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A Preference for Pain

Halo 3: Complete the Halo 3 LASO Campaign playlist.

A Preference for Pain0
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16 Jan 2015
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I thought I'd throw up the final level, Halo, on LASO for those that aren't do the checkpoint glitch and actually running through them. Sadly, I wasn't recording when I did the longer levels like The Ark and The Covenant with my friends. I may go back and record more of these vids if there is enough interest, although I'm guessing most that wanted it did the checkpoint trick at the epilogue.
CyberPunch83If anyone has the checkpoint for this one (if they still work), please send me a PM here or on Xbox.
Posted by CyberPunch83 on 09 Dec 16 at 21:28
VortaDitto! Please PM me if you can share the checkpoint.
Posted by Vorta on 15 Mar 19 at 08:39