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Kill 50 Enemies with Delta Force

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Delta Force is a tiny trooper equiped with three airstrikes. It is the most expensive of the specialists.

I found the easiest mission to do this on is 23: Behind Enemy Lines. This is because there are 3 spawning barracks and a number of enemies, and you are only given one tiny trooper (and thus your specialist is more likely to get the final kill).

If you walk by the barracks and then away from them, and then back again (but not within the enemy range) 3 or more should be spawned at the door, and you can kill them using the specialist.

You can use this method for any achievement based on specialist or equipment kills.
Shel2theburneDoes anyone know if the air strikes count as a kill for the specialist?
Posted by Shel2theburne on 23 Apr 15 at 19:19
Vandel BusterI don't believe they do. I know I used Mission 14 since it has like 20 soldiers. If you stand still as the mission begins, there's one off-screen enemy who will shoot at you. He'll kill the two soldiers with you leaving only the Delta Force guy for the kills. No worries about your soldiers stealing them.
Posted by Vandel Buster on 27 Apr 15 at 15:31