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Nice Work Dawg!

Earn a total of 2,500 Assist medals in multiplayer.

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14 Jan 2015 21 May 2016
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Nice work Dawg!

To obtain this achievement you must get 2500 assists.... Yes 25 hundred with 4 digits. Im here to tell you that I have THE fastest solution depending on what you have to do it, your best and fastest way to get this done is by having 3 Xbox One controllers. If you don't have 3 xbox one controllers I have a few other methods for you, the more controllers you have the easier this is for you.

Another thing is I have found out how to get this achievement without even having to be playing!

3 Controllers method: (45:00 - 1:00:00 time)

Forge, Halo 2, Lockdown, no shields, account and 1 dummy on same team while the 2nd dummy on the opposite. Once you get into the map pick up a respawn point and click cn_B, scroll down and click Destroy all of these. Make 1 respawn spot on the corner of an edge on the tower with the lift, by doing this all the dead bodies and weapons will fall off the map upon the dummy dying and prevent the game from dropping due to lag (gets rid of the weapon when it goes off the ledge instead of them stacking up on the ground). Then you want to go into the human weapons and build a human turret (doesn't matter which one), place the turret near the spawn point. Then put a Needler on the ground and make its respawn at 1 second, nothing else really matters. Put your main account thats getting the assist achievement on the needler and pick both them up. Put another account on the turret aiming at the spawn point. Have the 3rd account jump off the ledge.

Now make sure to turn all 3 accounts vibration off in the setting or this will suck! Once that is done have it to where both accounts are firing the guns, your main account firing 2 needlers on opposite times to where 1 needler is always firing when the other has to reload. By doing this your account with the needlers will ALWAYS GET THE ASSISTS. Now you basically have your hands full at this moment so im going to help it to where you can have it run on its own and you can do anything you want not involving your xbox one (like how im writing this solution as im getting this achievement). You are going to want to have 2 or 3 rubberbands and you are going to want to rubberband your controllers shooting exactly how instructed above or in the video.

Now your going to have to keep an eye on your controllers to make sure they don't shut off, thats your only job, other then that sit back and relax, watch a movie or something, if a controller turns off, turn it back on and hit the cn_A button and its back to doing its work.

2 controllers and 1 friend or 1 controller and friend with 2 controllers:

Now if you cannot get 3 controllers in any possible way then having 2 and a friend or 1 and a friend with 2 is also possible. Since you need 2500 headshots and 2500 assists 1 can get assists while the other gets headshots, the simple way of doing it is the same as the above method but both players have duel pistols, 1 person shooting the body while the other shoots the head, then when either of you guys get the achievement just alternate. Make sure to swap firing cn_LT and cn_RT to make it go faster for both of you, reloading less frequently which helps a ton!

Doing the 2 methods with 3 controllers is much faster, but with a friend and 3 total controllers is still fast! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me or comment.

Good luck and have fun!
MERC DDSAwesome solution. Thanks.
Posted by MERC DDS on 17 Jan 15 at 17:51
Strategy OneThanks!
Posted by Strategy One on 17 Jan 15 at 19:14
thanks for this I am currently working on it now! 44% done :)
Posted on 20 Jan 15 at 22:38
Strategy OneNP
Posted by Strategy One on 21 Jan 15 at 03:10
shinyshirtheroThis really is an awesome solution. Particularly for those with three controllers.
Posted by shinyshirthero on 30 Jan 15 at 21:51
Strategy OneThanks man, I wish I had a solo method, but since its assists co-op only, and you need at least 3 to boost, if you have 2 others it would make it so much work.
Posted by Strategy One on 31 Jan 15 at 05:27
Mr FiddlerRather than respawning the needler, set the infinite ammo weapon trait to 'bottomless clip' that way you only need to hold one and the needler must keeps firing without reloading.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 08 Feb 15 at 22:55
Strategy OneHow do you do that? I never knew you could or I would have done that.
Posted by Strategy One on 09 Feb 15 at 00:39
theEchnessExcellent solution! Thumbs up. I also used fiddlers tip and did "bottomless clip". I put the turret on legs and e needles on the chest. Set it up and check in every 5-10 minutes. I finished the entire achievement in 47:51! Thank you.
Posted by theEchness on 15 Mar 15 at 15:53
DeliriousDrew"Fast" being relative. Great guide though. PITA trying to get the teams set up in this version.
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 20 Mar 15 at 00:20
MugiwaraSenshoI'm having no luck with this. Does anyone know how to switch teams? No matter if I have 2 guests accounts or 3 my main account is always on its own.
Posted by MugiwaraSensho on 20 Apr 15 at 15:22
Hurricane MattSetting your infinite ammo setting to bottomless clip makes it so dual wielding needlers is unnecessary.
Posted by Hurricane Matt on 24 May 15 at 01:26
DeAtHisLaNdYou are genius ! Great solution smile
Posted by DeAtHisLaNd on 24 May 15 at 01:41
Strategy OneThanks!
Posted by Strategy One on 10 Jun 15 at 03:30
I ASK NO ONEThat video will not play
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 23 Jun 15 at 17:06
Slacky73I had the same issue as MugiwaraSensho in that it always started the game with my main controller on one team and my two dummy controllers on the other team. The way round it is to use one of your dummy controllers in the pre-game menu, select Roster (cn_X), select the dummy account, select 'Change Team', and then select the same team colour as your main account.
Posted by Slacky73 on 26 Jun 15 at 10:06
I ASK NO ONEWhy does the video posted here not play?
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 10 Jul 15 at 14:47
I ASK NO ONEWhy does the video posted here not play?
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 14 Jul 15 at 21:14
Strategy OneProblem with your computer, still works on mine.
Posted by Strategy One on 16 Jul 15 at 06:44
AG Bucky BarnesTry different web browser? For me it doesn't work when I click it, but when I use touch screen it does. Very odd.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 21 Jul 15 at 20:39
I am MindslaveYour method works great. Thanks.
Posted by I am Mindslave on 31 Jul 15 at 03:14
FlaviusPrimusAwesome guide! Had an issue half way through where the Needler that I placed stopped respawning. Restarted and finished it off.
Posted by FlaviusPrimus on 03 Sep 15 at 04:12
Phenom1 T SMITHGod forbid you actually play the game.
Posted by Phenom1 T SMITH on 03 Sep 15 at 14:09
DoberkiinGreat guide on the 3 controllers method, I also set this to bottomless ammo in the settings
Posted by Doberkiin on 22 Nov 15 at 11:58
DutchRudder2007I did this method using 4 controllers on Awash, and have it setup right now. I'll put the map in my fileshare in case anyone wants it. It's pretty easy to do while watching a TV show or screwing around on the internet, you just need to reset the round every 400 kills to avoid crashing. You could use the same map for headshots too, just use a BR with bottomless clip and hold down the RT. I also have a map for Win boosts in my share if anyone needs it.

