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Taking It For The Team

Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.

Taking It For The Team+0.1
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03 Jan 2015
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As the achievement description says, you must be on the winning team of all multiplayer team modes.

You can easily boost this with friends: while playing in singleplayer, go to your phone > multiplayer > party mode.
Invite friends. They can unlock the achievement too if they join your team.
When everyone is at the abandoned casino of Alderney, the host (let's say that you're the host) press UP on dpad. The phone appears.
Select ranked game and choose a gamemode.
You will be warped to the choosed game mode with all the friends you invited. The people who don't need the achievement have to go in another team than yours.
Start the game. The team who is hunting the achievement do the objectives of the game mode while the other team does nothing.
Do this for all gamemodes and "Achievement Unlocked" :D

Note: for cops and crooks you have to win as the 2 teams, cops AND crooks.
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