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The True King

Earn a total of 250 KOTH Mode Specific medals in matchmade games.

The True King0
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09 Jan 2015 10 Jan 2015
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Available Medals in king of the hill:

Hill Defense - Kill an enemy while holding a hill

Hill Offense - Kill an enemy holding a hill

Hail To The King - Kill 5 consecutive opponents in a single life from inside the hill before it moves

Hill Assist - Assist killing an enemy taking or holding the hill (Halo 4 only)

Regime Change - Overtake a controlled hill (10 seconds) and hold it for 10 seconds (Halo 4 only)

First Point - Be the first player to earn a point from a hill

Loitering - Hold and survive the hill for 5 seconds (Halo 4 and H2A only)

Squatter - Hold and survive in the hill for 15 seconds (Halo 4 and H2A only)

Over the Hill - Hold and survive the hill for 30 seconds (Halo 4 and H2A only)

Vehicle Dominance - Use a vehicle to hold a hill

Visiting - Hold and survive in the hill for 5 seconds using a vehicle (Halo 4 and H2A only)

Parked - Hold and survive in the hill for 15 seconds using a vehicle (Halo 4 and H2A only)

Drive In - Hold and survive in the hill for 30 seconds using a vehicle (Halo 4 and H2A only)

The best playlist to go with for this achievement is swat. Objective game modes like KOTH and CTF pop up more frequently in swat than in other multiplayer playlists. Swat also is much easier for objective kills and medals because you can kill an enemy in one shot. The main medals you will be trying to get are the defensive and offensive medals. These medals are easy to get and not to challenging as long as you are decent in skill. Offensive medals involve killing the enemy team while their in the hill. Defensive medals involve killing the enemy team while your inside the hill. (If you and the enemy team are both inside the hill, no medals can be earned!)

The hard part about this achievement is that KOTH is never voted on. It is totally possible to do this solo but you will need to get lucky when KOTH pops up in the voting rotation. However, if you go into matchmaking with 3 or 4 people, chances are you will be able to play the game modes you want with your team.

Overall, this achievement only goes as fast as your skill level. So to all of you guys that are attempting to dominate this achievement, I wish you luck on your journey.
SworftNice guide but you forgot the vehicle hill medals
Posted by Sworft on 10 Jan 15 at 15:02
Thanks man for the heads up, I went ahead and included those as well into the solution.
Posted by Kexol on 10 Jan 15 at 20:26
olanmillsThanks for mentioning the swat playlist, which I have so far ignored. I was really worried about this and the CTF achievement because I hardly ever get to play anything besides slayer, even though I always vote for the other games simply because I enjoy variety more than anything else.
Posted by olanmills on 12 Jan 15 at 15:11
I totally agree with you man. Slayer is great and all but throw in some objective to play every other game then you got yourself a party :D
Posted by Kexol on 12 Jan 15 at 18:15
yollom69Unfortunately the SWAT playlist has been removed in the latest update. HCS offers KOH and CTF variants more frequently, though these do tend to be populated with hard core teams on the opposition
Posted by yollom69 on 23 Mar 15 at 19:51
Hopefully in the future it will be added back but in the meantime HCS would probably be your best bet.
Posted by Kexol on 19 Apr 15 at 14:39
Quintett FeuerIt shows up more in SWAT, but no one ever votes for it. I have been having better results in Halo 4.
Posted by Quintett Feuer on 16 Jun 15 at 09:10
Quintett FeuerIt shows up more in SWAT, but no one ever votes for it. I have been having better results in Halo 4.
Posted by Quintett Feuer on 16 Jun 15 at 10:52
LOST ThanuHalo 4 worked best for me aswell!
Posted by LOST Thanu on 29 Jul 15 at 10:28
AttestedBarley2GT: Attestedbarley2 lets boost!
Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 05 Sep 15 at 05:37
Feend ReturnsCan you do /visiting and Loitering at the same time you reckon?
Posted by Feend Returns on 29 Mar 16 at 22:08
KexolI personally don't know as I didn't use the vehicle medals for the achievement. I think it would count as two medals if you go in the hill with a vehicle. However, let me know what happens.
Posted by Kexol on 30 Mar 16 at 04:35
sharknado523Ugh it would be better if there were just a "King of the Hill" playlist. They should really make the cross-playlist thing work better. Like if people in the Halo 4 playlist are gonna end up in a Halo 4 CTF it should mix with a CTF playlist, sort of like cross-registering for classes. What killed MCC is how they set up the multiplayer to oversegregate and so most of the playlists are dead constantly.

Which would at least be ok if it were like Titanfall or Rocket League where it shows you the player count before you wait 10 minutes for a match you know?
Posted by sharknado523 on 01 Nov 16 at 02:48
Kexol^It definately could have been integrated better. I'm sure that they learned from their mistakes.
Posted by Kexol on 01 Nov 16 at 06:36
Scop3dIs SWAT still the best playlist for this achievement? I've only got 4 cheevos to go and this is the only one that requires boosting.
Posted by Scop3d on 27 Feb 17 at 12:56
KexolSwat is the best for this achievement (at least for me). You won't need to necessarily boost this achievement but it is better to have multiple people in your party while your searching so you can win the vote for King of the hill. Also, some people reccomend the halo 4 playlist as an alternative.
Posted by Kexol on 27 Feb 17 at 15:01
Falcon SVNWTF does it take for a KOTH match to show up on the selection? I've seen CTF, Extraction, Oddball, Slayer.... but never KOTH of any kind.
Posted by Falcon SVN on 06 Jun 17 at 04:47
I Lummy I137 hill offence medals but I'm only at 78 wtf...hopefully it will realise I am much further along and pop already
Posted by I Lummy I on 24 Aug 17 at 14:41
Poopdog M60RiotJust go to social and custom playlist with KOTH only on Halo 2A and Halo 4. If you have the opportunity leave every 5 seconds to rack up loitering medals. Was pulling 8-10% of required medals each round with decent teams. Maybe only 4% with bad teams but it’s pretty fast still.
Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 03 Feb 19 at 06:20
jimmyclutchmanI found this to be most easily done on halo 2 anniversary and halo 4. you stay in the hill for five seconds to get the loitering medal and then leave the hill then come back and wait another five. While your doing this your going to want to try and kill the enemies before they contest the hill as you only get a hill defense when your on the hill and they are not. I was getting 10-20 percent a game as opposed to 2-4 max once i started this method
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 19 Apr 20 at 04:59
AMATHUS21Looking to get environmentalist, killjoy, legendary, assist medals as well as roadkill rampage, planting the flag, the true king, catch this. Message me if interested GT: AMATHUS21
Posted by AMATHUS21 on 03 Jul 21 at 12:14
KexolI know I'm a little late to respond but if you need help finding people to complete this achievement I suggest creating a session here on TA. Lots of great people on here!
Posted by Kexol on 24 Sep 21 at 23:00
Jhoan2mWell Ill be happy to get it and help someone to get it too lol also another ones, I can try to create a session for that
Posted by Jhoan2m on 06 Oct 21 at 22:50
Sock of CoalDefinitely happy to work together and get these KOTH medals out of the way. GT: Sock of Coal
Posted by Sock of Coal on 21 Jan at 02:58
ZachVZachVGamertag is ZachVZachV

Looking to boost matchmade achievements - Domination, Party pooper, Roadkill rampage, Environment kills etc. Have 4 controllers. Send msg on XBL if interested.
Posted by ZachVZachV on 01 May at 05:39