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Remove 10,000 blocks from the World.

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01 Jan 2015 02 Jan 2015
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Use any pick axe to remove a total of 10,000 blocks from ANY world. This includes anything that can be removed via pick axe, such as dirt, mud, stone, sand, ore, etc. This is cumulative for your profile and counts across multiple worlds, whether your own or a friend's.

Better pick axes have faster pick axe speed and remove blocks faster. You start out with a Copper one, but can craft better/faster ones from ore that you smelt into bars at a furnace to use to craft better pick axes at an anvil. Removing blocks with explosives (bombs and dynamite, rockets, etc.) does not count.

NOTE: You will naturally get this through regular gameplay as you need to dig out areas to gather materials for building/crafting.

FASTEST SOLUTION (if boosting)

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***Same as 360 version***