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And So It Begins...

Halo 2: Collect the Master Chief toy in Delta Halo.

And So It Begins...0
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11 Nov 2014 10 Jan 2015
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Delta Halo Toy location: From the building where the terminal was above, head outside and grab a ghost. Drive back toward the beginning of the level until you reach the area where the Jackal snipers were waiting for you to the right just before the ravine that leads back to the beginning of the level. Facing that ravine, use the ghost to drive up the hill to your immediate right next to the jackal snipers' spawn and follow the ledge around to the right to a "point" at the end. Make sure to be in Anniversary mode once you reach the end to get the toy, although classic mode makes it easier to navigate the hill while getting there. Check the video starting at 07:48 for this one.