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Halo 3: Listen to the tale of a young Grunt named Flipyap.

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Alternative location for Flipyap achievement: Load up Sierra 117 check point Charlie on Normal difficulty with only the IWHBYD skull on single player.

Make your way through the level (less than 2 Minutes) to the cut scene ‘Quid Pro Quo’ once cut scene has finished just follow as I do in the video and lob a grenade at the Jackel on top of the building below jump down into the building and only kill the first and second gold grunts I’m pretty sure the second one is Flipyap once he is dead another grunt will go on to say how you killed his brother and the achievement should pop if not just restart last check point and make sure you follow the video, don’t worry if the Jackel is not in the same place as in video the purpose of the grenade is to get the grunts to run toward the door of the building.

This is my first guide so please let me know if I can improve on it in any way.

EDIT: OK so I just tried this on a second account and it took about 10 reloads before I got it. I was trying different methods to that of what I originally did in the video with success. It appears that once you have killed Fliyap that his brother needs to see his dead body with you near it so I would suggest just going in the room down from the cliff top killing the two Grunts within said room then trying to entice the other Grunts in by hiding in the far right corner when looking down into the room from the cliff top then popping them off slowly one at a time once you're sure they have seen the two..three..four etc dead grunts in the room as it is possible that one of the grunts entering the room is in fact Flipyap and his brother sees you put a cap in his head. Anyway I hope this additional info will help those who are still having trouble with this achievement I have upload the video for this run (second video) Please let me know if this is a better solution than that which I already posted and I will edit accordingly.
TrapMuzik99Achievement not unlocking? I tried everything in the video....
Posted by TrapMuzik99 on 09 Jan 15 at 00:09
IXI FalcoNWow this finally worked! Took about 5 tries of loading the checkpoint, but sure enough it popped. Didn't even get the dialogue.
Posted by IXI FalcoN on 10 Jan 15 at 03:51
BrokenKnghtAfter playing through halo 3 many times your solution worked like a charm. I only killed the two gold grunts as well.
Posted by BrokenKnght on 10 Jan 15 at 17:21
ThrashhhhGreat guide worked after 3 reloads of that checkpoint. Didn't hear the dialogue either.
Posted by Thrashhhh on 10 Jan 15 at 18:02
AG Bucky BarnesUgh the achievement unlocking is down again!! Heard it twice so thanks for the guide. Just XBL letting us down again. Achievements on other games have been working so I don't know what's going on =/
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 16 Jan 15 at 02:33
liner bronsonWorked on third try. Nice!
Posted by liner bronson on 17 Jan 15 at 22:47
MAIZCORNThanks! After 5 reloads it poped. Much easier solution.
Posted by MAIZCORN on 20 Jan 15 at 21:08
wildwest08This one works the best but it still took me an hour the other day and an hour today to unlock. Didn't hear the dialog at all but glad this is done
Posted by wildwest08 on 21 Jan 15 at 16:14
iMaginaryyNone of my grunts were in the same positions. It could just be that this is a good spot because there are a lot of grunts here right next to a checkpoint. Regardless +1 and thanks as this method got the achievement for me :)
Posted by iMaginaryy on 25 Jan 15 at 07:54
iMaginaryyalso the only dialogue I heard was "bad man"
Posted by iMaginaryy on 25 Jan 15 at 07:56
Modathis is the biggest peice of FUCK achievement EVER ive listend to flipyapp and the damn story about 5 times now and sat around and NO achievement WTF am i doing wrong?????
Posted by Moda on 26 Jan 15 at 03:09
THE DEADLY DOGI've used this guide to perfection, but somehow even during the story do not unlock the achievement. Sadly it's not only buggy, but so badly random based that it makes it unfair.
Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 27 Jan 15 at 19:13
YaziteAfter trying The Covenant method mentioned in the other solution with no success, I tried this method and it worked after about 40 minutes of constant trying. The odd thing is, however, that I didn't actually hear the dialogue about Flipyap to unlock the achievement. It unlocked right after a grunt said "You killed Yayap!". Its a +1 from me.
Posted by Yazite on 05 Feb 15 at 22:16
Games MasterThanks for the solution! Took about 20 reloads and whenever I heard "you killed flipyap" nothing unlocked but on a "It's unfair!" it did. Fuck this achievement.
Posted by Games Master on 15 Feb 15 at 17:09
Just SweezyFirst left Grunt is always a red one..
Posted by Just Sweezy on 16 Feb 15 at 23:11
CyberKnightThis is a great solution, as there's a checkpoint *right* before the bunch of grunts. Like Twik999, it unlocked for me right after I heard "You killed Yapyap!" Of my many attempts (I think I had about 20, but it goes fast), I also heard "You killed my brother," "You killed my friend," "You monster, you killed him"...

