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Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

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27 Dec 2014 28 Dec 2014
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I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, so I'll throw this additional tip out there for what helped me get my weapons up quicker than any of the guides above.

Set whatever weapons you plan on upgrading, stick to let's say 3 at a time. Play Chaos Squad and select Downtown. Get to the Night Defense mission(and make sure you saved your ammo in the guns that you are trying to upgrade for this part). When it starts, run to the blockade where the enemies are starting off. They usually go to one blockade at a time. Spam your weapon into the horde of enemies and you will level up ridiculously fast. I was able to bring 1-3 weapons from a Lvl.1 to a Lvl 5 in each run through this night defense.

I think you should only do it on the Chaos Squad, I tried offline and it didn't seem as quick.
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Barad 007 works perfect, my firework weapon went from level 2 to 5 in 45 seconds lol.
Posted by Barad 007 on 29 Dec 14 at 20:27
Koicommander It seems like weapons level up a lot faster in chaos squad.
Posted by Koicommander on 03 May 16 at 02:55
z0rrofox This needs to be higher up in the solutions. I played Chaos Squad last night and the weapon XP gains I was getting were completely insane
Posted by z0rrofox on 29 Dec 17 at 09:50
EarthboundX Too bad the online is totally dead now.
Posted by EarthboundX on 04 Sep 19 at 02:38