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06 Jan 2015
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BOOM!!! Just wanted to share with ya'll a solution to beating level 125 I just got after posting 4 different comments on 4 different threads seeking assistance. I beat level 125 without extra shots and without a trick shot. Here's how I did it, apologies that I don't have a video or even pictures. I doubt that I would be able to do it again even if someone paid me. I will try and explain in as much detail as possible, feel free to leave comments if you think you need more details.

First Shot: Shoot the ball off to the right so that it bounces off the very top of the furthest boulder to the right and hits the TNT box. The ball will need to shoot over to the left side, hit the TNT box there, then return to the right side of your screen to destroy the log furthest to the right. Note here that the log furthest to the left will turn black as a result of the TNT box exploding.

Second Shot: Hit the remaining log on the right side of the screen on the tip of the log so that it bounces left. The ball will need to bounce so that it ultimately lands on the TNT box in the middle. This will then destroy the log on the right and leave both logs on the left black.

Remaining Shots: Hit both black logs on the left with one shot each, this will destroy them releasing the last of the boulders.
CrAzEdCaNuCk18Could you tell me the required amount of keys to get to this level? Been getting as many as possible but I think I'm overdoing it.
Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 14 Jan 15 at 04:57
YBEARHey, not sure how many keyes you need to get to level 125, but I would recommend you keep playing the next level available. Periodically the game will prevent you from advancing and tell you how many keyes you need to unlock the next set of levels. You can then go back and get more keyes. There's definitely no need to get all three keyes on every level.
Posted by YBEAR on 14 Jan 15 at 05:35
CrAzEdCaNuCk18Thanks for the tip! Just got it and the last key gate was just after level 89 and required 180 keys. So like you said, just playing through the levels would likely have gotten me most if not all that amount.
Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 01 Feb 15 at 15:26
CurtiesonI actually had no issues with #125 at all, but #123 was a PAIN!!!

But including a screen shot with a little red dot as to where you were aiming would help people out a lot if they are struggling.
Posted by Curtieson on 06 Feb 15 at 14:14