This is the video of my successful attempt:

Seems pretty random as to not only when you get the achievement, but what dialog unlocks it. roll
Posted by CyberKnight on 21 Feb 15 at 16:08
BudgetBallin360Loaded the Rally Point Charlie checkpoint. Achievement popped after my 3rd reload. Played on Easy difficulty. +1
Posted by BudgetBallin360 on 25 Mar 15 at 22:40
OverkillChaostried this on easy for 30 min with no luck......switched it to normal difficulty took maybe 5 tries. I only killed the two orange ones. My dialogue was "You killed YapYap" and it unlocked. Thank God this is over.....475/500 achievements...
Posted by OverkillChaos on 09 Apr 15 at 20:13
Twenty20 SEAfter about 20 attempts on easy and then switching to normal and another 20 mins or so, it definetly seems the "you killed Yapyap dialogue is needed and sets it off. was surprised this worked but glad it did
Posted by Twenty20 SE on 11 May 15 at 06:15
HydrolexSolution worked with enough patience! Heard the dialogue after around 15 "reloaded checkpoints" but no achievement popped :(( Skull was active, any tipps?
Posted by Hydrolex on 12 May 15 at 10:36
Elite1111111111Just got the achievement but seems like it triggered for the wrong dialogue. Coulda sworn the grunt I killed just said "You killed Dabdab" or "You kill Yapyap", not the long Flipyap tirade. Oh wells.
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 24 May 15 at 05:04
DaeryoonI got this finally after trying many times. I got this on Normal in Checkpoint Charlie of Sierra 117. I tried over 20 times on the first checkpoint after the Quid Pro Quo scene, killing the grunts one at a time and waiting for dialogue, and then I moved on out of frustration. I reloaded the next checkpoint a few times on the bridge before it happened, but I never heard the dialogue. I headshotted the grunts on the bridge one at a time and it popped.
Posted by Daeryoon on 26 May 15 at 12:56
YanbbroxNo Idea how it worked but it did, 4th try
Posted by Yanbbrox on 02 Jun 15 at 17:05
Chronic KillerHeard him say that was my brother 5 or 6 times and it did not pop.
Posted by Chronic Killer on 05 Jun 15 at 12:48
Chronic KillerHeard him say that was my brother 5 or 6 times and it did not pop.
Posted by Chronic Killer on 05 Jun 15 at 12:49
RED BEARD2009works like a charm! Thanks!
Posted by RED BEARD2009 on 09 Jun 15 at 14:48
HavocInMyPantsTried your method load Charlie on Sierra117, was preparing to make my way to your spot in the video, killed 2 grunts at the very beginning of the charlie rally point, achievement popped. I guess its all very random. Thanks!
Posted by HavocInMyPants on 18 Jun 15 at 18:03
Edzio117the best way to get through this is sierra, i tried on covenant almost 30 times and on sierra after about 5 times achievement poped
Posted by Edzio117 on 25 Jun 15 at 17:41
Edzio117of course normal dificulty and iwhbyd skull on, huehue
Posted by Edzio117 on 25 Jun 15 at 17:43
iAlecPHi I got many dialogues before I unlocked the achievement with "You killed Yapyap" - Don't know if this is confirmation, but it seems as though many others unlocked the cheevy with the same dialogue. Normal, IWHBYD on, Sierra 117 Rally Point Charlie fyi.
Posted by iAlecP on 15 Aug 15 at 23:09
Unky KyI did not get the dialogue and got this achievement on about the 20th reload.
Posted by Unky Ky on 20 Aug 15 at 05:28
fez34spot on , thanks
Posted by fez34 on 21 Aug 15 at 03:11
Cartoon MorgothI managed to get it on about the 10th reload with what Thee Alec P suggested. Again, the dialogue "You killed Yapyap" unlocked the achievement.
Posted by Cartoon Morgoth on 29 Aug 15 at 14:08
XyjarTook me about 15 reloads. Got the achievement after killing one of them mid sentence: "You killed [death] ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED"
