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Remove the Bishops From the Board

Kill 1000 Watchers.

Remove the Bishops From the Board0
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Arran R WArran R W1,378,227
03 Jan 2015 03 Jan 2015
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Since the addition of Spartan Ops, there's a much less boring way I have found to do this. Load up Episode 5 (Memento Mori) Chapter 1 (Spartan Miller). At the start you'll need to run tot he top where you will be greeted by 3 waves of watchers, first one solo, then 2 groups of 7.

If you're also after these achievements:
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionKnightbaneThe Knightbane achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 72 pointsKill 1000 Knights.

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionDogcatcherThe Dogcatcher achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 37 pointsKill 1000 Crawlers.

then continue the mission and you will swarmed by a shit tonne (no seriously, see for yourself, this is a justified usage for that phrase) of knights crawlers and watchers.

It's also far less tedious than grinding those campaign checkpoints as there's an unlimited supply of different human weaponry scattered around to customise your killing sprees with. Enjoy!
BugattiMyJacket2 problems with this. You gotta kill the 15 friggin robot dogs that come with the first wave of 7 watchers before the next wave shows up. The next is when you restart you gotta hear the retarded trying too hard to be funny dialogue lol. Other than that it's pretty solid
Posted by BugattiMyJacket on 03 Jan 15 at 18:33
Arran R WYeah, I'm with you on that. I've been toying with grabbing a rocket launcher/sniper rifle and trying to kill watchers straight out of the portals they spawn from so they don't have a chance to summon the crawlers. I've only managed it twice, but it saves the hassle with the mopping up the crawlers. Definitely a shame you can't skip the dialogue though.
Posted by Arran R W on 03 Jan 15 at 18:43
BugattiMyJacketDefinitely faster to do Midnight, checkpoint Bravo, kill the 4 watchers in first room, reload checkpoint, repeat. I timed myself doing that for 16 watcher kills in 1 minute 32 seconds. Then I timed myself with this method and got 15 watchers in 3 minutes and 16 seconds. I had 1 watcher at a minute in.
Posted by BugattiMyJacket on 03 Jan 15 at 18:44
BugattiMyJacketBut this method is good for those who don't wanna keep reloading checkpoint every 15 seconds lol
Posted by BugattiMyJacket on 03 Jan 15 at 18:46
Stealth David+1
Posted by Stealth David on 05 Jun 15 at 16:21
Runner eGirlhaven't tried it yet, but this also might be useful if you're working on your legendary campaign and you want to grind these without losing your progress
Posted by Runner eGirl on 18 Feb 16 at 02:54
creeping monteI love this plan. I play coop with my son and we're racking up headshots and assists too
Posted by creeping monte on 24 Sep 17 at 17:02
PeddlerofAlcohoThis was easy for killing Knights and Watchers.
Posted by PeddlerofAlcoho on 25 Jan 21 at 00:42
CasperWeaselif you are still doing this, 9-3 is better
Posted by CasperWeasel on 14 Jun at 01:17