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Sandbox Skull

Halo 3: Find the hidden Skull on the Sandbox multiplayer map.

Sandbox Skull0
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mouse6666mouse666624,670 24,670 GamerScore
09 Jan 2015 10 Jan 2015
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This one is occasionally extremely frustrating.

if anyone cares, i have a map on my file share that i created.

This will take you to the skull directly through a teleporter, just hold down x while walking through.

GT: mouse6666

or follow video guides and build your own path there.

Edit: People seem to not know how to get the skull, near red base you will see a path leading out of the map, infront of the path i placed a teleporter. Walk through the teleporter and quickly hold X to pickup the skull.

Edit2: Included a youtube video on it
Mr FiddlerThanks for that. Might be worth explaining how to access your file share. I had to add you then find you in the leaderboards to get there.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 09 Jan 15 at 04:18
GGS SyntaXTo be more specific, highscore, halo 4, dawn, legendary, solo
Posted by GGS SyntaX on 09 Jan 15 at 04:56
Fallout8194Thanks for this.
Posted by Fallout8194 on 09 Jan 15 at 06:00
RickyJesseThank you.
Posted by RickyJesse on 09 Jan 15 at 09:19
Mace1stThank you clap
Posted by Mace1st on 09 Jan 15 at 10:28
New ParalyzerThanks!
Posted by New Paralyzer on 09 Jan 15 at 19:36
RegalOwlbearThanks a lot!
Posted by RegalOwlbear on 10 Jan 15 at 03:51
SquiggleBucketThanks :) the file share helped a bunch!
Posted by SquiggleBucket on 10 Jan 15 at 05:30
Stealth DavidCan't seem to get the file do you have to be online?
Posted by Stealth David on 11 Jan 15 at 13:12
Dizzy ShayThank you \m/
Posted by Dizzy Shay on 15 Jan 15 at 14:05
Zebigboss01Thanks. Great solution.
Posted by Zebigboss01 on 18 Jan 15 at 21:49
Blood InsideMap worked a treat, thanks.
Posted by Blood Inside on 07 Feb 15 at 19:19
Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 27 Feb 15 at 06:48
RCGuys, to find his file share simply be on the main menu of Halo MCC, press X to access Roster, press A on your gamertag, go down and press A on Find Player, search for him (Mouse6666), and then you can access his file share from there.
Posted by RC on 23 Aug 15 at 19:13
Fishy42So I just flew out there in Forge without any protection and grabbed the skull. Towers did not shoot me at all. Out of curiosity I loaded up another map, Sandtraps. Guardians (land mines) did not go off here either..... seems like the guardians are broken or were they removed entirely?
Posted by Fishy42 on 22 Sep 15 at 10:56
Mavericks104Confirmed with Fishy42 same thing happen to me I was prepping myself to charge out there psyching my character up teleporter in hand then shouted out "THIS IS SPARTAN" and dashed as fast as I could zig zagging left, right, up, down until I got to the skull to the sound of only the desert winds as I gingerly turned round and looked up to the guardians as if to say WTF. The only thing that would of made it funnier is if while I was standing there puzzled and confused would all the guns then turn and pointed at me as I would of said "ah shi" *BOOM* laugh
Posted by Mavericks104 on 07 Dec 15 at 22:17
UraMallasThis seems to be glitched now? Achievement is no longer popping. I didn't have any guardians trying to kill me, either.

EDIT: When I got all the other ones it still gave me 'Brainpan' cheevo so this specific one must've registered for that cheevo but didn't trigger its own unlock, for some reason.
Posted by UraMallas on 28 Dec 17 at 02:14
HWM MCGuardians made no effort to kill me either - all 'chieveos unlocked properly. Strange... I was kinda sad I didn't get the nostalgia of fighting for this one laugh
Posted by HWM MC on 12 Jul 18 at 22:04
wolfsburgrazTHANK YOU. I would give this 10 thumbs up if I could, I couldn't get the other methods to work.
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 27 Dec 18 at 23:02
The GalaxyYour file isn't shared anymore, please share or update the solution.
Posted by The Galaxy on 24 Dec 19 at 23:03
branstoneboyI found the file fine. Thanks mouse6666.
Posted by branstoneboy on 24 Apr 20 at 17:10
FlipYourWigHDI've got mouse6666 file how do i play it? its under my files private files
Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 05 May 20 at 17:38
MetalWyvernYou're a saint. Thank you so much.
Posted by MetalWyvern on 13 Oct 20 at 12:36
BownzinhoThe fact that someone would use a guide other than this one is mind boggling.
Posted by Bownzinho on 20 Jan 21 at 09:36
GFL EvidenceThank you so much, it’s way easier than other methods !
Posted by GFL Evidence on 01 Apr 21 at 14:54
EvilPuggyTo download a shared file, go to the main menu, press X, go to “FIND PLAYER,” type in the Gamertag, and from there just go to Shared Files and download it.
Posted by EvilPuggy on 09 Jul 21 at 01:37
SpirantCrayon22uhh . . . there are thumbs-down responses to this?
Posted by SpirantCrayon22 on 01 Oct 21 at 01:07
ggallinftwWow. Super easy. Thumbs up!
Posted by ggallinftw on 29 Oct 21 at 01:22