Posted by Xyjar on 05 Sep 15 at 12:54
Pog I Mo I ThonI'm so mad it took me this long to find this miracle of a tip. Countless hours trying to get them to even say the dialogue and I tried this and got it in 5 min with "You killed Yapyap". Thanks, Rat1NaCAG3!
Posted by Pog I Mo I Thon on 08 Sep 15 at 21:59
FeedMeHumansWorked perfect. Took me about 10 times but it finally popped. Cheers! toast
Posted by FeedMeHumans on 20 Sep 15 at 01:14
QwertY TurkeYI can confirm that Rat1's technique works! After months of trying I found this thread and finally unlocked it minutes ago. I agree that Yapyap is probably one of the gold grunts and also that the second gold grunt definitely needs to see his brother die in front of him.
Posted by QwertY TurkeY on 27 Oct 15 at 06:21
Rat1NaCAG3thanks for your feedback I was actually wondering today if this achievement had actually glitched out totally in this area as the solution has had nothing but negative feedback for the past few weeks....oh well I guess I'll put those down votes to impatient people roll
Posted by Rat1NaCAG3 on 27 Oct 15 at 07:51
HenkusFilijokusAfter many, many reloads I finally got it by going through Career->Halo3 and pressing cn_A on the achievement to be taken directly to a campaign lobby for Sierra 117 with the IWHBYD skull on. Ran the mission until you get to the bridge, heard the "yap yap" dialoge again and it finally popped.
Posted by HenkusFilijokus on 25 Nov 15 at 01:58
Spay001Keep grinding the Charlie Point of Sierra 117, was in for like an hour long, didn't even heard the dialog when that stupid achievement popped.
Posted by Spay001 on 30 Nov 15 at 20:13
Vengeful WyvernLiterally got this achievement on the way to try this method. Just ran forward, shot a couple grunts and paused it for a sec to do something and the achievement popped.
Posted by Vengeful Wyvern on 16 Jan 16 at 17:29
A BAD SNIP3Rtook like an hour of reloading checkpoints but this definitely works. TY. Was on Charlie Point Sierra 117
Posted by A BAD SNIP3R on 24 Apr 16 at 17:52
AcE ViCTiMiZERGreat solution. I suppose I got really lucky because I was already able to trigger it on my second try! It triggered the Yapyap dialogue for me as well, so after waiting for a little bit I reloaded the checkpoint and the achievement popped after doing that :)
Posted by AcE ViCTiMiZER on 11 May 16 at 15:21
SecondHALONICKWonderful! Worked first try! I took out the two sleeping in the building, and then the first grunt to walk in the building left the building and I took him out and it unlocked. Thank you for the guide!
Posted by SecondHALONICK on 27 May 16 at 12:47
MonomythicFor anyone who's trying this unsuccessfully for hours on end and wants to try something different, try the very first group of 4 grunts at the start of the level. I fired off my gun to alert them and then went around the corner and punched them one at a time and I seemed to get a rare piece of dialogue every other checkpoint reload (flipyap, jubjub, poon-something and finally yapyap). I know it's all random but I got rare dialogue far more frequently with this first group than any other method I've tried.
Posted by Monomythic on 31 May 16 at 13:06
HeptagrammatonI tried the spot that Mythic Epitaph mentions in the comment above mine (first group of 4 grunts at the start of Sierra 117).

Almost right away I got "You killed Poonflip! The flippiest poon I ever knew!" which was encouraging.

After a few more reloads of the checkpoint I got the whole rant about Flipyap and Nipple Academy but the achievement didn't unlock.

A few reloads after this I once again get the whole thing about Flipyap. Still no achievement.

