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Halo 2: Complete a match on at least 4 different game types in classic multiplayer.

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09 Jan 2015
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For this achievement, go to custom games and select any map in Halo 2 classic and select a game type, start it up and then once you are loaded in, end the game and do this with 4 different game types and you got the achievement.
Snatch SnakeThis achievement for me has been in the done unlocking stage for two weeks any tips?
Posted by Snatch Snake on 21 Jan 15 at 19:49
TheLagginWag0nYou know I had the same issue with the haloCE equivalent achievement and I tried a full power down, resetting both achievements and MCC, and I believe what unlocked it for me was doing one more different game type.
Posted by TheLagginWag0n on 21 Jan 15 at 20:33
RedsleeyMight be because of a recent patch, but this did not update for me unless I completed the round. Tested it a few times. I ultimately loaded up a 2nd controller and set the game options to minimal and ran through the game and obtained a progress update for it.
Posted by Redsleey on 08 Jul 15 at 16:06
metallicafan459Yeah has been patched so need to finish a match not just quit
Posted by metallicafan459 on 06 Aug 15 at 20:54