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Don't Hangar Around

Halo 2: Beat the par time on Cairo Station.

Don't Hangar Around0
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27 Dec 2014 07 Jan 2015
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As with all Par Times, go for this on Easy difficulty.

I'd recommend using dual SMGs for the rush, but only shooting one at a time (at least for non-elites). After the first door blows, rush through until the first boarding craft room. Don't stand too close to the door as it blows as it can hurt you. Also, I would recommend using the old graphics as I got a lag spike when I rushed the door on HD mode.

Clear the boarding craft room and wait for the doors to get blown. Again, this can kill you.
Clear the next boarding craft room and wait for the doors to open, these ones don't blow up so you can wait by them. Continue on through the armory. When you reach the end of the plaza area, you can jump on the barricade at the back and through the window. It doesn't save you much time, so it's not worth it if you don't make it first try.

You can rush past Miranda and Johnson; you don't have to help them. Continue on until the cargo elevator with the drones. Skip the drones and run down the slant. Look back and kill a few drones so the door opens, and kill or rush past the enemies that come out.
Kill all the Elites outside to get the door to open. Then, clear the final room to get the level to end.
I wish able to finish the level in less than seven minutes.
Uber Silk Roadjust done it in 7 mins along with no ceevo 4 the level either
Posted by Uber Silk Road on 24 Nov 15 at 13:30
Elite1111111111Is it doing the Done! Unlocking thing? Did you skip the ending cutscenes (that used to be an issue but I thought it was fixed). Also I've heard with the recent update achievements can be weird about unlocking.
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 24 Nov 15 at 16:14
Stormborn64the beginning of the level was a bit confusing but guide was helpful and I was able to get it first try
Posted by Stormborn64 on 19 Jul 17 at 23:28