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Getting Up

Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater.

Getting Up0
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08 May 2010
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SupraDriverThese videos help you get the achievement and stop giving negative vote.
Posted by SupraDriver on 24 Feb 11 at 21:22
SupraDriverI got it by using this video.
Posted by SupraDriver on 18 Apr 11 at 01:38
FranknsteinrI just went through with this guide and got them all 1-75. The videos are flawless so I don't understand why anyone would give it a negative vote. Thanks for submitting.
Posted by Franknsteinr on 07 Jul 11 at 02:20
SupraDriverNo problem
Posted by SupraDriver on 07 Jul 11 at 04:06
Shade Of FuryAwesome thanks a ton Supra!!!! Went back to grab this achievement since it's been awhile.. Saints the Third's gonna be wicked >:)
Posted by Shade Of Fury on 09 Aug 11 at 00:58
Gasseous ClayGreat guide,thankyou. just working through with the video, got to number 36 on the map above (end of the aqueduct) and the rollerz tag is still there (hasn't already been tagged with saints) but there's no spray can or option to press y to start spraying!. tried quitting game and reloading with no success. anyone else had this issue or got a solution? a bit pointless looking for the rest now
Posted by Gasseous Clay on 03 Apr 13 at 14:11
SupraDriverOr try new game
Posted by SupraDriver on 04 Apr 13 at 21:27
TotyToeIt's a known glitch and doesn't stop it adding to your total. If the spray can is gone you must've already tagged that one.
Posted by TotyToe on 04 Jul 13 at 14:51
LoonieleeGood guide.
I also had the glitch where the Rollerz tag at the end of the aqueduct had no spray can but didn't have saints sprayed over it. I finished all the others and got the achievement though, so I must have done that one when I started the game years ago.
Posted by Loonielee on 27 Aug 13 at 10:47
Petrolium BearThank you Very much SupraDriver, This was my last achievement, Achievement Unlocked with completion.Thumbs up.
Posted by Petrolium Bear on 17 Sep 13 at 23:55