Thanks for the tips Lone Wolf!
Posted by DutchRudder2007 on 21 Dec 15 at 20:39
DutchRudder2007One more tip, adjust the starting weapons of the game to Needler, None and No Grenades to reduce the amount of things in the level. It will give you a better chance of avoiding the game crashing.
Posted by DutchRudder2007 on 21 Dec 15 at 23:03
PHATFree86Worked like a charm, thanks! Bottomless clip def helped. I was also able to get the 250 beat downs in about 5-10 minutes right after I got my 2500 assists.
Posted by PHATFree86 on 20 Mar 16 at 14:14
KontoGRgood guide well done
Posted by KontoGR on 22 Apr 17 at 16:07
Strategy OneThanks
Posted by Strategy One on 22 Apr 17 at 19:54
phrozanStrategy One or anyone else do you happen to have an assist map saved that you could upload so I can download it. I have found I am not the best at forge mode LOL....thanks and great guide btw!
Posted by phrozan on 13 May 18 at 13:23
CrankyCalamari2For those (like me) who couldn't find a good spot on the map to have the corpse fall off the map along with his weapons, my workaround was just to create a wall off the edge of the map and put the respawn on that.

Also, this works like a charm for "Aim for the Head," which is the headshot achievement, for those who don't already have it.
Posted by CrankyCalamari2 on 21 Jun 18 at 20:39
WardieshireGenius solution, the Dual-Needler thing is a great touch!
Posted by Wardieshire on 14 Jul 18 at 23:43
iPlatfootI only have one controller so I'll have to do it legitimately. I've played about 550 games and I'm only at 75%... All of that for 5G facepalm
Posted by iPlatfoot on 09 Jun 19 at 22:27
OptionalOwlThis worked great!
Posted by OptionalOwl on 04 Jul 19 at 13:14
m1llion killionSince this is a Medal based achievement, Be prepared for half the medals to not even count.
Posted by m1llion killion on 19 Dec 19 at 00:45
Redsleeygreat guide. Works perfect
Posted by Redsleey on 02 Jan 20 at 20:31
GRAND NOBLEGreat map you created. You should add to your solution the map name is SKYBOUND and is found in the HALO 2A list. Took me a while to find it after downloading it.

I've got my main account on top turret - rubberbanded to shoot. A dummy controller on the bottom turret - rubberbanded to shoot. And another dummy controller dying constantly. I don't even have to do anything.

Another thing you should add to your solution. You mention the top should aim at the head, etc, etc. But you didn't say why. Here's more information that you should add. If your top character(s) is getting anything other than ASSIST medals, you are aim too low. You are killing the enemy yourself and not getting assist medals. Your bottom character should only be getting TURRET KILL medals, and that's it. ---- I was getting all these other medals on both controllers, until I moved them around a little bit, now they're perfect. Been going about 20 minutes already, went from 1% to 17%
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 05 Jul 20 at 14:08
JHarrison117who has the map and such to download
Posted by JHarrison117 on 11 Dec 20 at 11:30