less points than battling them directly.

After the Riot against the last Warchief (considering Ugakuga aside), I had around 11.000 points, even a little less, I think. But I remembered that dispatching Ugakuga and his allys had net me more than 1.000 points on one of my close calls before, so I decided to take the risk instead of scouting for points. It worked greatly! As a matter of fact, I ended up having a little more than 14.000 points, including the bonus for completing the trial in less than 40 minutes...

About this huge amount of points granted for dispatching Ukaguka, I think it was due to 2 factors. First, I had a combo multiplier active after beating the last Warchief (I'd battled him instead of using the Graud and tried to keep a high combo before finishing him). Also, I think that since Ugakuga get to the maximum level after winning so many Riots it adds up points to the kill. Maybe the instant kill and branded status also counts to add up points...

In the end, I had almost 4 minutes left to spare, so I could have gone after more kills to cumulate points. If you don't care about the leaderboards, keep in mind that dispatching Ugakuga will give you a good amount of points, so if you're close to the 11.000 mark, don't even bother going after kills...
Posted by The Malki on 11 Nov 15 at 12:41
vSullyStarted with Phoenix's method but gave up after a few hours. I just couldn't get Ugakuga dominated- I'd get overwhelmed by dork enemies and his bodyguards.

My final run came after hitting 40 minutes in a riot against the final captain with him at like 1/10 health. Super frustrating.

in my successful run, a lot went wrong. Ugakuga got killed when I was trying to dominate him. A random captain got promoted and I ended up having to dominate him, then riot against Zugor and Shagflak with less than two minutes left. I got super lucky as both riots were in the same spot in the far east/center of the map (rightnear groug bait!), so I killed Zugor quickly, then was able to initiate the riot against Shagflak immediately, then bait the groug and use him to kill Shagflak. Any other combinations of locations would have meant a failure as I had about 20 seconds left when all was said and done.
Posted by vSully on 05 Dec 15 at 17:31
Dan85898589Thanks for this, best solution. Got it in 32 mins on GOTY edition.
Posted by Dan85898589 on 09 Apr 19 at 15:04