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Heading to his Destiny

Halo 3: Destined for greatness.

Heading to his Destiny0
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SOLO Guide

No 2nd player needed. No skulls cause none in Halo 3 can make jumps higher/easier...

Obviously Halo 3.
Mission: Halo.
Location: Before the last Terminal.
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Vengeful Void Why negative ?
Posted by Vengeful Void on 09 Jan 15 at 22:56
Agent Cobra 7 +1 from me man, it works. I am not sure why someone would negative vote this. Maybe there pissed that they did not know they could do it solo.
Posted by Agent Cobra 7 on 03 Feb 15 at 23:46
Vengeful Void thank you
Posted by Vengeful Void on 05 Feb 15 at 15:16
Xebu Probably because they couldn't do it. cry +1 from me though!

It took me a few goes so I can add one time saver tip for anyone that's struggling. Plug in a second controller or join a friendly co-op game and have the second player stand near the terminal at the other end of the corridor.

When you inevitably blow yourself up or nose dive straight off the edge you'll respawn just up the corridor with a fresh supply of grenades instead of all the way back at the start.

Even If you're doing co-op it still makes some sense to use this solo method as you can take in turns with the grenade jump instead of both falling to your doom when you mistime the double jump.
Posted by Xebu on 12 Feb 15 at 18:40
Vengeful Void thank you, I did this solo because I had no one .
Posted by Vengeful Void on 13 Feb 15 at 20:58
PendiRulz great guide! just took me a few tries! clap
Posted by PendiRulz on 18 Feb 15 at 21:24
Ratpoizen great guide, was looking for a solo method! do you need the cowbell skull on?
Posted by Ratpoizen on 02 Mar 15 at 14:25
Hurricane Matt great guide, A+. So much easier than the partner jump.
Posted by Hurricane Matt on 18 May 15 at 14:34
FeedMeHumans Perfect! Took me like 15 tries but then was able to nail it. The 2nd jump I died on about 3 times lol. And yeah if you have a second controller, put your other guy at the terminal so you can spawn on him over and over.
Posted by FeedMeHumans on 01 Aug 15 at 05:12
Falcon12727 There's no explanation on how to properly time the jumps especially the second one. Just a video. I can see why it is getting negatives.
Posted by Falcon12727 on 20 Nov 16 at 00:53
Kennyannydenny Awesome, thanks!

For the second jump I used crouch jump.

@Ratpoizen No need for the Cowbell skull.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 14 Jul 17 at 13:22
TheDude722 Got it on my first try on both jumps! And I am a casual Halo player.
Posted by TheDude722 on 28 Jan 18 at 18:32
Darth6unner Xebu's tip was gold.
2nd controller really saves time.
Park player 2 at the terminal until I made the jump.
When I was standing on beam in the middle, walked player 2 into chasm.
P2 spawns on middle beam with me.
Jump across last bit with P2.
I walk into chasm, spawn on other side with P2.
Look at the goofball and DING!
Posted by Darth6unner on 11 Jan 19 at 18:19
MightierToaster Took a few tries, but like everyone else said, put a second controller by the terminal and just spawn until you get it. Like in the video, jump sideways, jumping straight on never worked for me. Also, be sure to throw the first grenade at the ceiling or this method will not work. I had cowbell skull on.
Posted by MightierToaster on 05 Nov 19 at 16:01