I keep on reloading the checkpoint and then I get "You killed Yapyap!" and the achievement immediately unlocks.
Posted by Heptagrammaton on 02 Jun 16 at 00:37
Deadly ModifiedFinally got it, the grunt said 'you killed yap yap the yappiest' ahh something like that anyway, I was fuming it didn't unlock then all of a sudden a few restarts later after it definitely didn't say it again it popped.
Posted by Deadly Modified on 20 Jun 16 at 18:35
Clubmau5Confirmed got it on Sierra 117 with that first group of 4 grunts on normal difficulty. The dialogue was "You killed Yapyap" and it popped about 5 seconds later.
Posted by Clubmau5 on 25 Aug 16 at 19:22
TexasHONZThis solution should work.

However, I've done it and heard the specific Flipyap dialogue twice and no unlock. Using IWHBYD skull.
Posted by TexasHONZ on 13 Jan 17 at 08:21
Rat1NaCAG3thanks for not down voting smile this is a random achievement at the best of times and is a lot of trial and error however i do believe this to be one of the better check points to get it! check out this video in particular the comments section I hope the link works if not then just search you tube for CyberKnight video name: Flipyap Achievement - Halo 3 (MCC)
Posted by Rat1NaCAG3 on 13 Jan 17 at 09:41
TexasHONZThe issue isn't hearing the dialogue. I've done that. At this specific location, multiple times now. I've listened to the whole thing. I've listened to it partly as I killed the grunt speaking.

The achievement just isn't popping.

Playing on normal, IWHBYD skull on.
Posted by TexasHONZ on 13 Jan 17 at 12:05
iMaginaryyHave you tried changing the difficulty at all? I know some of the achievements are wacky related to difficulties without describing as such. Try heroic or legendary.
Posted by iMaginaryy on 13 Jan 17 at 12:10
TexasHONZI got it. What I did was go to a lobby from the achievement menu from options/career career.

I got up to the quid pro quo cutscene farming location to try grinding it out (took maybe 30 times).

I heard it after the "you killed Yapyap" dialogue from a grunt as far as I can tell. Looking at some others similarly not getting it, I'd suggest going through the achievement menu lobby creation. I had to do it that way for Mimd the Gap as well.
Posted by TexasHONZ on 15 Jan 17 at 08:44
Arashi SoraWell I tried this for about 40 minutes, both on Easy and Normal and nothing. Just shows that there is no true solution for this achievement, as it random and buggy as hell.
Posted by Arashi Sora on 29 Jan 17 at 13:11
Bastian ReaderI had spent almost 5 hours trying to get this achievement, without once hearing the dialogue, and then yesterday a friend decided to join my game and I got the dialogue 3 times and the achievement. So it might be worth your time trying it with a partner.
Posted by Bastian Reader on 29 Jan 17 at 20:31
Ereaser NLWorked on like my 5th try. I did it on easy with the IWHBYD skull on.

I just killed the grunts one by one and kept making sure other grunts saw it. Then waited for their dialog commenting on the grunts death. If it wasn't "You killed Flipyap" I'd kill another one that was in sight of other grunts.

