Backyard Sports: Backyard Football 10 Review by Drachen77

08 May 2010 04 Jul 2012
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"Are you ready for some football?!" You had better be to take on this challenging and complex football game from Atari.

Ok, that's a total lie. This is probably the most simplistic football game to come out since the original Tecmo Bowl. However, the good thing is that's the way it's supposed to be. This is a game directed squarely at kids. And to be completely honest, it does that job well. The "Backyard" series are sports games designed for ease to introduce the sports to children. As an example, I will use my 9 year old son. He liked football when we got this game but now he loves it. The game, although not a perfect representation of the real sport, at least does enough to pique kids’ interest in the sport. Once kids get interested in things they start asking questions about rules and players. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge and this does that. Kids actually can get a feel for what it is like to try different plays and use players to score points. The game's cartoony feel makes it easy for them to accept it as they see kids playing the sport. With special power-ups the game stays active throughout with lots of scoring and funny plays occurring. Where Madden is overly complicated this game simplifies matters greatly.

Like I said earlier, this is not a good representation of the actual game. In fact it's terrible, but like I said it's not supposed to be. The teams have just 7 players on each side. You can gain super powers by making good plays. An on screen prompt will let you know when it's available. Everything from super speed to super jumping to heat seeking tackles are available. There are actually quite a few plays to choose from on both offense and defense, but most are cheesy made up plays; kind of like backyard plays. Get it?

As you might expect, the graphics are bad. The characters are cartoon children. The kids modeled after real players are only like them with the stats. Adrian Peterson is fast, Peyton Manning throws well, etc. The commentators are very goofy and annoying. Obviously they are supposed to be comic relief for the kids but even my son wanted to mute the TV.

Since I know you are wondering; yes, the achievements really are as easy as you've heard. Most people will get all 10 of them in one game. At worst, it might take 3 games to get them all and the games only last about 10-15 minutes depending upon how much scoring you are doing.

I realize that most people (especially on this site) will only be picking this game up for the easy achievements; however if you have children or young family around you, consider this game if they like sports. For kids it's a fun little game to pass the time, for adults,'s an easy 1000 points.