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GTA Online: Reach Rank 100.

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If you're reading my solution, you either have never played GTA V before the xbox one version came out (like me) or you did not complete rank 100 on the xbox 360 version and are hoping to find a "quick and easy" way on the xbox one version to finish rank 100 off. As far as I know, there is no "quick and easy" way like the methods that were around when the game first released on xbox 360. If you were looking for a quick and easy way to reach rank 100 by reading this solution, you can already look elsewhere, because I never could find any quick way of doing this achievement.

*Rank 100 requires 1,584,350 rp*

There is the obvious method: Close this tab and just play the game online normally. If you play the game long enough just playing "normally" (and it could take a LONG time) you will eventually get rank 100 or even rank 1000 if you actually want to max out your rank.

Another method: Put together a dedicated group on here or from your friends list and just play missions. Not all missions are available from the beginning so unless you are playing with someone who is a higher level, you will need to play what is available to you and just keep playing the missions that are easiest/funnest for you. Hard mode gives you extra rp and cash so if you can handle it, put the missions on hard. If you find that you can complete a mission in 2 minutes, then just wait at the end of the mission and let 3 or 4 minutes go by. Rockstar changed how you are rewarded so that if you take 5-6 minutes on a mission, you will get more than you would if you beat it in 2 minutes. There are only a couple of issues with this method. Unless you like playing solo on hard, then you are depending on having partners willing to play at the time you are, or needing to play with randoms. The other issue is that you can't simply find a mission that you like and just hit replay on the mission after you finish, like you can when you play deathmatches or races.

The method I used (still took about 90 hours): Before I continue, I would only recommend this to someone who wants to do some reading, homework, handheld gaming, doing something on a second screen because this method only requires that you play for about a minute, rate the mission, then hit replay, wait, repeat.

This can be done solo. Get all other miscellaneous online achievements so you get rp toward rank 100 while doing those. In the start menu, go to online > jobs > host job > rockstar created (or bookmarks after you bookmark it) > races > Criminal Records. If you have a Rockstar social club account, you can also just go this link (it links to their site) and hit the "add to game" button to have it added to your bookmarks. If you have played GTA V on 360, then you probably know the "Criminal Records" race well, because this used to be the one of the go-to methods for quickly getting rank 100... Then Rockstar butchered the rp payout for everything. Host "Criminal Records" and set matchmaking to "closed"; you don't want people ending the race early. Set it to two laps and pick a custom vehicle or rent a super-class vehicle. You have two main options here; you can do two laps at the beginning of the race, but stop just before the finish line of the second lap, then wait until the race timer has hit 4 minutes, then finish the race. You could also let the race start and then wait until about 3 minutes has gone by and then complete both laps (if you will finish before the race timer hits 4 minutes, then stop and let it hit 4 minutes, then finish the race). The reason you need to wait for 4 minutes to go by is because that is when this race reaches its maximum rp payout (the max cash payout is at 8 minutes). Try not to crash during at least one of the laps so you can get 100 extra rp during the lap (the bonus only happens once per race).

If you are just starting out (rank 1-30), this race only gives out about 800 rp for 4 minutes. the rp given out increases by 10 rp per rank and every 4 ranks or so it will increase by 15. If you get the clean lap bonus and rate the race everytime before you vote to restart the race, you will slowly gain rp faster and faster. The only reason I would recommend it is because you only have to drive for a minute per race and then let the controller sit for 3 minutes either at the beginning of the race or just before the finish line. This method will drive you up a wall after a while but if you just do this on the side while you're doing something else, you get to do that and get rp. DO NOT finish the race before 4 minutes is up, but you can go over 10 minutes if needed. 15 minutes of inactivity will boot you from the race so if you plan to go away from the game for 15 minutes a lot, then you need to rubber band your controller. If you completely optimize this method, finishing at the 4 minute marker everytime and having decent loading times, you could probably finish rank 100 faster than I did (it took me about 90 hours). Toward the beginning of your ranks, you can get around 10k rp per hour, but toward the end you can get 17k+ rp per hour. It will not be quick, but you will get there.

