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Complete the Campaign on Extreme difficulty.

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01 May 2010
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Extreme is Tough, more tougher then say....CoD on Veteran. The fact is, there is no regenerated heatlh, so its like Hardcore time.

Best bet is if you finish the game enough to know where all Weapons, medkits, enemies, and Boosters are.

I have to give credit to AndiakaVannir for the detail guide, but listen. There should only be 2 weapons you mainly should use at all times. ALSO keep a shotgun on the third slot through out the game, The little robots at Intreval 7 and 9 I think are killers, knocking your armor and health in just 3 seconds on Extreme, 2 shotguns close up, and there gone.

the first slot should be one of these weapons. ASP rifle is useful, but ammo is limited. Type7, This weapon should be cared when Intreval 8 is around, you can get a major stock of 70 during the underground levels of Intreval 9. Repeator should only be used at the end for the blowing up the 4 power lines at Intreval 9.

Mainly keep that Xbox Exclusive machine gun pistols at all times, till you can get ammo on ASP or Type7. Second slot should always be the Assult rifle or G2A2 and third the shotgun.

Always use the dpad for looking at corners, Aim at heads Right at SLOMO. The mechs you see, Use Proxys and Remotes to get rid of him, and Slomo. But at Intreval 6 or 7, there is a part wtih 2 mechs in a outside area, IGNORE THEM and just RUN. Saves ammo and frustration.

Also do Trial an Error, and the checkpoint system is horrible at times when it comes to some fights.

Plus pay attention to your health, Its pretty important. They take about 30 to 40 points a SHOT, Rockets about 150 and Types7, mostly instas.

Now the shotgun be useless, but trust me, IT CAN clear a room MAJORLY. most games make it like super stupid at medium range, This game, Does not. Close up is a insta and medium range, makes them stumble.

Advoid the 3 shot rocket, its uber rare to find ammo to reload on. Save Proxy for traps on harder enemies, and same goes with Remote mines. Use grenades when you have the enemy off guard and in groups, Which mostly happens intreval 3.

By any luck, WAIT FOR THE CREDITS to end, then let you hard work by happy........lets do it agian on Fear Files.
CowsMakeNoiseIt's not too bad on Extreme difficulty. I think that you're wrong on the machine pistols, which are weedy and inaccurate. Standard pistols are fantastic and double as a sniper rifle, even in dual wield (trigger slo-mo and go for those long distance headshots, one hit will put people down).

The shotgun IS rubbish. It's only useful at extremely close quarters, and if you're at close quarters on extreme you will die. It's only worthwhile using the shotty on ninja's and the flying drones, but as they pop-up so rarely (only in office environments, and there's usually shotguns there anyway), you shouldn't waste the spot. Pistols and the SM15 (standard replica machine gun) are the way to go. Swap out your third weapon for whatever you can find, I liked the assault rifle (G2A2), but the Penetrator's a good bet. Type 7 is fantastic when it finally appears, make the most of it.
Posted by CowsMakeNoise on 24 Nov 10 at 16:00
QuakeTayaThey are my opinion an all. getting through the game on Extreme just depends on the person's preference. I did really good with the shotgun majority wise, and the xbox exlusive machine gun pistols did a great job for me. But thats just me. It just depends on how people can get through it. But the shotgun against those little machine things, they help. you want to save the bigger weapons for later in the game for like the mechs and such. or just to clear a room without trouble. But thats just me.

Thanks for the comment an all. Just my opinion on most of the guide.
Posted by QuakeTaya on 24 Nov 10 at 18:35
GamerDtK78The xbox exclusive gun IS the SM15. So you're both right. ;)
Posted by GamerDtK78 on 20 Jan 13 at 01:19
Diesel FoleyExtreme campaign here is nothing like COD veteran.Dont know where you figured that from but ive beaten cod 2,3,4 and 5 all on veteran and this game on hardest level is not even in the same league.I had no problems in any parts of this game on extreme and found an abundance of medi kits,so many I had to leave some behind. Anyways your guide on weapons helped me out so credit given there
Posted by Diesel Foley on 13 Mar 14 at 01:56