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Planting A Flag

Earn a total of 250 CTF Mode Specific medals in matchmade games.

Planting A Flag0
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10 Jan 2015 11 Jan 2022
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So, how do you get it in two minutes? It's very simple...

First, you want a group of at least four people, a maximum of six, including yourself, and all of you need to be in a party and be able to communicate with each other.

You need to designate one player as 'The countdown guy'.

All players need to go to 'Find Game' in multiplayer, and highlight the Halo: CE playlist, but do not select it yet.

The countdown guy needs to do a small countdown of "3, 2, 1, NOW." When the countdown guy says "NOW", everyone needs to press cn_A to search the Halo: CE playlist. It is EXTREMELY important that EVERY player searches at EXACTLY the same second, as this will increase the chances of you being matched up considerably.

Luckily, Halo: CE has a maximum of 6 players, and a minimum of 4, which is perfect for what we're trying to do.

In the party, when you're searching, you want to call out the searching lobby's status changes, e.g. 'Players Found', 'Joining Game', etc. If you're getting the same status as your friends/boosting partners at exactly the same time, it's highly likely you're in the same game.

When you're mostly together in the Halo: CE matchmaking, choose any CTF game.

You now want to split into pairs, with a red player and a blue player being in each pair.

Each pair goes to a different flag.

You will now need to designate players;
The person who is the SAME COLOUR as the flag, is the 'flag retriever'.
The person who is the OPPOSITE COLOUR as the flag, is the 'flag grabber'.

The 'flag retriever' needs to stand EXACTLY on the flag spawn/'home' point for the flag.
The 'flag grabber' needs to stand next to the 'flag retriever'.

You will notice the 'flag grabber' picks up the flag when standing here. Now, face the 'flag retriever', and rapidly press cn_RT* whilst facing the 'flag retriever'.
*If you do not have RT as your 'flag throw' button on your control scheme, substitute RT with whatever button you have as your 'flag throw' button.

The 'flag grabber' needs to press his 'flag throw' button as fast as he can and they'll find that they will get multiple 'Flag Taken' medals very quickly. The 'flag retriever' will be getting multiple 'Flag Returned' medals very quickly. Keep doing this until the achievement pops in game.

It's THAT easy.
MinorGropeExcellent guide!
Posted by MinorGrope on 10 Jan 15 at 10:29
WOW DYLAN10/10! :)
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 10 Jan 15 at 10:35
FoogaI didn't downvote you, but you could have at least tried to have stuck around and fended off the 1 or 2 randoms for Breadly and I to get the achievement, instead of saying you "got your solution footage" and then taking off...
Posted by Fooga on 10 Jan 15 at 11:51
Dwaggienite@Fooga - I had a session to get to, and I clearly said that 25 minutes before I had to go.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 10 Jan 15 at 12:00
YinAnd here I was, enjoying getting this achievement legitimately. :(
Posted by Yin on 10 Jan 15 at 16:40
BrokenKnghtDoes this pop mid match or at the end?
Posted by BrokenKnght on 10 Jan 15 at 16:52
ZiimmermanAnybody who needs another person to do this send me a message and add me on XBL, my gt is ziimmerman
Posted by Ziimmerman on 10 Jan 15 at 18:58
DwaggieniteThe achievement pops AS SOON AS YOU'VE GOT THE 250 (well, within a few seconds, anyway), mid-game.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 10 Jan 15 at 19:02
NickwassupIf anyone wants to try this message me over xbox live
Posted by Nickwassup on 11 Jan 15 at 03:12
MORBSTAYeah add me ill do this also,good guide thank you.
Posted by MORBSTA on 11 Jan 15 at 03:41
NickwassupI've created a session for today do knock this out.
Posted by Nickwassup on 11 Jan 15 at 15:26
YinHelped us out. Thanks for the solution!
Posted by Yin on 12 Jan 15 at 00:10
KulphrixGreat job dwaggie, lol.
Posted by Kulphrix on 12 Jan 15 at 03:31
CF GaMeBReaKeRi would be interested in boosting this, just msg me on LIVE
Posted by CF GaMeBReaKeR on 12 Jan 15 at 16:57
Sir SwitchGreat solution, add me on live to boost this please.
Posted by Sir Switch on 25 Jan 15 at 13:29
JVPSHARKWorked as advertised.
Posted by JVPSHARK on 28 Jun 15 at 09:10
AttestedBarley2GT: Attestedbarley2 add me to boost please, thanks!!
Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 05 Sep 15 at 05:15
Alcoholic SocksCould this be done with 2 people that have 2 controllers each?
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 15 Oct 15 at 06:02
DwaggieniteTheoretically, yes.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 15 Oct 15 at 06:58
CarlosMaestre85If anybody wants to boost this, just add me! =)
Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 09 Jan 16 at 22:55
SilzzlinBac0n69Having 3 friends...easier said than done
Posted by SilzzlinBac0n69 on 09 Mar 17 at 03:53
chaplin0001Stil looping for some one Who can help me with this.
Posted by chaplin0001 on 08 Sep 17 at 11:43
Stephan870Looking To boost this amongst the other mp achievements so get in contact if interested.
Posted by Stephan870 on 28 Dec 17 at 10:06
phrozanDoes this method still work?
Posted by phrozan on 10 Mar 18 at 12:57
DwaggieniteI can't see why it wouldn't.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 10 Mar 18 at 14:51
phrozanWhy do i keep getting guest players are not allowed in ranked matches? Am i doing something wrong?
Posted by phrozan on 28 Mar 18 at 03:19
DwaggieniteIt's possible that they may have changed something. Instead, just use additional accounts locally. Because it's xbox one, they don't need to be gold.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 28 Mar 18 at 08:42
phrozanthanks for heads up!
Posted by phrozan on 28 Mar 18 at 11:50
The 7th ODSTLooking for someone to do this with!
Hmu and we can get it fast!
Posted by The 7th ODST on 21 Jun 18 at 03:38
x1001x PuppysIf anyone is looking to boost this in 2019, search 4v4, Halo CE, Flag and Bomb. The four of us all got the achievement in like 5 minutes, essentially doing the same exact thing as the solution.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 23 Mar 19 at 19:05
愛野 美奈子this achievement sucks medals arent same in every game and only get spawn killed got 1 medal in like 1 hour angry
Posted by 愛野 美奈子 on 25 Mar 19 at 22:09
FinalSnake EyeNot all flag medals count towards this achievement. I played CTF Halo 4 matchmaking for about 4 hours last night and received well over 100 medals that you can only get in CTF. My count is 21...
Posted by FinalSnake Eye on 01 Feb 20 at 19:12
xII Reckers IIxnot letting me search for just flag and bomb
Posted by xII Reckers IIx on 18 Apr 20 at 20:53
Dingus McKahThis still works as of 5/12/20 make sure it's Halo CE Flag and Bomb
Posted by Dingus McKah on 13 May 20 at 02:12
Timoto58Anyone looking to boost?
Posted by Timoto58 on 19 Jun 20 at 10:38
Raziel Cruentus25th October 2020, still works. Had to pick 4v4 flag and bomb for Halo CE. We got matched up immediately, and it's insane how fast this method goes.
Posted by Raziel Cruentus on 25 Oct 20 at 19:06
JHarrison117Looking to boost add my GT JHarrison117
Posted by JHarrison117 on 26 Dec 20 at 08:02
XMasterTofuLooking to get this, add me to boost
Posted by XMasterTofu on 11 Jan at 03:47
Dwaggienite@Raziel Cruentus - I'm glad it helped :D
Posted by Dwaggienite on 11 Jan at 06:05