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Dim Mak

Earn a total of 250 Beat Down medals in multiplayer.

Dim Mak-0.2
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09 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015 11 Jan 2015
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Make a map in forge with only 2 spawns, save it and start it in private with the lowest health and make sure you change the spawn settings to instant so you don't have to wait a couple of seconds each time you or your friend are dying after melee each other!
Also disable killcam!

If you have a second controller I recommend using it instead of a friend to make it faster.
Then it will only be you boosting it for a total of 250 melee kills instead of 500 for both of you

Happy easy grinding people toast
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Just Sweezy Doesnt work for me.
Posted by Just Sweezy on 30 Jan 15 at 12:52
ViaFix Also when I did this it seems like the progress (while having the ach app snapped) stops sometimes, when it did It happen for me and my friend we took 1 kill each instead of 10 and it started the progress again, try that.
Posted by ViaFix on 30 Jan 15 at 14:00
SchiZoPHreNiikz Should be noted that BEATDOWN = ASSASSINATION
Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 21 Mar 15 at 06:40
ViaFix Yes that obviously but thanks :)
Posted by ViaFix on 21 Mar 15 at 11:29
SaDi5TiK You might want to change your solution to not have the health setting changed. I changed it to the lowest setting and was assassinating from behind and it was only giving me melee kills. If I don't touch the health setting, I get beatdowns.
Posted by SaDi5TiK on 17 Apr 15 at 22:43
marknocturnal It will count as a beatdown even if it is part of a double kill, triple kill, overkill, etc. It unlocked for me on one of those.
Posted by marknocturnal on 15 Sep 16 at 17:56
Particle 44 "Beat down = assassination"

Is not obvious at all and if that is why I have not completed it then thank you very much.

Inhave purposely not been assassinating people because that's not a beatdown as far as I am concerned.
Posted by Particle 44 on 13 Jan at 00:05