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Skills for Thrills

Bank a Skill Chain of 100,000 points on Storm Island.

Skills for Thrills0
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17 Dec 2014 23 Dec 2018
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This one is pretty easy the way i got this i was using the mitsubishi galant vr-4 with the storm island suspension, transmission and tires on the race north valley extreme cross country just race normally as it has jump, lots of wreckage passing and a few drifts here and there i got a skill of 20,000 with a near max of x5.0 it got me well over 100k in points.
SpilnerA tip to keep a score going and increase your multiplier quickly draft behind your opponents.
Posted by Spilner on 21 Dec 14 at 01:56
Twinkling82There's a huge difference between getting 20.000 and 100.000. You need to get 100.000 in one go and the higher you get and the longer go for, the harder it is to keep the streak ongoing.
Posted by Twinkling82 on 23 Dec 18 at 18:20
Spilner20k with a x5... 100k...
Posted by Spilner on 23 Dec 18 at 20:34
Twinkling82oh didn't think of it that way. woups. merry christmas!
Posted by Twinkling82 on 23 Dec 18 at 21:44