When I got the achievement, I got it on the grunts to the right of the house near the water. There's 3 there and after the 1st one they said it.
Posted by Ereaser NL on 07 Mar 17 at 21:05
S P 4 C E YTook maybe 8 tries but randomly got it. Great guide
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 01 May 17 at 20:35
F4cileI was really struggling with this, I heard the dialogue many times, but the achievement didn't pop for me. I finally got it when I had my dummy account host the game, achievement popped the first time I heard "You killed yapyap" (it still took me a while to hear it though). Hopefully this helps with anyone else having the same issue.
Posted by F4cile on 10 Jun 17 at 11:54
KennyannydennyI've tried this over 50 times, on easy and on normal. I've heard the complete story, and heard it partially. No unlocks. Sigh.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 14 Jul 17 at 14:18
DaChiefOfOwnageFinished Legendary Solo and Co-op, did Speedrun under 3 hrs, all with IWHBYD skull and nothing.
Loaded up Sierra 117 Rally Point Charlie on Normal with IWHBYD... killed my 6th grunt and got the achievement instantly.
Dafuq hahaha
Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage on 10 Aug 17 at 05:28
DoYouWantAntsWorked perfectly...took about 15 tries but it does work. Killed about 4-5 grunts and it popped. Thanks!
Posted by DoYouWantAnts on 13 Aug 17 at 03:02
TitianDanI heard a grunt say u killed flipyap, and how they went to college together and no achievement! I even recorded it to check i heard correctly and i did but still nothing
Posted by TitianDan on 12 Oct 17 at 21:50
KooshMooseI wasn't getting it after 5+ restarts. Then, I used the sniper rifle that I picked up from Johnson's crashed ship site and instead of throwing a grenade I shot the far left orange grunt that is standing on the outcropping just visible beyond the top-left corner of the building. One shot, one kill, one cheevo. Might have just been my turn to get it. Thanks for the setup though!
Posted by KooshMoose on 22 Dec 17 at 15:08
The Bort TheI literally just stood up there after the checkpoint loaded and ass the grunts noticed and started shooting me one of them said something and boom
Posted by The Bort The on 17 Feb 18 at 03:15
lBATSEKLATSERli had this unlocked on the storm after i killed the aa-wraith
Posted by lBATSEKLATSERl on 01 Jun 18 at 21:45
Apache117XConfirmed - use the sniper to shoot the orange grunt on the outcrop at the Charlie checkpoint. Worked first time. Normal, co-op with IWHBYD skull.
Posted by Apache117X on 06 Jul 18 at 08:44
War Hero373Hey just thought I'd add my 2 cents:

After about an hour of trying the strategy in the video, I reloaded rally point Charlie on easy and IWBYD still on and got it on my first grunt i killed, underneath the tree log. Cheers!
Posted by War Hero373 on 24 Sep 18 at 04:14
MoustachioGot it finally with this level, checkpoint and skull (on Normal). Only advice I'd have is use a second controller (or have a friend join you) if you can. The computer controlled Arbiter can kill the Grunt during his speech and it won't count.
Posted by Moustachio on 28 Sep 18 at 05:36
AshamanNDGot it at Charlie on S117, IWHBYD, Legendary. Killed the Jackal while jumping, melee the yellow grunt in the broken building (for me, he was in the corner closest to the cliff you jump off).
Took about 20 tries, finally got it when I heard the several line dialogue about "we went to Nipple Academy together, and now he's dead."
Posted by AshamanND on 30 Dec 18 at 10:49
agent2498I just got it on Crow's Nest while I was speed-running for the achievement Devastating. It was on Legendary and with the IWHBYD skull. Note that I had tried the method above so many times and it never worked, so I would suggest going for other achievements and letting the game do its own thing.
Posted by agent2498 on 10 May 19 at 17:50
Anima PuraThis is definitely the most consistent spot to go for it, as there are a bunch of Grunts right after the checkpoint you get before the short cutscene. It took me several tries on Normal, but after hearing the right line ("You killed Flipyap... or was it Yapflip? We went to Nipple Academy together...") it popped. I had triggered the "Poonflip" line too some tries before, but it didn't unlock for me then.
Posted by Anima Pura on 24 May 19 at 12:57
DEATHLockedOn 6/22/2019, I got this achievement as well using the Sierra 117, Charle CP, Legendary, Co-op (extra controller signed in) IWHBYD skull only. You have to be careful with the snipers as you go over the hill, however change weapon to the battle rifle and run over the hill as fast as you can and hop down behind the 3 grouped grunts with the brute, it seems to be the front middle grunt as I tried the others on either side and never heard anything. Don't kill the other two grunts. So I went back and tried each one and after killing the front middle grunt, I first heard Poonyap however that didn't pop. Re-started the CP again and 2nd time after killing the front middle grunt, I heard Flipyap. I died soon after, however I didn't restart the CP, after re-spawned back behind the hill, I continued to hear the story about Flipyap and going to the nipple academy. BOOM achievement popped. Thank you MissTakenID. clap
Posted by DEATHLocked on 22 Jun 19 at 19:42
A Big RadroachStill works 25/08/19
Took me 3 attempts. For those who are scratching their heads. Are you playing single player? Arbiter seems to draw them all to him so kill the 2 in the destroyed house. Kill 1 or 2 that pass through. Wait 10 seconds then slowly kill the rest one by one. Count to about 6-8 Grunts before you reload the checkpoint.
Posted by A Big Radroach on 25 Aug 19 at 22:56
BIG ChromerThis way worked for me, but for my co-op pal, nope. We ended up just playing through Halo 3 on easy with the IWHBYD skull on, and eventually randomly, pop.
Posted by BIG Chromer on 25 Jan 20 at 10:24
MrKoolxDoodi was getting very frustrated but it worked. thanks
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 02 Apr 20 at 22:57
EMBICKCan someone plz help me I have put so much time into this 😢 Embick is my gt
Posted by EMBICK on 03 Apr 20 at 07:27
EMBICKCan someone plz help me I have put so much time into this 😢 Embick is my gt
Posted by EMBICK on 03 Apr 20 at 18:49
Echohammer419Literally just got this achievement after 5+ years.... what made the difference? The second video and the description that you need to draw them into the room. I killed the first two, then a third and just stayed in the corner. Side note I don't know how this ranks as having one of the lowest TA score in the game.... the math has to be wrong on that one.
Posted by Echohammer419 on 12 Apr 20 at 15:09
Galenrandirworked on easy on about my 10th attempt, Thanks!
Posted by Galenrandir on 18 Apr 20 at 14:27
Jezza69So to make it even easier I just stood at the top throwing grenades on the grunts in the room, then another one as they started to move in. Normal mode and started at the checkpoint. If I didn't hear the long dialogue start I restarted. Took me around 20 minutes but was much less stressful than jumping, shooting etc. Hope this helps someone as I was really finding it frustrating.
Posted by Jezza69 on 12 May 20 at 23:08
KanchanaburiI tried this for hours and it never worked. Happy it worked for some many others!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 14 May 20 at 21:13
GRAND NOBLEI just got it! On Normal. Sierra 117, Charlie checkpoint. IWHBYD skull on.

