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Loot an Epic-level Item

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04 Jan 2015
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Epic mounts and legendary dungeons are usually the way to go. However, I discovered a third, easy but luck-related way to unlock this achievement.

When you reach certain 'milestone' levels, you're awarded a gift parcel with some fine goodies inside. Occasionaly, these parcels contain purple items, and picking them up unlocks the achievement.

This is of course completely luck-related, and you might never get an epic item this way. Nevertheless, I got the achievement on both versions this way - on levels 30 and 55 respectively - so the chance isn't that slim.

Additionaly, if you have unlocked the achievement on one platform, make sure to open the parcel on the other platform, as the achievement doesn't carry over!
XerostomiaI was a little worried about this one. I got one of those lottery chests in my mail box, it was a silver one. I have been playing mainly on PC but trying to sync the achievements on the phone. I was level 31, and got a 'purple' item in the Silver chest (it was a gem stone remover), and got the achievement on the PC.

In retrospect, I probably should have opened the chest on my phone, as I suspect I will continue playing mainly on the PC. However, I probably got very lucky, as at level 31, I opened the milestone chest and got another purple item on the phone. For others, once you get the achievement on one platform, make sure you open all ensuing chests on the other one.
Posted by Xerostomia on 27 Jan 15 at 03:05
Marcos AspiraGot it on the phone in the gift parcel too... now waiting to find other on the PC before reaching level 60, now I'm at 42. dance
Posted by Marcos Aspira on 15 Jul 15 at 17:28
GrimaceTheGreyWhat levels do you get these gifts? I got one at 30 I think... with no purple :( haven't seen one since, and am currently level 40...
Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 15 Feb 16 at 15:00
FAREP BunitinI got one in the lvl 30, now im lvl 54 and dont get boxes anymore!!
I was very worried about this one! :/
Posted by FAREP Bunitin on 08 Aug 16 at 18:44