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Pop Goes Perfection

Answer every question in every round correctly in a 5 Round gameshow.

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LJ HarroLJ Harro218,313
17 Dec 2014 17 Dec 2014
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You are able to play this game by yourself to help speed up the process of getting the achievements such as this one since if you come across a question you don't know the answer to, you can just pause the game and type the question into google for the answers. For Grab Bag and Close call to find the answers you can use the same method to pause and search the internet for the multiple answers. What I did for mainly grab bag is waited until the question and multiple answers popped up on screen, I then took a photo and went to my computer with the photo so I didn't have to keep pausing and unpausing the game to remember all the answer the game gave you. This is how I got the achievement and I hope this solution can help someone out.
JissiMaybe you could elaborate a bit. For example, what is a Good answer for Grab a bag or for Close call.
Posted by Jissi on 17 Dec 14 at 14:50
oMikeIs this game online only as its called Live?
Posted by oMike on 17 Dec 14 at 19:18
Clad masterThat's a solution !
Posted by Clad master on 17 Dec 14 at 20:37
ShadowsofSatanTVX Adder - Local multiplayer is available as well as local matches against AI of varying difficulty.
Posted by ShadowsofSatan on 19 Dec 14 at 06:56
DeadOnArrival19I answered every question correctly but still didnt unlock the achievement. However game stats said on category was 94%. So im thinking if u get the round where u have to pick the best answer or the fastest answer one, u have to get either the best answer or the fastest answer first. If this is the case it makes this cheevo real luck based.
Posted by DeadOnArrival19 on 19 Dec 14 at 11:47
Dexter XBAI can confirm that you need the top answer in the Close Call category and you have to find all the correct answers in Grab Bag (if you play with 3 other human players). I've answered everything 100% correctly but missed the top answer in Close Call once (chose 3rd instead of 1st spot) and didn't get the achievement :(. This is pretty frustrating.
Posted by Dexter XBA on 18 Jan 15 at 22:29
ciderioJust to add. You don't need to get the top answer if someone has already picked it, as long as you pick the next best one.
Posted by ciderio on 26 Feb 15 at 22:33
XxB3asti3xXThis one is going to be a pain in the ass. So many of the questions don't have a definite answer. For example I just had one about the most dangerous job in the world. If you try to look it up with Google almost every site that comes up has different results and the 4 answers were all listed on at least one of them.
Posted by XxB3asti3xX on 01 Mar 15 at 01:27
XxB3asti3xXI had a different experience getting the top answer. I accidentally selected the best answer with my second controller first and then got the second best with my profile but still showed in the end game stats I got it wrong. This game is starting to piss me off.
Posted by XxB3asti3xX on 01 Mar 15 at 18:15
CTM AudiRS6Game is wrong on many answers as well. Had a choose the best answer one that asked which actor stared in the movie with the highest rotten tomato score. Leonardo DiCaprio was in Catch Me If You Can with 96%, and Brad Pitt was in 12 Years A Slave with 96%. I chose Leo since he actually was the star of the movie, but the answer said Brad Pitt, that 12 Years A Slave had 97%. years a slave

Even after that it came up towards the end and said I had 32 questions in a row right, and didn't miss any of the last 3-4 after that. Still didn't get it.
Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 02 Mar 15 at 22:37
SpilnerI thought I should mention that the screenshot feature coming in the march update (double tap cn_guide then cn_Y) helps with questions too since you can snap then open the photo on your screen
Posted by Spilner on 09 Mar 15 at 19:03
SpilnerOh also the xbox record that feature, very good for grab bag since you can get to the exact moment all the possible choices are showing smile
Posted by Spilner on 09 Mar 15 at 19:17
Shadow XBLthis achievement sucked so bad. Play with two players, local. For second player take a phone pic of the Grab Bag answers while their timer runs out (don't choose anything). Then pick all right answers with your XBL player. For Close Call, you MUST pick the top answer each time or it doesn't count for the achievement.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 12 Mar 15 at 17:19
RatpoizenSo its impossible to get this achievement solo with one AI character set on Easy. The AI choose their answer in Close Call straight away making it impossible if they get it correct
Posted by Ratpoizen on 27 Mar 15 at 15:34
Shadow XBLyeah don't do that. Just do two local players "pass the controller" and do it solo.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 27 Mar 15 at 15:56
PrestonPrestonSo this achievement is practically impossible even using the internet as so many of the fucking answers are wrong!! It's a joke. Just had only 6 out of 8 answers in a grab bag that were actually correct. Ridiculous.
Posted by PrestonPreston on 26 Apr 15 at 12:16
MXR5150Indiana does participate in daylight savings time for the last 7 years at least, but not according to this game.
Posted by MXR5150 on 27 Apr 15 at 02:59
MXR5150I hate this achievement so much.
Posted by MXR5150 on 27 Apr 15 at 22:44