After the cutscene. Took about 6-8 reloads. I would kill 1 grunt and wait a few seconds, then kill another. I made sure not to kill any grunts if no other grunts were around (make sure they could see it). Trying to 'bait' them to follow me to see dead grunts just didn't work.

The time it finally happened, I had only killed 2 grunts.
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 05 Jul 20 at 11:09
The JoelstrFirst time I loaded up Sierra 117 on rally point Charlie I moved forward and just shot one grunt at a time. About the 7th grunt I shot achievement popped
Posted by The Joelstr on 16 Jul 20 at 06:56
AD Walkuerencan be done on easy difficulty. difficulty doesn't matter for random dialogues
Posted by AD Walkueren on 23 Jul 20 at 04:52
NinjaDrifting17I tried every single solution in here and i couldn't get the f*****g achievement. So i eventually tried Crows Nest rally point charlie on normal with IWHBYD and Acrophobia just to speed it up a little. Right from the start of rally point charlie you can find some grunts with plasma turrets and a few groups with jackals. this is where i got the achievement in the room with some carbine jackals and 3-4 grunts with plasma turrets. I didn't hear any dialog or anything though, but at least the achievement just popped.
Posted by NinjaDrifting17 on 07 Aug 20 at 19:30
Lament3Omen3I have tried Sierra 117 on legendary AND normal.
Covenant on both. All with the IWHBYD skull on. And at least 30 times. Nothing. I still get the same damn dialog, I swear this skull is glitched.
Posted by Lament3Omen3 on 07 Aug 20 at 19:51
The ToominaterIt worked well in this spot for me by killing 3-4 grunts in that room and baiting some other grunts in. Be aware though I heard the dialogue a few times and it seems it has to fully complete the lines to unlock and be careful if your computer ally Arbiter shoots the grunt it will stop the dialogue line
Posted by The Toominater on 07 Aug 20 at 23:28
Crows Nest rally point charlie on normal with IWHBYD and Acrophobia just to speed it up a little. Right from the start of rally point charlie you can find some grunts with plasma turrets and a few groups with jackals. this is where i got the achievement in the room with some carbine jackals and 3-4 grunts with plasma turrets.
This is how I got it as well. It took a dozen checkpoint reloads or so, but if you use the flying skull, you can get above the grunts onto the catwalks, then just pick them off slowly. Only issues are the jackals but you can eliminate them quick enough
Posted by RENSON on 20 Aug 20 at 17:29
GR34TD3STR0Y3RWhat is the actual dialogue?! I have heard "You killed Flip Yap" and I have heard "You just killed my brother" "I will get the one who killed my brother"

Nothing popped. So what in the world am I listening for?

