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A Preference for Pain

Halo 3: Complete the Halo 3 LASO Campaign playlist.

A Preference for Pain0
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23 Dec 2014 01 Jan 2015
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Here is a Mythic guide for Halo 3 by The Tyrant, who had one of the LASO achievements named after him:

The 2.0 version is supposed to have better strategies, but the videos are in the form of fileshares within Halo 3, so if you don't want to or can't fire up Halo 3 to watch them then it is essentially just a text guide unfortunately. However, you can switch to Version 1.0 at the top right for segmented videos that you can watch on your computer. Then if you have any issues, you can go back and read the 2.0 version.

If you leave a comment as to specific areas you found one version to be more helpful then I will edit the solution. I have used this guy's guide to beat Halo: Reach in 2 player LASO so I can verify that they are very helpful.

PS. When he says Mythic he means Solo without using the save and quit method but the methods still apply to coop.
iPlatfootAnyone who can help me get this using the checkpoint glitch? Already have 1,2 and 4 but I'd like to have 3 and possibly ODST as well. Shoot me a message here or on Xbox if you can help :)
Posted by iPlatfoot on 29 Mar 17 at 22:04
WhiteHelljumperAnyone know if I can invite friends to do the last level on LASO in the playlist with me and they'll get the achievement?
Posted by WhiteHelljumper on 30 Sep 18 at 16:49
JayPsych47Yep that works, that was the basis for a lot of the checkpoint sharing that I believe has been blocked now (you cannot pass along the last level to others but you could play it with your friend)
Posted by JayPsych47 on 30 Sep 18 at 16:52
jordan macitanyone able to help me with the checkpoint glitch? would be much appreciated
Posted by jordan macit on 23 Feb 21 at 23:09
zzDatsPOOPzzLooking to get this done with a group

GT zzDatsPOOPzz
Posted by zzDatsPOOPzz on 08 Aug 21 at 21:25