Those are the methods I can think of. If you know a currently faster method, then feel free to comment it or create your own solution that you think is better. If you plan to just be looking at your screen the entire time you play this game, I would recommend you playing missions by yourself or with partners/randoms instead of grinding "Criminal Records" because you will be sick of looking at "Criminal Records" after just 2 or 3 races.
Mattynicklin I'm at rank 90 and this boring, thumbs up for the amount needed. If it wasn't for the 4th of July double rp weekend I would of probably given up. Also buy an armoured kuruma it makes the missions really easy solo, even in hard.
Posted by Mattynicklin on 16 Jul 15 at 09:59
CR TROOPER 014 When the XB1 version came out I didn't want to play the 360 one anymore so I created a custom GTA Race track on the horse racing track using the creator tool. Since the horse track has a fence around it, your car can't fly out so you can just rubber band RT and let the car hit and run along the fence so you don't need to steer. This way you can play another game if you have another TV and console (XB1 i.e) or watch TV or do something else. I placed repair pickups around the path of the car so it repaired itself from the damage it takes from the fence and placed barricades at an angle on the left side of the track so if the car swerved to the left the barricades will divert it back to the fence on the right side. Set the default car to the Zentorno (other cars will have a higher chance of tipping over) and set the lap counter to 5 or 10 depending on how often you want to come back and check on the car, very rarely my car will hit an invisible imperfection on the fence and flip but if you are playing another game at the same time like me you can just hold Y to restart at the last check point. Below is a link to the track on the Rockstar social club you can find it and download it to your game and use it if you like. This method worked for me I went from 75 to 100 in just a few days so you are welcome to try it. It's called 098.
Posted by CR TROOPER 014 on 23 Aug 15 at 12:06
The0n1ineGamer1 When GTA V came out on xb1 I went and got it about a month later. I transfered my 360 character who was level 25 and when it gave me the level 25 Achivement the game bugged out and also gave me the level 50 and 100 achivements.
Posted by The0n1ineGamer1 on 17 Oct 15 at 12:40
marknocturnal This unlocked for me when I reached level 78. I have a theory, I played the 360 version and got to level 22 and I transferred my character to Xbox One, so I think it added the 22 to the 78 to make 100? Who knows.
Posted by marknocturnal on 16 Aug 16 at 02:13
TheGreatKoala That's not the case, as I left the 360 version on level 70 and am on lvl 80 now. By your thinking it would've popped the first time I levelled up
Posted by TheGreatKoala on 19 Sep 16 at 09:34
Arsenic 17 Got this and level 50. I am only level 27. Finally a good glitch.

It popped when I loaded single player. Makes no sense
Posted by Arsenic 17 on 09 Oct 16 at 17:39
Mark Farley Same here. Mine randomly popped at Level 27. I did reach level 100 on the 360 but I had already transferred the character at level 23(ish) so like above it makes no sense why it randomly unlocked.... Wish it did the others (Heist etc)!
Posted by Mark Farley on 09 Nov 16 at 23:54
GMN mine popped yesterday when joining gta:online along with level 50 i'm only level 37 so what's causing the random unlock?. My 360 version was level 24
Posted by GMN on 29 Dec 16 at 11:08
PolisRanger2033 this happed to me last night as well, i was scared af, but now i feel a bit better im not alone on this
Posted by PolisRanger2033 on 10 Jan 17 at 18:08
DigestedGolem Last night this achievement popped. No idea why a single I'm level 52
Posted by DigestedGolem on 05 Jun 17 at 19:48
Dr Marty try finding an online activity (like a race) that you're really good at and wait until it is 2xRP... I just found out that I'm apparently really good at Bandito races. Getting first place 80% of the time. I leveled up from rank 40 to 90 in only 3 days (around 80 races). Getting up to 20.000RP for a 16-player race over 4 laps. Takes about 7-10min per race.
Posted by Dr Marty on 03 Feb 19 at 02:10
MagmaticNevada8 This guide is way too wordy and doesn't give a clear solution
Posted by MagmaticNevada8 on 09 Jul 19 at 12:00