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Complete any level without collecting an amber.

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Bomb Jack is correct. Level 2-1 seems a pretty solid level to get this on. I made a video of a play-through showing how to go through the level beginning to end. The end is the trickiest part but if you happen to accidentally hit a gem just die and reload the checkpoint. Enjoy the video.
Stella2712Thx for the Video, it was very helpful, special to the last checkpoint in this chapter ;-)
Posted by Stella2712 on 13 Feb 15 at 14:21
One Eyed TighCould not quite get that last tricky jump down, but I found an alternative: Carefully jump up to the last platform, and then position yourself between the two rightmost ambers. Jump up between them (took a few tries to get the positioning correct) and dash right. I was at about twenty tries of that tricky jump before I tried this, and I got it on my third attempt. I couldn't pull off the jump you performed, but thumbs up for getting me to that point. Your video helped me navigate a few of the other tricky parts. toast
Posted by One Eyed Tigh on 28 Feb 15 at 05:52
Chief On KushOne Eyed Tight is spot on. Your method on the video is almost impossible to replicate.
Posted by Chief On Kush on 14 May 15 at 05:08
JPG30i tried one eyed tight's way but i couldn't do it, shadows is much easier, just press A and X at the same time when on the edge of the ledge and you will do the move in the video, i got it on the second try, with the checkpoint being so close you can have plenty of tries at it.
Posted by JPG30 on 05 Jun 15 at 15:55
Link5646I can confirm JPG30 is right on his method of pressing A and X at the same time. Tried 15 times with the other methods, but got it on the first try with JPG30's method.
Posted by Link5646 on 13 Sep 18 at 19:26
DaddyKool57JPG30's method very good !!
Posted by DaddyKool57 on 25 Nov 18 at 19:56
BigWiIIieStyIeThe first drum section gave me a harder time than the last part. But for the last part agree with JPG30 X+A works perfect
Posted by BigWiIIieStyIe on 15 Dec 18 at 01:59
Brett Evans15I did use A+left stick and X altogether. I did already use this level is 2-1 and got this achievement. Thanks for help! You guys are the best!
Posted by Brett Evans15 on 31 Oct 19 at 00:38
x TheWorstGamerOne Eyed Tigh's solution worked first try. Thanks to both though!
Posted by x TheWorstGamer on 08 Apr at 16:28