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What Power Outage?

Halo 4: Complete The Cauldron Base of Spartan Ops without losing a generator on Heroic or Legendary.

What Power Outage?-0.1
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10 Jan 2015 14 Jan 2015
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Episode 5 Chapter 4 - Another easy one. Just load up The Cauldron on Heroic, either solo or 2-player co-op (so you still have Mantis vehicles instead of hogs), and blast everything in sight at the generators. You can hop out of your Mantis at the choke points to slow enemies down, but it really isn't necessary. I know this isn't a detailed walkthrough but it's really not necessary. However, I did put up a quick video this morning for it. Cheers!
Milki Teayou could at least put what episode/chapter it is....
Posted by Milki Tea on 12 Jan 15 at 12:58
LifeExpectancyI mean the missions are named after all and it's in the achievement description.
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 12 Jan 15 at 13:56
DragonFangDanI agree, if it's not in the achievement description do us the favor of putting it into the solution.
Posted by DragonFangDan on 14 Jan 15 at 04:25
Gob B1uthAre you friggin' idiots or just the laziest people ever?! It tells you in the description what level it is. Morons.
Posted by Gob B1uth on 15 Feb 15 at 02:31
RatpoizenWhy have people given EIGHT negative votes wtf? +1 from me!
Posted by Ratpoizen on 03 Mar 15 at 14:13
LifeExpectancyBecause I didn't state specifically what episode and chapter it was originally. I figured it was obvious since they're all named, but yeah. That was the original source of the downvotes.
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 03 Mar 15 at 14:14
Honz BrixIt's because people on here don't want to do any work for themselves. They expect every solution to make the achievement pop without them doing any work for themselves. It's like they want you to have a link on your solution that when they click on it, it automatically pops the achievement without them doing anything. It's because of idiots that I have stopped posting solutions for achievements because I am getting sick of getting down votes for no reason whatsoever. It's why we are getting less and less solutions on TA. People forget that when people post solutions, it is to help everyone else. If it doesn't help you fine, don't vote on the solution.
Posted by Honz Brix on 04 Mar 15 at 12:18
liner bronsonI'm grateful to this guide for simply pointing out how easy this is. For some reason, I was expecting something far more challenging.
Posted by liner bronson on 04 Apr 15 at 23:09
OdadjianActualThanks for the guide bruv. Upvoted.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 18 Dec 15 at 04:56
Fury87I agree with the person above, I didn't expect this to be as easy as it was! Also, good tip on parking the mantises at the choke points to slow the enemies down. Got this on my first attempt.
Posted by Fury87 on 20 Feb 16 at 21:15
Crims0nScorpionI remember on Xbox 360 I did this with someone else so I guess I'll do it again with someone else on Xbox One but I honestly didn't know there were Mantis XD
Posted by Crims0nScorpion on 01 Sep 18 at 07:23