I have now heard "you killed flip yap" twice and nothing has popped.
Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 29 Sep 20 at 06:54
GuenserThe actual dialogue I heard before it unlocked was a longer piece: "You killed Flipyap! Or Yapflip, was he... It was Yapflip... No, Flipyap is his brother. Don't tell me I don't know Flipyap! Flipyap and I went to Nipple Academy together! And now he's dead..."
Posted by Guenser on 25 Nov 20 at 23:35
AFK239There's no actual trick to getting this one as far as which Grunts live or die. Do the Sierra 117 Rally Point Charlie thing, jump down and freely kill Brutes and Jackals. As far as Grunts are concerned, kill one in full view of at least one other Grunt, wait a second or two for dialogue to start, then kill another if you hear nothing. Rinse repeat until only 1 Grunt remains; if you still haven't heard the dialogue, reload checkpoint. Took me only a couple reloads with the slow killing.
Posted by AFK239 on 04 Dec 20 at 07:03
MarkavellliThis took me about 30 mins but I finally got it, Thanks for the help
Posted by Markavellli on 25 Mar 21 at 19:36
KirbySurfingDid it on Sierra 117 after the Charlie checkpoint. Tried 100+ checkpoint restarts on easy and 10+ full restarts. Changed to normal on my last try and got it. Don't know if the difficulty has any relevance but if you get stuck for a long time try and change to normal or higher. Kill one Grunt at a time, wait a few seconds and then kill another, when there are 2 grunts left restart checkpoint.
I used acrophobia, thunderstorm, tough luck and the most important of them all, IWHBYD.
Posted by KirbySurfing on 11 May 21 at 21:05
NuttinSpecial88I think the achievement might be a bit glitchy. I'm playing on legendary with IWHBYD on and have heard the line 3 separate times and it still hasn't unlocked.
Posted by NuttinSpecial88 on 11 May 21 at 22:27
o Serpico xBeen playing this game since launch and totally forgot about it. One of the last ones I needed. Your guide worked perfectly--normal difficulty,IWBYD (obviously) took approximately 20 reloads spawing Charlie.

Thank you.
Posted by o Serpico x on 04 Aug 21 at 22:35
ThunderHorse770So I came across this video on YouTube confirmed it works to be the best method make sure when you do get the dialogue there will be additional dialogue wait for all the dialogue to happen and then the achievement will pop
Posted by ThunderHorse770 on 26 Sep 21 at 22:15
PTBThank you, ThunderHorse770! After years of chasing this I was able to unlock using the video you shared.
Posted by PTB on 06 Nov 21 at 17:15
Catatonic Nali^^ Same here! Hours of trying this on and off over the years and finally this method on Crow's Nest worked within about 15 minutes.
Posted by Catatonic Nali on 29 Dec 21 at 18:27
Dr Jared FThank you so much ThunderHorse770! Got the achievement first try after trying repeatedly on Sierra 117. Crows Nest at Rally Point Charlie is a great way to get this oddly elusive achievement. An important thing to note is that the Flipyap achievement can only be done in a single-player lobby.
Posted by Dr Jared F on 20 Mar at 22:09
indemSystemLoaded checkpoint Charlie solo on Normal with the IWHBYD Skull, per the instructions above. I unlocked the achievement while fighting through the brutes and grunts before even getting to the cut scene.
Posted by indemSystem on 16 Jul at 17:02
NitFlythunder horse that still worls 9/3/22 got it on try 14
Posted by NitFly on 04 Sep at 02:41
eriseddymI have tried this at least 100 times, on both Sierra and Crows Nest (like all the videos supplied) and I have heard the line several several times - still no achievement. I’m at a loss
Posted by eriseddym on 11 Nov at 12:43