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10 Minutes Too Early

Halo 2: In The Oracle, find the holo-drone before the Heretic Leader activates it.

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10 Minutes Too Early Egg: At the very beginning of The Oracle you can obtain the 10 Minutes Too Early achievement. Pass through the first two doors you come to at the start and enter the large room with the square platform in the middle with glass tubes leading to it. Don't drop down with your allies where you meet the holo-drone for the first time. Instead, head to the far side of the upper walkway to the right. Jump on the nearest of the four pillars in front of you, then to the one on the left (closest to the glass tube). Shoot out the glass tube nearest you so it doesn't get in your way, then crouch-jump onto the upper level of the square middle platform. Head to the left side of it from where you land and do a 180, so you're facing back toward the side of the room where the holo-drone appears below. Crouch-jump again up onto the ledge above and to your right. The corner in front and to the right of you is where the holo-drone resides, awaiting its cue to float down to the floor below for the scripted scene. You'll have to grenade-jump up into the vent in the corner where it's sitting (it will be in the right-hand one of the two vents in this corner). Check the video below for a visual walkthrough of this one.
HeldMagicmansmile got achie thanks
Posted by HeldMagicman on 21 Aug 16 at 12:35
Demon Slayer050This method is so much easier than doing the sputnik jump method. Got it on 1st attempt.
Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 29 Apr 20 at 14:04
GFL EvidenceWay easier than the other method, got it on my third try 👌
Posted by GFL Evidence on 31 Mar 21 at 21:32
LifeExpectancyThanks GFL glad it helped!
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 31 Mar 21 at 22:09